This is just a random poem. All reviews are welcome; I think I should know if there's stuff I can improve on.

Scars never heal

Love never fades.

Some never forget

What was in the past

Some just want to live

Some just don't care

Some wait forever

Just for revenge

And though we fight

We hate

We choose the wrong paths

There is light

However faint

There is always light in the path that you lead.

Never doubt the spark

It will help you choose

Choose the wrong path

And it will be banished

Under Darkness.

Shattered souls

Broken hearts

Burning fire

Raging fire

Ever to burn

Never to stop.

I don't know where this came from. It's good, I guess. No, I think it's GOOD. It's nearly as good as the poet I was named after!

No, not really.