/Hi, this is my first attempt at writing a legit story. This is just a one-shot (baby steps).

My First Love

My first love was a little cliche.
I was crossing the street and I saw him.
I think he saw me, too.
I blush as he blushes, too.
I was crossing from one side and he from the other.
Our hands brush for a brief moment.

Then it happened again in the library.
I was at the computers and reached down for my bag.
I felt a familiar touch and looked up.
It was him! He bent to "tie his shoes."
He finished fixing his shoes and stood up,
brushing my hand once more.

Then I was with my sister at the mall.
She was peering through the glass at a necklace.
I was looking at a ring when I felt the brush again.
I saw him as he entered the store.
This time, I followed him and brushed his hand.
He looked up and we blushed. I walked away.
"Wait!" he says. He walks up to me and brushes my hand.
I feel a weight on my hand this time and look.
It was a ring! I slipped it on my finger & looked up.
We blushed an brushed our hands once more,
this time intertwining our fingers.