The Guardians of the Labyrinth

Chapter 1

Saving Phoebe

I was running down a long dark alley. I was running just hard enough for my lungs to start burning. I was running so that I could hear my pulse race in my ears. It hit me in that instant how strange running is. It evokes such extreme emotions. Some of the happiest memories I have are of racing my sisters and brothers till we can't run anymore and we collapse on top of each other in a fit of giggles.

Now I am running for my life, in well...not in terror, because I have gotten used to the fear now, but I used to run in terror. I am not particularly worried about the men chasing me. They are big and bulky and I am agile, quick and I know my city like the back of my hand. I know every bump in the pavement to avoid, every shortcut and every nook and cranny to hide in. I wasn't worried at all...for myself. I looked at my sisters keeping stride with me.

Selena (who we call Lena) on my right looks just like me with raven black hair, and big, bright, forest green eyes. Most people think we're twins. I wouldn't know. I don't remember ever having a family by blood. Iris on my left has a strong resemblance to the north-Asian-white-tiger. She's long and muscled all the way up like a tiger. She has her long white hair tied back in a messy bun. Her long fingers remind me of claws and her whole body is covered in scars. Not that she's the only one. We all have our share of war-wounds. She just is the only one who shows them of like beauty marks or something. Hazel, to Selena's right has long, stick strait brown hair. She's a tiny, little thing but no one ever notices because what she lacks in height she makes up for with her strength and courage. Her eyes are a cute almond shape and Hazel (obviously). I loved her eyes and their color so that's why I named her Hazel when I found her curled around a Teddy bear, on the side of the road.

Piper, on Iris's left, is drop dead gorgeous. She has lush, mahogany curls and blue eyes. She has a body to die for with tall, skinny legs and that perfect hour glass figure. So take it from me. I learned the hard not to underestimate her as just a pretty face. That girl can do some wicked things to you, in two seconds with a pocket knife.

I do a head count out of my peripheral vision. Selena, Hazel, Iris, Piper... I come to an abrupt halt and stop myself from letting out a very unladylike curse (I have to set a good example for my sisters.) The others slow down realizing I stopped.

"What's wrong" Selena pants.

"We don't have Phoebe". I answer as calmly as possible. "Lena, lead them back home while I go back and get Phoebe"

One look at Piper and I realize it's going to take a lot more than that to get her to let me go back alone. The number one rule in our family is no one go's in alone, but I don't have time to take them with me.

"I need all of you to go back home together. That's an order." I have to work to keep my voice steady because I am still catching my breath.

Hazel and Piper hang their heads in defeat. I know they were already planing an escape to come with me but they won't defy an order, not from me at least. I hastily turn around and run back the way I came confident that they will be safe at home when I get there. I let my thoughts turn to Phoebe. I was so stupid. I shouldn't have let her out of my sight she's only twelve and she's only been on a couple of missions so far. Man, I should have noticed she wasn't with us sooner.

"Okay, Violet quit beating' yourself up about it and make a plan." I berated myself. Okay, the guards must have fallen back after we took the Millington shortcut, they must have realized they couldn't catch us. So I am going to be up against about 16 guards, not exactly an even fight. I was going to have to sneak in. I probably can get in through the roof. Now entering stealth mode! The two-story brick building came into view. At the top, it has "Andy's Nightclub" written in bold, shiny letters. As I came closer I slunk lower out of sight and ran around to the west side where there were fewer guards. Then as I approached a blind spot between two guards, I ran and vaulted myself up to the second story window. As my hands latched themselves to the windowsill I jerked my feet up and around and landed upright on the windowsill. Then came the hard part. I took ahold of the hard, grey brick and scaled the wall to the roof. It was only about twelve feet but I hated scaling walls. You get your hands all swollen and bleeding. Finally, I swung my legs up onto the roof and ran to the patch of roof in the middle that I knew from past experience was loose. I looked inside to make sure I wouldn't fall on top of anyone then slid into the hole.

I fell into a crouch and listened. Adam my brother and used to say our ears are our best asset because if you listen you can prepare yourself for whatever you have to face next. Across the hall I could hear rowdy, gruff voices. I assumed that was the guard lounge. To my right I hear running water, lots banging and moving about. I am going to guess that's the kitchen. I put my ear to the floor. Below me there's lots of shouting, laughing, and dancing. The nightclub and it sounds like the party down there is in full swing. I wish I could be there, to be off for a night. To just have fun! "Focus Violet, you have to find Phoebe."

I slip into the hallway and silently pad down to the last place I had seen her. We had been about to rescue four girls from Andy's (our enemy's) base hear, but it was a trap. Someone had tipped Andy off that we were coming to save our sisters. I had told the girls to abort the mission and had fled, not noticing Phoebe wasn't with us. We didn't do non-stealth missions with only six girls to do it with. If Phoebe was thinking clearly she would have tried to sneak out the front door acting as one of the female bartenders, since she didn't have one of us to boost her out the hole in the roof. I slipped down another hallway towards the club, when I saw her carefully plastered against the wall slinking to the bar room but about to collide with one of the guards. I quickly jumped toward her. I pinched her ear, which is our families' sign saying without words, that it's a friend so don't struggle. Then I put a hand over her mouth and dragged her into a water heater closet to my right.

We stayed like that for a good two minutes just listening to our silent shallow breaths. Then once I was sure the guard had passed I took her tiny hand in mine and we slipped down the corridor. I happened to know a way out the servants' staircase. As we crept down the staircase I squeezed Phoebe's cold hand, trying to reassure her shaking frame that I was here now, and now that I was here no one was going to hurt her. We were out the door, past the guards and running down the dark alley when I heard a voice that stopped me in my tracks.

"What is a good boy like you doing here" Ethan sneered. Ethan use to be my best friend until he left us for Andy.

"You shouldn't judge a book by its cover" said another voice.

"Yeah right, I know your kind. Rich boy, too afraid "daddy" will take his new, million dollar car away, to have any fun"

The other boy who I couldn't see very well in the dark, shrugged noncommittally. I didn't realize I had slipped closer to them until Phoebe's insistent pulling brought me back to the reality that if Ethan caught me I was a dead girl. I started back down the alley towards home. Then I heard the "swish" of a knife being unsheathed and I knew that goody-two-shoes-boy was a dead boy. I didn't want Phoebe to see that so I started running faster, still silently or so I thought.

"Rose... I know you're out there... And you're going to come to me willingly... Yeah, I know what you're thinking... Your thinking 'over my dead body will I come to you without being dragged by my hair'" Which is really scary because that was exactly what I was thinking. "But" He continued in that terrifyingly smug voice of his, "Unfortunately for you, I know your greatest weakness. You can't pass up a chance to save anyone."

He was right, usually I couldn't leave someone to die but this was a "Capable" a rich boy, who probably stuffed his face all day long and had never spared a thought to the starving kids living all around him.

Why I turned around I will never know, but I do know this, that simple action of turning my head, changed my life forever. When I turned around the man Ethan held a knife to bore his eyes into mine in a way that made my stomach crawl. I didn't know what it was but it unsettled me. I had never had someone look at me this way before. His hair was short and tidy, the unmistakable mark of a Capable boy. He had on clean Capable clothes and shoes. But his eyes weren't those of a Capable. They didn't look at me in disgust as all Capables do. He looked so scared. So scared it was almost comical but strangely I got the vibe he wasn't scared for himself. He was scared for me. How strange?

I pulled Phoebe so I could see her face. "Can you find your way home from here?" I asked.

"Yes" She whispered. Her eyebrows turned down adorably in concern as she realized what I was asking. Then I pushed her homeward as I put two fingers to my forehead. A sign that meant I'll see you soon.

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