Faith Maxwell is daughter to one of the richest families in Southern California; her grandparents have more cash than they know what to do with and her father works as a successful lawyer for the rich and famous while her mother ranks amongst the state's top pediatricians. Even with all the family's prestige and high quality lifestyle, her life isn't perfect. At school, she isn't popular and has few true friends. She does not participate in sports but takes part in some clubs and organizations because of her good grades. The excellent grades she receives do not come easy; she works hard and truly earns the grade she gets. She is very shy and quiet and it hurts her that most people think she is an arrogant snob.

Nick Bates may not come from excessive wealth but he has a perfect life. His mother's parents were hard workers who lived out their lives on a farm in the Midwest and managed to send their only daughter off to school in California to become a teacher. His paternal grandparents were simple people; they lived life on the coast one day at a time as his grandfather tried to take care of his stay at home wife and three kids on a construction workers salary. His mother teaches at an Elementary School and his father owns a surf shop and teaches lessons while being a partner with his two siblings in an independent beachfront hotel. Nick is a great guy with a lot of talent. He is very smart, plays on several sports teams at school, and has many hobbies. His charismatic personality has won him many friends and a lot of female attention.

Nick, 17, is a senior and Faith, 15, is only a sophomore at the exclusive high school they attend. Though the two have several classes together, they are not friends even though he has attempted to forge a friendship.