How many words can I cram across the page? How many pictures can I paint that will be worth a thing? You have the power to change eternity for some if you would scramble out of your own existence and step into the day. There is so much to do, some reflections to be made but all I see is an anxious heart that's withering away. He's holding it in His hands to keep its beat alive, but the tired soul that holds it still will not let it thrive. Raise your arms in praise to His holy wonder in the sky, even without your brokenness your worth is slim, maybe nye. God is strength and God is love. God is peace. My cross is heavy but my grip will not release. Her death, their separation, their divorce, the disease is going on, she is sick, he is gone, but hope is still within. Life won't quit, its program is designed to cheat. Cheat the laws of sense and reason; challenge every fiber, every heart, and every fiber in our makeup. We will break, bleed, sweat, and cry. But through it all His love persists and He will never die.