Chapter 2

Creeping back into the classroom I looked around for the creature that had burst into the room not ten minutes before. There were a couple of corpses thrown around and blood all up the one wall. Clearly the demon got what it was after but it appeared to have left. As much as my elongated ears should help boost my hearing past the normal human range they really did nothing to elevate my hearing since the ear canal was exactly the same and just the shape of the ear was different.

Gesturing for Kat to stay low and keep quite I crept into the classroom slowly. Climbing the auditorium steps in as close to silence as I could manage I was scared to find a monster lurking in the rows. We had been seated in the seventh row and the tenth row was covered in blood making me wary. Unfortunately I could not prevent the slight swish as my legs passed one another when the fabric of my jeans rubbed together nor the slight thump my runners made with each step. Guess it was time to get in shape so my thighs didn't touch or start wearing sweat pants with Uggs. Oh the horror.

Peaking into the seventh row I saw Kat's purse right next to mine where we had abandoned them. Well, I suppose one never knew when your wallet, phone, and car keys might come in handy.

Slowly creeping past the discarded chairs I heard a loud noise behind me. Wheeling around I saw Kat shoving a chair out of the way making a high pitched squeal that made us both cringe as the metal leg scrapped across the linoleum floor.

Glaring angrily at Kat I did my best not to move as I waited for something to jump out and attack us, but nothing did. We stood still for a solid minute before I finally turned back to the task at hand only to have Kat shove more chairs.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at her in as quiet a voice as I could manage.

"Well it would have attacked us by now," was her calm reply which was the jinx my luck needed as I heard a hiss from the back row.

Looking back I saw a large shadow appear across the wall that resembled the creature from earlier. No doubt it was the same demon that was gnawing on the remains of our classmates. Jumping up onto the long tables I ran for the bags. Weaving through the chairs was far to slow and I was not about to die because of a freaking chair.

I kept my eyes on the prize but I heard Kat trip over something which I assumed was a chair as she attempted to scramble out of the row. Pausing to look back at Kat I saw her scrambling to her feet with her eyes fiercely locked onto the creature. My feet didn't make much noise thanks to my Elvin genetics but the creatures head followed my movement. Clearly it's hearing and smell must be heightened as it had no eyes but damn my only skill was now completely useless.

Without warning where the creature dove out from behind the back row of tables at me. Diving headfirst towards our bags I managed to just avoid the beasts massive teeth as I slid down the table and landed next to our bags. Rolling off the table into a crouch beside our purses I hurriedly grabbed them tightly against my chest. Peaking over the table I saw Kat slowly slithering along the wall in hopes of being undetected by the fierce beast. Neither of us were armed in any way or even trained in any form of self defense. We were both screwed like altar boys at the Catholic Church.

Climbing out from under the table I headed for the back of the room on the table tops once more in hopes that the creature would follow. The blood was still wet and slippery as my feet slid along the table surfaces. As I reached the back table my feet slid out from under me; sending me plummeting off of the table and onto the floor. The demon quickly followed suit and as it leapt for me its clawed paws slid in the blood, sending him crashing into the wall.

Scrambling to my feet in one hell of a hurry I raced for Kat. We needed to go. NOW. And this time we were not coming back.

I still had a firm grip on our purses as I reached Kat who had bolted for the door. Good to see she was backing me up. Had she stayed in the hallway we probably wouldn't be in this mess, but she didn't ditch me rather she waited at the door as I fled the beast so that counted for something I supposed.

Running back down the halls we did our best to avoid the other creatures prowling the corridors. We actually made it all the way to the parkade entrance before we got legitimately trapped. There was only one door to the parkade directly from the school which was at the end of a very long pedway. As we yanked on the entrance door to the parkade we were greeted with yet another demon. This time the creature was so big that there was no way for us to get past it. However creatures monstrous size also meant that he could not get through the small entrance to brutally rip us apart. That was a benefit for us but we also could no longer get to our vehicles this way.

Looking out of the big glass windows to the street below Kat an I stared into complete and utter chaos. There were demons everywhere, killing people left, right, and center. And here we had been preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Damn you The Walking Dead!

"Well we sure as Hell cant go out that door and there's no way in Hell, Tartarus, or Fucking Sesame Street I'm jumping two stories to my death," Kat said.

Normally I would respond to her odd choice of places but I was to busy staring at my own reflection in the mirror. In comparison to Kat I looked like I hopped straight out of Hannibal Lecter's Fun House. My hoodie, t-shirt, and jeans were covered in blood from my fall back in the classroom while my long black hair was matted with the same. My blue eyes stood out even though my normal level of student exhaustion had left my eyes slightly sunken within my face. A long scratch ran from my right ear to my chin, parallel to my jawline. I do not remember receiving the cut but it must have been frm when the creature slipped on the blood and the adrenaline just kept me from noticing. It wasn't deep or anything.

In comparison to me, Kat looked pretty good. Her dark brown eyes were busy searching for a plan of escape while she bit at her thumb nail. She did that out of habit. It was like how I chew on my lip when I am thinking. Fortunately for Kat her dark brown hair was still clean and tidy though the thick curls made it unruly sometimes which was why she currently had it in a pony tail. Kat was shorter than me by a solid five inches meaning she was five foot five and a pretty average sized woman. She was all curves where as I was a bloody box. Katarina had that hourglass shape that men wanted and was pretty fortunate in the chest region. I on the other hand had no real curves. I had some love handles that gave me some shape but my hips were in all actuality as wide as my rib cage. Neither or us were fat by any stretch of the imagination but we were fit with a deep love of chocolate.

"So what should we do? We double back?" I asked, unsure of what to do.

"Looks like it," she replied with a hint of fear in her voice. Kat was much tougher than I in that regard. She had never been scared by anything except rats and she could face her fears much better than I ever could. I was afraid of everything in comparison: moths, death, germs, monkeys, small spaces, and the bad ass, demonic looking creatures that were hunting us down, just to name a few. Still I had no problems with blood, spiders, rodents, or reptiles so I was brave enough in a pseudoscience type of way. Basically I just acted tough while Kat was actually brave.

Sighing at our lack of any real option I handed Kat her purse which I had been hauling around since the classroom incident before turning to double back. As we turned around we came face to face with yet another demon. Damn we had shitty luck.

Backing away from the one that had free reign I was quickly reminded about the demon stopped by the doorway as it caught the hem of my sweater in its mouth and ripped the thing right off of me, causing my purse to go clattering to the ground. Thank God I was wearing a zip-up hoodie and not a pullover like Kat.

Glancing at Kat I knew we were screwed and so did she. As the demon lunged I instinctively cringed away from my immanent death and was surprised by a flash of white light.

"Wow," I thought, "That hurt way less than I thought. But I figured the white light would have lasted longer..." I don't know when or how but I had closed my eyes and as I slowly cracked them open I was greeted by the sight of the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.

Don't get me wrong I don't like women in a naughty sense but I could understand who was pretty and who wasn't and this woman dwarfed all of humanity. At a solid six foot six the woman dwarfed me which was uncomfortable to say the least as I was a tall five foot ten and used to looking down at most people. The woman had a youthful face that was made slightly off putting by the great wisdom in her eyes. The light tan the woman had made Kat and I look as white as chicken legs while her dark hair cascaded down her back in very slight wave that looked like the perfect combination of Kat's thick, curly tresses and my thin, pin-straight locks. She also had the body of a Victoria's Secret model well if those models had actual boobs not just a push up bra. Her choice of outfit was pretty weird though as she looked fresh out of my Classics text book on her way from ancient Greece.

Gaping at the woman I didn't even realize my mouth was hanging open until Kat spoke up. "What happened to the demons? Who are you?"

Looking around I became aware of the lack of big savage creatures that were waiting to kill us. Why did Kat have to make me look bad in front of the gorgeous woman? I mean I'm not a lesbian. Hell I'm not even bi-sexual but I would totally do this visual marvel.

"Yeah," I started. "What did you do?"

"I got rid of them," she replied. "Now go back to Tabitha's farm."

"How do you know my name?" I asked in shock and horror.

"I know many things. Now go" was all she said as she vanished from the hallway leaving both Kat and myself gaping for words.

"Did she just pull a deus ex machina?" Kat asked me, clearly as confused by events as I was.

"I think so," I answered before shaking my head and turning back towards the parking garage. "Come on. She saved our asses lets not waste it sitting here."

Kat followed me into the parkade before leading me to her big ass Range Rover and starting the beast up. If this thing got hit by one of the demons at least it had a roll cage which was more than I could say about my shitty little Mazda.