Chapter 1

By the age of seventeen, Hayden knew unrequited love sucked. Everyday he would go to Brennan High and stare at him. The boy across the room in a few classes. The boy with the perfect hair and the gorgeous blue-green eyes and straight white teeth. The boy who Hayden knew he loved.

The straight boy.

Hayden had known he was gay since he was eleven. When all the other boys were discovering girls and the girls were discovering that they were getting boobs, Hayden discovered guys.

Fifth grade was when he met Mira Pascal and freshman year of high school brought Cameron Callaghan into their lives. She was the pretty little innocent blonde girl and he was the slutty gay who had tried to get into his pants three minutes after meeting him. Needless to say, they became best friends immediately.

By the time they reached senior year, Hayden longed to find the love of another boy. He wanted someone to look at him with nothing but devotion.

It was a Monday in late October when Mira made a good point. He was leaning against his locker, staring at his crush.

"You need to get laid," she said.

"Huh?" Hayden asked absently, fiddling with his camera strap around his neck.

"You need a nice stiff dick up your little ass," Cameron clarified. "I volunteer myself, of course."

"Shut up, stringbean," Mira snapped to her tall friend. "You need to snap out of your little fantasy about Seth Elsen."

"I don't-" he began to protest. But almost identical eyebrow raises from Cam and Mira made him shut up and sigh. "He's just... so gorgeous."

"He's ok, at best," Cameron said with an eye roll. "I had this one guy at 'Boy Toy' the other night and, get this, he was sucking me off and came mid-stroke!"

"Why do we hang out with him again?" Hayden asked Mira after a moment to digest the disgust.

"Because he follows us around," Mira replied dryly.

"Aww, you know you love me." Cameron crossed his arms and leaned his lanky frame against the lockers, staring down the hall where Seth stood. "Take it from someone who knows, Hayden, straight boys don't like getting their dicks sucked by gay boys."

"And he's dating Ashley," Mira said, gesturing to the gorgeous girl Seth was holding hands with. When she saw Hayden's face drop a little in sadness, she looped her arm through his. "You wanna go get a brownie?"

"Yes," he groaned unhappily.


"Guys!" Cameron panted when he arrived at their lunch table. "I just got the best news."

"That rash finally cleared up?" Hayden guessed.

"Not yet. So I was hooking up with this freshman in the janitor's closet, he's a screamer by the way, and after he told me that he knew a guy who knew a guy, who knew a guy's second cousin who can get us fake IDs!"

"Why do we need fake IDs?" Mira asked. "Did you give out our info to another crazy stalker?"

"No." Cam sat across from them, bouncing in excitement. "You and I, dear friends, are going to Pair'a'guys!"

"That's it, I'm leaving." Hayden stood to leave when Cameron was magically on the other side of the table to hold him down.

"Just hear me out!" He begged. "Hayden needs to get over Steve-"


"Right, Chris. You need to get over him and what better way than to go to a super hot club with super hot guys and get super wasted."

Hayden and Mira exchanged glances. Cameron tried at least once a week to get them to go to gay clubs and play 'wingman'. Despite that Mira was a straight girl, she was still invited.

"You need to stop being such a prude, Hayden," Cameron said, wedging his chair (that he stole from someone about to sit in it) between his two friends and sitting in it. "You're seventeen and you haven't even kissed a guy. You need to get out there and let someone see your inner sex kitten!"

"You have the weirdest analogies," Mira commented, but to Hayden's dismay, she looked thoughtful at his words.

"Exactly, you need to go to this club with me and get a taste of some cock!"

"The last time I WILLINGLY went to a club with you ended with disaster, Cameron," Hayden said with a slight hand gesture. "And that was the night that creep in the fairy costume gave you gonorrhea."

"Oh, that was a fun night," Cameron said. "Too bad little miss wallflower refused to schmooze." He poked Hayden with his finger.

Hayden stuck out his tongue. "I 'schmoozed'!"

"Yeah, with the doorman." Cameron muttered.

Hayden sighed. He rubbed his face with his hands. He looked pleadingly at Mira, his gaze saying, 'Don't make me go!'

Mira looked at Cameron, "If he doesn't want to go, Cam, he doesn't have to."

Cameron sighed, "How bout this? If you can get just one guy's number I'll... buy that new lense thing for your camera?"

"It's called a fish eye lense. It adds a cool effect, okay?"

"Right, I'll buy you the Nemo lense. Now do we have a deal? I have to call this guy before noon so he can make the IDs."

Hayden looked at a table a few feet away where Seth was being fed grapes by the girl in his lap. He looked back at Cameron with a shrug.

"Sure, go for it."


"Cam this doesn't look anything like me!" Hayden said angrily. "I don't have a mustache!"

"What are you talking about, Javier did a great job!"

"Cam, he's black!"

"Semantics, Hayden," Cameron said with a wave of his hand.

"At least you don't look like Kathy Griffin," Mira said with a pout, holding out her own. "Last I checked, I was seventeen and blonde."

"Well, mine looks great." Cameron spiked his hair in the mirror and fixed his shirt and leather pants. "getting carded is about looking the part. You need to be confident enough that he'll know you're old enough. It doesn't matter who's on the card."

Mira took his ID and looked at it, "Cam! They used your real picture. You smirky meerkat!"

"At least you're your natural born race, Mira," Hayden sneered.

"Can we go now?" Cameron asked impatiently, tapping his foot. He looked like a perfect club twink, ready for a night of fun.

"I still don't know why I'm going," Mira said. "Its not like I look like a drag queen or anything... right?"

"You could have. I had a friend who offered," Cameron said. "Now hurry your asses up."

They loaded up into Cameron's trust fund baby car and he drove to the club.

"You two are going to love it. It's huge with loud music and a bartender who'll give you free drinks for life if you blow him."

"I'm not doing that," Mira called from the backseat. "And Hayden, you're not bringing that!"

"Why not?" Hayden hugged his camera to his chest protectively. "This is a great photo opportunity."

"Oh god, I'm in the car with the 40-year-old virgin," Cameron quipped, running a red light.

"Oh shit, we're gonna die!" Hayden yelled.

"Oh for the love of cock, no we aren't! We're James Bonding!" Cameron laughed.

"I'm going to a gay club, I don't need to think of anything even remotely connected to Pussy Galore," Mira commented. Hayden scrunched his face.

"Do I need to pull over and get a slushie to throw at you?" Cameron asked, looking at them through the rearview mirror. "Because I will."

"I'll spray you down with a fire hose, you horny slut," Mira snapped back.

"Fine, no camera," Hayden said, hoping to stop his two friends. He unlooped it from his neck and set it on the seat beside him.

"We're here!" Cameron sang, unexpectedly stopping the car.

Hayden and Mira looked at each other, silently wanting the other to chicken out so they could back them up. But neither of them spoke up so they got out of the car and followed their constantly in heat friend to the club entrance. Cameron bypassed the line and said something to the bouncer, holding something up between his index and middle fingers. The bouncer took it and unhooked the velvet rope, letting the three pass.

"What was the point of the IDs if you were just going to pay our way in?" Hayden asked.

"Javier only lets people fuck him if you buy from him," Cameron answered breezily, leading them down a dark hallway to an enormous room with blasting music. "Welcome to my kingdom," He said with a sweep of his arm.

"Its loud in here!" Mira covered her ears with both hands.

"It's a night club, get with the program, Mira," Cameron said. He leaned over the metal bars and looked down at what they all called 'the pit'. It was the main dance floor with the flashing lights and hundreds of half-naked patrons.

"You ready to get your dance on?" Cameron asked, grinding his pelvis against Hayden's ass. Hayden shoved him away.

Cameron walked down the metal stairs, his friends close behind, as he walked over to the bar and slapped his hand down on the top. "Give me a jack and coke, Jack."

"Coming right up," The man began mixing the drink. "Anything for you two?" he asked the other two.

"Ginger ale for me," Hayden said.

"Can I have a fuzzy navel?" Mira called over the music.

Jack mixed the three drinks easily and set them on the bartop. They took them and turned, scanning the dance floor while sipping them.

"Why do you insist on drinking like a pussy?" Cameron asked Hayden. "We already have a girl in our group."

"Alcohol makes me queasy," Hayden said.

"Puss-y," Cam said. "Holy shit is that... Dylan?"

"Hey Cameron," The boy in question said, still gyrating his hips to the music.

"What happened to 'not interested'?" Cameron asked, remembering how he had shut him down on multiple occasions for such a reason.

"Only during the day, Cammy." He hooked his fingers through Cameron's belt loops and began dragging him to the dance floor.

"Oh hell yeah!" Cameron said, setting his drink on the bar top and letting himself be led out.

"That was unexpected," Mira said blankly, watching the two boys dirty dance against each other. "see anyone you like?"

Before Hayden could answer, somebody was pressed up against him. "Hey."

It was a man, maybe in his mid twenties. He had black hair, cheekbones to die for, and green-gold eyes. His white wife beater clung to his incredible muscles, as did his jeans.

"Wanna dance?" the adonis asked.

Hayden stared at him until Mira's nudge made him nod, "S-sure." He followed the guy to the dance floor as another song came one.

Save a horse, ride a cowboy...

"Name's Zane," The man said in his ear,

"I'm Hayden," Hayden said in what he hoped was a sexy voice and not a squeak.

"Well, Hayden," He drawled. "you have the best ass I've seen all night." His big hands ran down Hayden's back until they cupped his ass, groaning in his ear.

Hayden gasped as he was lifted to his toes by Zane's massive hands. He blushed. "Th-Thanks."

"How old are you, gorgeous?" He nipped at his earlobe, rubbing their groins together

Hayden swallowed the lump in his throat, his heart beating painfully against his ribcage. "Twenty-one"

"That's hot." He rubbed his hands over his hips and leaned forward to kiss him. Suddenly, a hand grabbed Hayden by the shoulder and yanked him back.

"Sorry, my friend has a phone call," Mira said, dragging him away by the arm.

Hayden looked back at Zane before stumbling after Mira. He wanted to choke out a thank you for saving his ass, but at the same time he wanted to know what it felt like to kiss and be kissed.

"Sorry about that," Mira said, mistaking his silence for anger. "While Cameron and Dylan were going to town on each other, the bartender told me that that guy you were dancing with has the clap. And..." she turned him to face the dance floor, "I thought you might want to see this instead."

Hayden looked where she was pointing and saw Seth Elsen dancing, shirtless, with another guy.

"Holy...what is HE doing here?" Hayden practically shrieked.

"I don't know, but here he comes." she ran off, leaving Hayden to fend for himself. Seth was looking at his cell phone, and didn't see frozen Hayden until he nearly rammed into him. He stopped at the last second and stared at Hayden, frozen.

"Oh shit," Seth said. "W-what are you doing here?"

"I..." Hayden was also frozen, having never really spoken to Seth before. "could ask you the same thing."

"Just... checking out the clubs. Got bored with the normal hangouts and decided to check out this freak show." His words were harsh, but Hayden saw something else in his eyes. The unmistakable look of fear.

"Really?" He asked skeptically.

"Yeah. I'm here with a bunch of guys," Seth said quickly. "They're over there!" He pushed past Hayden and ran. Hayden took a step back, staring after him, bewildered.

"How'd it go?" Mira asked, appearing out of nowhere with another pink drink in her hand, sipping idly.

"I think he's hiding something."


"How much did you have to drink?" Mira asked Cameron. He was slumped over, arms draped over Hayden's and Mira's shoulders while they dragged him through the parking lot.

"Dylan bought me beer..." Cam slurred. "He has, like, the biggest dick. Not interested, my ass." He slumped forward a little more, giggling.

"Yeah, he's sloshed," Hayden confirmed. "Lets lay him in the backseat."

Mira dug into Cameron's pants pocket and retrieved his keys. She pressed the button the key fob and the car lights flashed. Hayden opened the back seat door and they were able to lay him on his side on the seats.

"Looks like he won't be buying your nemo lense," Mira said after they closed the door and got into the front seats. She pressed the 'engine start' button and the car revved to life.

Hayden didn't say anything, just stared out the window. "Do you think Seth has gay friends?"

"How the hell would I know?" Mira asked. She backed out of the parking spot and began toward their destination. It was practically a routine for them to drive a drunken Cameron home.

"Hey guys... HEY GUYS!" Cameron called from the back seat.

"What?" Hayden and Mira snapped.

"Do you... do you think Dylan would let ME top if I...if I..." He broke down in giggles, which quickly turned into soft breathing.

"Aaannnddd he's out," Hayden said while looking over his shoulder to where Cameron was drooling on his own leather seats.

"You're not going to do something stupid like confront Seth tomorrow, are you?" Mira asked.

Hayden shrugged, "Why wouldn't I?"

"Because if he is gay, you might just out him." Hayden frowned, considering her point. "And besides, just because he's in a gay club doesn't always mean he's gay. I mean, I was there tonight and I'm not gay."

"You're a girl."

"Lesbians can go to gay clubs!"

"Not Pair'a'guys."

"Just be careful, you idiot," she said with a small, fond smile. "You don't want to get hurt."

"I don't feel so good," Cameron moaned from the back seat.


ok, so these are the names I originally wrote when I created this. Yes, that is the same Seth Elsen and Mira Pascal from Meta/Asc, but obviously they are different from the characters from the other world. I decided to change them back to their original names.

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