"Did they tell you I was a cruel, heartless sun of a bitch? Because I'm so much more than that.

You were created for whatever purpose and it killed me. I don't care that you're alive, at least something came of my premature fatality but I'll be damned if I let you go unpunished for doing what you did to those two.

I lived my life for them. I would have died for them if I was given the chance because for all my worth I'd rather toss myself into a river with knives for rocks and die trying to rescue one of them than stand by and watch. Whether that means anything to you... No, I know it does.

I know it does because even if Newtonian determinism is bullshit you and I started from the same place. It wasn't exactly the same, it probably wasn't even close, but your mind and mine were exactly, atomically, metaphysically the same damned thing for the first five seconds of your life and I know for a fact that your mind was too empty, and you knew that. And because you knew that you did something that nobody else in your team of clones did: you looked for the past. And you found it didn't you? When nobody was watching and you were alone you looked through my memories in your mind and you tried desperately to look for the thing that was missing, that iota of existence that was just beyond your reach and you could have sworn increased the weight on your shoulders a thousand-fold. And when you found out the reality, when you found that pair, hell, when you found the five of them, I bet you thought about killing yourself. I bet you nearly put a bullet through your arm up along the inside to give yourself as much pain as possible before your worthless body drained.

But you didn't, because that guilt kept you alive, if even for a little while. You knew that those two had lost me to your birth, that the two people who I, and you, felt closest to were without their rock, their raison d'etre and you felt terrible. For the first time in your existence you questioned whether or not you really were worth anything. And I bet you didn't have the answer.

Do you know why I know? Do you know how I read those moments from your memories as if they were my own? That was my response. That's what I thought, that's what I felt when I woke up on the Plains of Aderius and knew I had been selected for the Levels. My body was gone and the group would be forced to live without me, something I would never have wished upon them. And you know that, because you wouldn't wish that upon them.

You and me, we're the same. Identical. You might look different, and we might have different perspectives but you're lying through your teeth if you think that we're anything less. You could meet them, they were within the Levels as well. And it will hurt you greater than anything else when you learn from their mouths how much they would have wanted to see you even as a 'clone'. You would have brought more light to their extended lives on this side than any other being on this planet, but you in fear hid. I refuse, I forbid myself to allow you to go on simply hating yourself for existing, you will hate yourself for not acting.

And I hope you find forgiveness from them, because you won't get it from me."