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Keep calm Melissa, she told herself, trying to fight the waves of terror coursing through her body. Just keep calm, what would Lumina do? Well that was easy really...

"Move it!" Shouted Melissa, so loudly that many people turned to see what was going on.

"And what are ya gonna do if we don't?" Asked Nancy.

Melissa hesitated for a second, before pushing Amy with all the strength she had. Amy, surprised, fell backwards hard.

"That" said Melissa smugly. She stalked past the girls and out into the sunshine, leaving stunned whispers and muttering behind her.

As soon as she was outside Melissa made for her tree. It was planted at a secluded spot at the back of the oval, away from prying eyes. She liked the solitude, and the feeling of protection the huge, spreading branches gave her. As she sat with her back against the trunk, staring absent-mindedly at an ant crawling across her shoe, her thoughts turned to Lumina.

She wished that they went to the same school so much it hurt. Lumina claimed that her dad homeschooled her, but Melissa was a little suspicious. When Lumina had came to her house a few weeks ago, Melissa had asked for her help on a geography assignment. Lumina had looked at her blankly and asked "What the hell is Geography?"

Lost in thought, Melissa hadn't realised that someone was standing over her until her lunch was tugged out of her hands. She looked up to see Nancy, towering above her, leering. Her hard mouth was twisted into a grotesque smile.

"Hey loser," she spat. "Geez, you're ugly."

Melissa was stumped by the insult. No one had ever called her ugly before, and she didn't think she was particularly ugly. She liked her wavy blonde hair, and the way her velvet green eyes sparkled in the light.

A surge of anger propelled her to her feet. What would Lumina do?

"You're one to talk Nancy," she said quietly. "You're so ugly I want to puke every time I see you."

Nancy scowled and cracked her knuckles. "Your gonna regret that, punk," she snarled, advancing on Melissa. Melissa backed up until she hit the chain-link barrier fence.

Nancy whipped her fist back and sunk it into Melissa's stomach. Melissa collapsed, gasping for breath, as another fist slammed into her shoulder. Her head smashed against the ground and the world spun around her. She could hear Nancy sniggering as she brought her fist again.

What would Lumina do? She thought desperately as Nancy advanced. But Lumina wouldn't be in this situation, no one would ever dream of hurting Lumina, and she's too tough to let them.

Well thats the end of that, thought Melissa. When it comes down to it, I'm not Lumina, and I cant pretend I am. She squeezed her eyes shut waiting for Nancy to come and deliver the final blow.

"Leave her alone" yelled a cold voice from behind Melissa. Melissa opened her eyes slightly as a figure vaulted over the fence with incredible speed and landed between Melissa and Nancy. It was a girl, wearing a battered brown leather jacket over a faded shirt and baggy black pants. She had an aura of toughness, even though her clothes looked like something out of a charity bin. Her light brown hair was golden in the sunlight, and her blue eyes were lit with fire.

Melissa's mouth dropped open. She knew this girl. She knew her very well.

"L-" Melissa began, but was cut off by Nancy.

"I know who you are," she sniggered. "You're that creep who doesn't go to school. The one who always hangs around in the park."

The girl chuckled under her breath. Melissa was incredulous, she hardly thought this was a time to laugh.

"Yep, thats me," confirmed the girl. "And this creep is about to put you in a hospital."

Nancy gave a loud snort. "Yeah, right. I'd like to see you try."

Suddenly, the girl jumped amazingly high, springing off the fence and flipping over Nancy's head. She touched down lightly behind Nancy, who looked stunned. The girl beckoned with her finger. The meaning of the gesture was obvious. Come and get me.

With a roar Nancy charged at the girl. The girl met her head on, but instead of being bulldozed by Nancy, she somehow threw her back. Nancy fell spectacularly, skidded on the loose dirt, and plowed straight into a tree. The girl grinned and walked towards Nancy, who was lying crumpled, on the ground. She kicked her hard under the ribs with a booted foot, and Melissa heard a crack. The girl spun on her heel and walked towards Melissa.

"Lumina!" Melissa squeaked, getting to her feet. "What are you doing here! Why aren't you at home! Isn't your dad supposed to teach you?"

Lumina stiffened.

"He's...sick," she said. "So he cant teach me today. Actually, he's going to be sick for a while. He has the flu, so I'm enrolling here!"

"Really! That's great!" Yelled Melissa, completely ecstatic.

"Yeah!" Said Lumina enthusiastically.

A low moan from Nancy made both girls spin around. she was a real mess. Her hair was everywhere, a huge bruise was blossoming on her arm, and there was a large scratch on her left leg.

"Are you alright? Why was she hurting you?" Lumina asked in a deadly soft voice.

"Oh, she... she thinks I'm a bit of a loser because I don't really... have many friends here," said Melissa in a small voice.

Lumina glanced over at Nancy. "If you don't have many friends here, then that means everyone here is an idiot."

"Thanks Lumi," said Melissa quietly, using the nickname for Lumina that had surfaced several years ago. She went to hug her, but as she did she felt Lumina tense up and wince. Melissa quickly pulled away and surveyed Lumina, looking for signs of damage. Now that she looked closely she realised that she was in worse shape than Nancy. A rip in her jacket revealed a large scratch on her left arm, and there was dried blood in her hair. The cuffs of her pants also had a coating of dried blood, and Melissa could see that the skin between her socks and her pant leg was bright pink and raw looking. Almost as if something had burnt her.

"Lumi," she breathed. "What happened to you? Was that from when you were fighting Nancy?"

"Huh? Oh, no..." Lumina started, "I mean yes. Yes it was"

"Don't lie!" Protested Melissa. "She didn't hit you once! I was watching!"

Lumina opened her mouth to reply, but before she could, there was a high pitched scream. Both girls turned around to find one of Nancy's stupid friends, kneeling next to her crumpled figure, screaming, " MURDER! MURDER!" at the top of her voice.

"You idiot," yelled Lumina. "She's not dead!"

But Nancy's friend kept screaming. Soon a small crowd of curious students had gathered.

"Make way, Make way" said Mr Yarrow importantly "What's happened here?" He stopped dead and went chalk white when he spotted Nancy.

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