It was Halloween night

It was dark, not a light

And everything looked a fright

I was standing right here

Trembling with fear

Knowing something horrible was near

But it was so dark I couldn't see

Of what this thing could possibly be

It must have had eyes, I felt it staring at me

What ever it was, it wasn't nice

"Come closer", it enticed

"I won't hurt you", was it's vice

Then a light flickered on from the street

To my doomer I should meet

But no, nothing in sight, just the scattering of human feet

Then out it came into sight

Revealed in the light

Eight feet were its hight

Ugly, horns on its head

Dressed in red

"Now I come to you", it said

I had no choice

But to scream at the top of my voice

Then a bunch more gathered around

And looked at me, not making a sound

"Trick or Treat", they all screamed

"Oh my goodness, it's Halloween"