Healing hands on bleeding bones

The angels crying holy, with 6 winged hips and pointed brows

A burning coal on sinner's lips

Cleanses out the murder, the ignorant self-righteous

God is love but God is a name

To a being that we can never fully grasp

The scribes have written, a small foreseen picture painted

But the overall conglomerate shoveled in the back

If only we get a once-over of the look behind the scenes

Maybe this vast being would make more sense

In His silence and in His voice

The longing in your heart is to be touched by His grace

It's time to reach and capture waves in the palm of our hands

Create a bed in the clouds and have a beer with a star

After all anything is possible

You just have to believe

that maybe just maybe He really loves you

and wants to share in your sorrow

meet you in your pain

take a band aid to your wounds

and kiss the scar away