Chapter 4

As the Range Rover passed the last set of lights out of town it looked like we were home free. The demons had stopped jumping out at us miles before, and we didn't tip the SUV during our hard corners. I guess all of the road raging Kat did over the years actually paid off. She knew how to swerve. My spine hurt from all the sudden movements of the car, but we were alive so I'd just deal.

Glancing over at me Kat asked, "What. The. Hell?"

Looking back at her with a raised eyebrow I was about to ask what she was on about but Kat continued on with her train of thought without my assistance.

"I haven't said a word about what went on back there, but now it's less tense, and you own me a fucking explanation!" Kat shouted.

"Well what do you want to know?" I asked, knowing full well that Kat was going to spend the rest of our drive drilling me about everything I knew about what was going on. I couldn't blame her of course. I mean if I was as oblivious to this world as her I would want answers too.

"When did you become an elf? How did you know you were an elf? Are your parents' elves? Why couldn't I see your massive ears until today? What were those creatures? Why didn't you tell me you were weird?" She rattled off her question with a stunning speed that left me with more questions than I really wanted to answer.

"I'm guessing you mean why didn't I tell you I'm an elf," I replied before attempting to quell her suspicions. "I didn't tell you because I thought you wouldn't believe me. I mean you couldn't see the ears. You would have thought I had lost my ever loving mind."

Kat opened her mouth in an attempt to reply, but seemed to think the better of it as she snapped her jaw closed.

"As I said back in the school, I've always been and elf," I continued. "I was born this way and have no idea who my birth parents are. All my mom and dad told me was that one of the ladies who tended the farms next door passed away after birthing me, and when the legal system couldn't find any relatives they adopted me. I don't know anything about my birth parents to be honest, well they were both elves but that doesn't help much. All I have from my birth mother is a letter with the password to get on to a supernatural website that was delivered to me on my twelfth birthday. I thought it was a letter to Hogwarts when it first arrived. To be fair though, the internet wasn't a thing when I was born so I don't think she had anything to do with sending it to me.

"The website contains all the information I have about being an elf, and the supernatural world in general. Though, to be honest, I stopped really looking into it when I was thirteen because I just gave up on the dial-up internet."

Kat looked at me in stunned silence for a moment. The information was clearly swirling around in that big head of hers. I watched for the realization that would eventually occur. It took a bit longer than I expected, but soon enough she turned her head to look at me and asked, "don't you want to know more about your birth parents?"

"Not really," I told her with a shrug. "I have parents who love, and care about me. Why would I waste my time hunting down a past that doesn't have a future?"

"That's oddly mature of you."

"Thanks. It took me a while to realize that."

"But you still haven't answered the rest of my questions."

"Right," I replied before continuing with my mountain of information. "You couldn't see my ears before today because the realms were divided. There are many different realms including Earth, Hell, and the Fey Lands-"

"Fey? Like fairies?" Kat interjected.

"Yes, like fairies. Elves are also from the Fey realm."

"So you're a fairy? That's lame," Kat cut in again.

"I'm not a fairy!" I snapped, oddly annoyed by Kat's words. Taking a deep breath I continued, "almost all mythical creatures come from the Fey realm, or something like it. Nymphs and centaurs, for example, also come from the Fey realm, where as kelpies, and the Loc Ness monster come from a realm that is mostly water."

"The Loc Ness monster is real?" Kat asked.

"Yeah," I replied with a smirk. "She likes to make people panic by letting them spot her and disappearing. According to the website all of her species do it. It's why through out history there are always sightings of sea serpents. No one ever believes them, but the creatures do exist.

"Anyways, the worlds used to be interconnected through portals. Not "the cake is a lie" type portals, more like Stargate wormholes."

"I never saw that show," Kat told me. "Do you mean like the black hole in the new Star Trek movie with Chris Pine. He's hot."

I chuckled at Kat's ability to lighten my mood instantly even though she was ignorant of the greatness that was Richard Dean Anderson. "No, not like Star Trek. They didn't affect time at all. They just transported people to different worlds. But when Apollyon decided to send his demons to the realms in 1691 in order to control the worlds the witches decided to seal all the portals. So they went to Salem and closed them off to prevent more demons from coming through."

"Wait," Kat interjected again, "weren't the Salem witch trials in 1692?" I touched my finger to my nose in order to show she was right. "Wait, who is Apollyon? And if witches are real, and all of the magical creatures are real why can't we see them?"

"Apollyon is the Greek god of demons. He controls all their actions and grew angry that the humans no longer worshiped him."

"But humans haven't worshiped the Greek gods in thousands of years. Wouldn't he have gotten mad before that?" She asked me.

"How should I know? I'm just telling you what I learned online. It could be as accurate as Wikipedia," I answered.

"So I still don't know why I couldn't see your ears before," Kat told me with a frustrated expression on her face. It was a lot to take in, and honestly, I was surprised how well she was doing. I lost my mind when I first found out what I was. I figured she would probably snap when she heard from her family, but for now she was doing pretty well.

"You couldn't see my ears because magic comes from the Fey realm. With magic cut off because of the seal, anything that isn't human looks human. It was part of the seal so that we could blend in and not be persecuted. The witches were burned, and because they had no magic with the seal in place they died. Now, only the magical creatures can see each other for what they are."

"And you got all that from a website?"

"Pretty much. The satyr who used to sell weed by my high school knew a lot too. So my information should be about half right."

I knew it was a lot to take in since I had been just as confused as Kat before I was introduced to . It was a lame website name to be sure, but unless you had a specific password it looked like a shitty site trying the sell all natural male enhancement supplements.

As Kat and I pulled into my driveway I forgot about our conversation, and thought purely about my family. Gods I hoped they were alright. I missed them dearly and wanted to see their smiling faces. I tore off my seat belt as the car bounced along down the shitty gravel drive. Jack was flapping his wings and cawing loudly in the back seat, unhappy with the bumps in the road, but I didn't care. I just wanted to see my parents, and my dogs. We might fight a lot but they were still my family.

Soon as Kat had the SUV at a complete stop I bailed out of the car, and booked it to my house. It wasn't anything fancy, but it was home. I had taken my first steps here. Made friends. Had sleepovers. Threw parties. Grown up. And my family had always been here. Hopefully they still were.

Turning the handle old brass handle, I opened the door to...