So... I feel like this has been a long time coming.

i mean, I started posting Black-Star's story because it meant so much to me. And to be honest I really wanted to hear peoples opinions on it. I'm not an attention whore but the occasional review on something you put a lot of your time into is nice.

But those reviews never came and it seemed neither did the views. So given that that was the whole reason I uploaded the story (for people to read), its been rather hard for me to stay positive. After talking with my best friend for a while we agreed it was best to remove the story from fictionpress. I will however leave the first chapter up. Maybe I'll upload the rest of it again but... I don't think that going to happen.

Sorry to those of you who may have liked this story, which given the lack of view I'm gonna guess is not many of you. You all have been awesome.