Griffin, griffen, gryphon, or griffon. However you spell it (the debate still goes on), this magnificent and noble beast is one of the most powerful creatures known to man. They have a type of magic found in no other animal, intelligence that rivals our species, and the majestic bearings of a knight's legendary steed. The land of Amaren is lucky to be the only place in world they are found. And we, the people of Amaren, have been blessed like no others with them.

Unfortunately, I see seeds of discord spreading around the kingdom. Tensions are rising between griffins and humans with the drought and disease that plagues us. If we are both to achieve true harmony once again, we must learn more about each other and understand our different ways.

My dear griffin friend Brilli passed away years ago. I fear that I will join her soon. The terrible cough that keeps me weak and in bed cannot be cured by any physician who has been brought to me. I have lived a full, adventurous life, and I am content with the fact I have seen more than most other lasses. My only fear is that Amaren will be thrown into the chaos of the ancient days once the griffin riders are all gone. So rare it is these days to find someone bonded with a griffin! The beasts who were once our neighbors now move farther and farther from human settlements, scared of being attacked! Killed over petty matters of food and space! It is ridiculous!

No, this cannot be the future of our country. The griffins and people must once again be united. We must once again be willing to treat them as equals, as friends.

It is my hope that this guide will help rekindle the bond. Keep this book safe, learn of the griffins, and perhaps one day the young people of Amaren will fly through the skies on the same fantastic adventures Brilli and I shared when I was a young girl.

S. B.

So that's the start of my new "story" about GRIFFINS! I came up with the idea after reading a few awesome guides to dragons on here. I didn't see any on griffins, so I started one of my own. It's more of something that would fit in the Essay category, but since it's about mythical animals I decided to put it in Fantasy. Please review and thanks for reading!