Another short piece i dug up. I wrote it last year for school.

The harsh sun beat down upon his back as he struggled up the tall sand dune. As he reached the top a feeling of hopelessness flooded though him like poison. As far as the eye could see there were sand dunes, and more sand dunes. The sand was deep golden, and the sky was such an intense blue it hurt his eyes to look at it. Despairingly, he scanned the horizon for any sign of a town where he might find cool, clear water. He licked his dry lips, but they refused to moisten. His knees trembled, and gave way. He sunk down onto the soft sand, burying himself deep in its clutches, away from the harsh sun that was threatening to burn him to a crisp.

It was quiet under the sand. He felt as if he was swimming into a pool of molten gold, and if only he would keep swimming, he would find a world where there were nothing could worry him, and he would finally find happiness. The man's breathing slowed. His eyelids drifted closed and his whole body relaxed. He drew in one last, rattling breath then lay still, under the golden sand

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