Tyler was a lonely boy. He didn't have any friends. So one day, Tyler went into the backyard to play in his playground. As he walked to the playground, Tyler saw a little shimmer of gold in the green grass.

"Mom, can you get the magnifying glass in the science kit that I put in my room earlier?" Tyler shouted. Once Tyler's mom brought the magnifying glass, Tyler couldn't believe his eyes. He was glued to the image that he saw, which was a mini green hat.

"Thank you, boyo, for finding me hat! I've been looking for it since clovers were green," the mysterious creature explained. The creature reached for the hat, but then Tyler pulled it to his chest.

"What are you?" Tyler queried.

"I am a leprechaun!" The creature responded. When the leprechaun reached for the hat again, Tyler handed the hat back slowly in suspension.

"Since you found me hat, I get to grant you one wish," the leprechaun said as he put on his hat.

The first thing that came to Tyler's mind was wishing that he had a friend. So that is what he wished for.

"I wish I had a friend!" Tyler whispered excitedly.

"Your wish is my command." the leprechaun responded.

As a cloud of magic powder rose from the ground, Tyler closed his eyes. A few seconds later, as Tyler opened his eyes, all he saw was the leprechaun standing in front of him.

"Where is my friend?" Tyler questioned.

The leprechaun smiled, "Right in front of you."