A random fairy tale i had to do for English and decided to post. :D

Once upon a time, in a land faraway, there was a little village. The village was a peaceful place, with little wooden houses, and orchards of fruit trees that released a sweet perfume into the air. On the outskirts of the village, lived a kind, sweet family . A mother, a father and a small boy called Rowan. Unfortunately, this family was very poor, they often didn't have enough to eat, and Rowan never had any toys to play with.

One day, Rowan was walking through the village, on an errand for his mother. She had asked him to buy a sack of grain, for their evening meal. Rowan bought the grain, and heaving the sack over his back, he decided to walk around and look at some of the things for sale at the market place. One stall was selling round, juicy fruits. Another was selling woven baskets and bags. He passed all these by, and came to a grimy stall selling all manner of odds and ends. Broken pots, old shoes, bits of string, and a roughly cut wooden flute.

Rowan picked up the flute in his small hands. The wood was warm from being in the sun, and he held it to his cheek.

"Is someone there?" Asked the man sitting behind the stall. " would you like it buy something?"

The man turned around, and Rowan saw that his eyes were milky white.

"Hello?" Asked the man, reaching out with his hands. " Hello?"

" Sorry" said Rowan. " I was just looking."

The man nodded and turned around again. Rowan was about to put the flute down when a thought struck him. The man wouldn't know if he took it. He was blind. Rowan desperately wanted the flute, he had never had anything to play with before. Rowan made his decision. He slipped the flute into his pocket, then skipped back home.

When Rowan got home his mother had gone out. He put the sack of grain on the table, then went to his room. It wasn't really much of a room. His bed took up most of the space, and a battered chest of draws covered one wall. Rowan sat on his bed, and took the flute out of his pocket. He couldn't explain it, but the flute felt magical somehow, as if it had been touched with some ancient, powerful sorcery. He brought the flute to his lips and blew softly. No note came out of the flute, just a muffled stuttering. He frowned and blew harder, and harder, and harder. His face turned red and he gave one mighty blow. Suddenly, something slid out of the flute, and scattered all over his bed.

Rowan stared, dismayed, at the yellow sand that was scattered all over his bed. It would take hours to pick the grains out of his blanket. He sighed unhappily, and blew the flute again. It made a sound this time, like the hoot of an owl. Suddenly, the grains of sand on his bed started moving. He cried out in surprise, and leapt off his bed as the sand rose and twisted, forming some kind of shape. Higher and higher it rose, until it compacted, and formed into the shape of a giant, yellow man. The man gave an ear-splitting roar of rage, and smashed straight through the wall of Rowan's bedroom. Rowan sat shocked for a moment. He had thought the flute was magical, but this was something different all together. He rushed through the hole in his bedroom wall after the monster, and a horrible sight met his eyes.

The giant yellow man was rampaging towards the village. Huge craters appeared where he walked, and every step shook the ground. He roared again, and smashed a fruit tree to splinters with one blow. Rowan thought hard. The monster had appeared when he blew his flute, maybe it would disappear if he blew it again? He tried, blowing as hard as he could, but the flute refused to produce a sound. Rowan was frantic now, the giant yellow man was getting nearer and nearer to the village. Maybe if he went and talked to the man that he had stolen the flute from, he would know how to stop the monster? He decided he would do that, and ran, flute in hand, as fast as he could towards the village.

He ran and ran and ran. He ran so fast that he overtook the giant, and soon it was far behind him. He bolted through the village. Everyone was screaming and running around in circles. Rowan pushed through the panicking crowd, and soon he was at the blind old man's stall.

" Hello!" Yelled Rowan. " Hello? I need to talk to you!"

The man popped up from behind the stall, giving Rowan a huge fright.

" You again?" Asked the man grumpily. " What do you want?"

"There's a huge yellow man attacking the village! Do you know how to stop him?"

" A huge yellow man?" Repeated the blind stall holder. " Boy, do you have something to tell me?"

"N-no" stuttered Rowan. The man raised an eyebrow, and the monster roared again.

" Yes! I took the flute! The old wooden flute you had! I just wanted something to play with, I'm sorry!" Yelled Rowan.

Suddenly the Flute in Rowan's hand grew warm. He looked down and saw that, amazingly, the wooden flute had turned into a flute of pure gold. It was thinner, more elegant and was shining with a strange light.

"Play three notes on that flute, and the monster will go away."

Rowan junked in surprise and looked up at the blind man.

" It was your apology that gave you the power to do that." Said the man. " By admitting that what you did was wrong, you saved the entire village."

Rowan took the flute to his lips and blew. The sound, sweet and pure, travelled across the village and echoed around the surrounding lands. He blew once more, then once again. The monster gave one last defending roar, and then was silent. Yellow sand flew around him and trickled back into the flute.

As the villagers cheered, Rowan breathed a sigh of relief, and handed the flute back to the blind man.

"I'm very sorry." He said firmly. " I promise that no matter how much I want something, I will never steal again."