Another short story. This is based on a nightmare I had. I wrote it at like 2 in the morning because I couldn't get back to sleep and I needed to get the dream off my chest lol.

Bye mum! I yelled, slamming the door behind me and cutting off her reply. Once I was out on the street an insane smile grew on my face. Today was the big athletics tournament, and I was going to dominate, just like I always did. I practically skipped down the road, making my way to the bus stop a few blocks down. As I waited for the bus to come i imagined the big golden trophy they gave to the athletics champ with my name engraved on it. Sally Jones, under 14s, athlete of the year. More like athlete of the decade, I thought. My smile grew wider until my lips were stretched so tight it was almost painful. Yeah that's right, I thought, athlete of the decade, or maybe the century, or maybe... A feeling of panic shot through me, piercing my happiness like a knife. A shiny black car was rolling slowly towards me. It looked like something out of a spy movie.

My panic heightened as it rolled closer towards me, I didn't know what to do. It pulled up in front of me and I backed away from it until I hit the fence of a house behind me. The bamboo growing along it was piercing my back with its sharp stalks, but i couldn't care less. One of the tinted windows rolled down. Revealing the profile of a dark haired man. His hair was falling across the side of his face, like a shimmering waterfall. It completely blocked my view of his face.

He spoke, not looking around at me, yet I knew he was talking to me. "Hi sweetheart would you like a ride to school?" I pressed up against the fence, hoping it would swallow me. "Um... n-no thank you, I'm f-fine". He turned to look at me. Fear exploded in my chest, I tried to run, but I couldn't, I tried to scream, but the sound choked in my throat. My eyes darted around, looking anywhere but the mans face, because he had no face. Where his nose, mouth and eyes should have been was nothing but skin, pale and smooth.

"Why not darling?" He asked. The sound was coming from beneath his skin, he was talking but he had no mouth. I slid down I fence until I hit the pavement, my mouth open in a silent scream. My paralysed brain could only think one thing; how is this possible, how. The man opened the door of the car and reached out towards me.

Suddenly my brain kicked back into action. I leaped to my feet and sprinted away, gasping in the cool morning air. Behind me i could hear laughing, and then the unmistakable sound of a car's engine starting. I looked behind me, expecting to see the car following me up the street, but instead it was driving away. I gave a sigh of relief, and doubled over, panting.

"Um Sally? Are you ok there ? A voice asked" I looked up in surprise. Hayley, a girl in my year at school, was standing there. Oddly, she had her back towards me, but I didn't care, I was just glad to see someone. "Hayley, oh my god" I panted. " I just saw the most messed up thing!" There was this guy, at my bus stop, and he had no face! I cant explain it, it was like"

"like he had no nose mouth or eyes or anything" Hayley cut in "kinda like his skin was stretched over his face. And he was talking to you, even though he had no mouth?"

"YES!" I exclaimed " it was exactly like...wait how did you know that"

Hayley laughed and slowly turned around " because I am like him too."

Hayley had no face.