Dragonborn: Dragon Brothers

By: Junior Gordon

Chapter 1: I am…

St. Holly's Orphanage is known to be a safe haven for those children who lost their parents, but all wasn't as it appeared to be; the inside of the large dwelling was cold and made of nothing but fear. A young boy at the age of nine was found in one of the many halls of the orphanage scrubbing the floor with only a bucket and a mop. All he had were a pair of worn out pants and an old dress shirt not even his size, neither matched at all with the large leather hat wrapped around his head that would slip down to his eyes occasionally. A pair of shadows slowly loomed over him and pushed the boy to the floor, the bucket of soapy water then splashed onto him as the laughter of two teenage boys rang above him.

"Whoops, looks like the freak made a mess." The ear pierced older boy smirked nudging to his friend with a bandage on his cheek, the boy had remembered they were four to five years older than him but never considered remembering their names. "Hey, is that making you screw up all the time? Why don't you just take it off?"

"Probably has some awful birth defect from it, bet he has a second head on his head!" The other boy laughed at his insult bringing his friend into it as he kicked the young boy's back who began to lift himself from the ground. "You're soaked to the bone, might as well use yourself as the mop freak."

Unable to stand anymore of their bullying, the boy rose up and ran away slipping nearly every step from the soapy water. He ran through the orphanage to the back entrance which lead to the woods, stories told about how kids would be forever lost beyond these trees but to the boy they were his safe haven from all the pain in his life; he was raised in the orphanage ever since he was a baby, for as long as he been there nobody would adopt him for how he distanced himself for others. Soon the caretakers would make him do all the household chores and even the other orphans would treat him like a freak for his habit of wearing large hats over his head each bigger than the next. The boy continued through the trees until he found what he was looking for, a large cave at the side of the mountain the orphanage was built next to. He would hide here and rest at times when he wanted to be away from all who hurt him, and it was there that he met someone who seemed just as alone as him.

"Mikhail, what happened to you?" A mannish voice that sounded aged yet still young called from deep in the cave, the boy wasn't sure who this person was or why he would always call him by that name but he felt a sense of familiarity with the hidden individual. As a sudden fire lit up in front of him, he slowly crept closer for warmth. "Were you bullied again? Do your caretakers do nothing to take care of this?"

"It's not something they really care about… at least not with me." He answered shakly, his eyes looked around where the light could spread to see if he could find the person's shadow.

"Humans haven't changed at all, still abusive with power preying over those weaker than them." The boy wondered why he always said that, the man hidden in the shadows always seemed to say the word human in a tone that sounded as if he was different like he wasn't human at all. "How long are you going to stay in that dreaded place?"

"Where would I go, I don't have any family to go to." Mikhail as the man called him looked to the ground as he removed the hat on his head. "Who would come for me anyway, they're right after all… I am a freak."

"Nonsense, there is nothing but prejudice and hate in that dwelling!" The man roared almost beastly, it echoed loudly through the cave almost shaking the ground. It slowly stopped as he noticed the boy shaking in fear as the light blew out; the fire quickly relit itself as he tried to calm himself. "Forgive my outburst Mikhail, there's no need to be afraid."

"W-Why do you keep calling me that… who is Mikhail?" He asked to the figure.

"That name is from… a dear friend of mines." The man seemed to sound sincere as he said that, the boy could tell that his "friend" must have been someone very special to him. "Let me tell you a story, a story about a warrior long ago in a land long forgotten by time…"

The world was riddled in darkness, and in that darkness hid creatures of the deepest pit of hell. Demons terrorized humans, killing and taking whatever they wanted till they could rule the land as their own. Human's brought armies, built castles, and fought as hard as they could but even their victories were short lived; humanity was thought to be at an end, until one man rose up. A warrior with sword in hand and a mighty dragon at his side fought alone against the demon hordes. They were humanity's last hope.

"Mikhail." The voice called to a young man in his early twenties, his short grey hair with bangs covering his forehead looked over the land before him. The castle town's army was being overrun by the horde of demons that were making their way through the town walls. "It seems they have gotten more powerful than before, perhaps from the new addition from their army."

"New addition, sounds rather interesting?" Mikhail smiled as he looked further down the cliff, more demons charged through a tunnel under them with a large ogre making his way through with a large club in hand. "Looks like I found that addition, I'll go subtract it."


The voice was too late as the boy dove off the cliff, with sword in hand he dived in and stabbed the ogre's head straight into the ground. The battalion of imps looked back as Mikhail swung his blade free of the demon blood and readied their weapons for battle. He grinned in eagerness as he leapt into the air and landed in the middle of a dozen men, with a quick twirl their heads flew in the air and blood rained down on him.

"Alright, come at me…" The imps looked at him almost in disbelief as his raised his sword at them, smirking even as there was blood on his body. "You heard right, come at me!"

An imp finally took the bait and lunged at him with sphere in hand, but Mikhail dashed and cut right through him at amazing speed; he jumped through the hard cutting each demon in his way, dodging blades and spears with nothing but acrobatics he continued to behead every demon in his way as he made his way toward the castle walls. He leaped high into the air stabbing the wall with his blade to swing himself higher over the wall to see the rest of the demons still fighting against the castle knights.

"Samael, your turn." Calling out his name, a shadow flew over Mikhail's head and rained down fireballs on the unsuspecting demons. A large grayish white dragon flew around and landed beside him at the top of the wall. "So did you want to ask me something before?"

"You're too damn eager, always jumping into battle." Samael literally steamed smoke from his mouth; the sound of wyverns flying their way rang in their ears. "Filthy beasts, do they really think they can match a dragon's power with those abominations."

"And you call me eager; you're ready to shoot them from the sky." Tapping his gold horns teasingly, Mikhail jumped onto the dragon's back and pointed toward the enemy. "We'll do just that then, let's go Samael!"

Dragons are a proud race, powerful and strong, believing nothing can control them and no one could ever be superior. Samael was one of the strongest, and one who believed that very egotistical belief the most. Until that day he met the young man Mikhail, he could see how strong willed the boy was, a fire that was almost as bright as his, and just like him he was alone in the world. The two had bonded over their relations, and made each other stronger with every battle they fought. It was that very boy that showed the great dragon that nobody could be his superior… but perhaps there are some that can be equals with him.

The wyverns fired their own fireballs at the dragon, but Samael's speed was faster as he barrel rolled passed their attack and fired back at them with a fierce blast taking half a dozen out of the sky in an instant; readying his blade, Samael sped through the rest of the wyverns while Mikhail would cut them down. The castle knights morale had grew stronger as more of the demons were killed and fought harder than before taking care of the rest that came their way.

"It looks like the knight's have the rest handled." Mikhail told wiping the blood from his sword. "That ogre really wasn't a new addition, nothing we couldn't handle."

"Imbecile, the ogre was not the addition I was talking about it was..." Samael was cut off as the boy yelled "Look out!" at him making him quickly roll and dodge a barrage of dark fire blasts firing at them. Looking back to the ground they saw what fired at them, a giant armored Cerberus stood at the broken castle gate bringing in a second battalion of demon soldiers with it. "That was the addition I was warning you about."

"Oh… I see why you worried." Mikhail's reply was given a groan by the dragon he rode.

"I never said I was worried… why would I be worried by an overgrown three headed mutt?" Though it didn't show, the dragon was smirking for what was to come. "Be it some giant or a Cerberus, the dragon race will not ever lose!"

"Then quit talking and start fighting!" Mikhail and Samael roared a powerful battle cry as they charged and rammed the Cerberus into the wall. The dragon readied to fire but one of the dog heads rose and fired a blast that pushed him away; more fireballs flew their way and Samael quickly flapped his arms and flew back in the air to dodge before shooting back, the fireballs hit the Cerberus but the armor it wore only guarded it from his attack. "Damn, not even a scratch."

"The king's soldiers are under fire." Samael's warning was toward the men back on the ground; the new horde of demons overwhelmed them and were beginning to take them one by one. "We need a plan."

"I might just have one… get me above the beast!" Following his lead, the dragon flew up and dashed above the Cerberus' heads. Mikhail jumped diving down at the monster as it fired at the soldiers fighting, his sword slammed against the middle head throwing it off balance and firing its fireball at a dozen of ogres. The left head went at Mikhail but he quickly jumped and it bit its fangs into the middle head through its armor. The head screamed in pain which released a barrage of fireballs as it swung about attacking all of the demon soldiers under it until there were little left. When the third head went at Mikhail, he quickly jumped off and made it bite at both heads with its fangs. The Cerberus jumped onto his hind legs in pain and showed that its underbelly was void of armor. "Samael, fire at it now!"

Seeing his opening, the dragon unleashed a powerful blast that shot right through the monster's chest. The knights soon cheered in victory as they were able to kill off the last few soldiers, thanking the two heroes. Mikhail raised his sword into the air getting all of their attention.

"Brave knights and soldiers, you have all fought bravely." He spoke his speech proudly to his fellow men. "To all of your fallen brethren, please honor deaths. They worked just as hard to help humanity be free from tyranny, so in honor of their hard work let's fight just as hard and send the demons back to hell!" Mikhail jumped onto Samael's back and hovered into the air as the warriors cheered. "Tell your king to prepare; for together with the other nations by our side… we'll take this war to the demon king!"

Mikhail lead his fellow man toward victory with his strength, but he wasn't always like that; when he first met the great dragon he was just a normal human just like the rest. Samael was still intrigued by his strong heart, his determination, his unyielding will even as he risked his own life to fight against the powerful dragon for his help. It was after he saw how much he wanted to fight and save humanity that mighty Samael gave him a proposition.

"What kind of proposition?" Young Mikhail asked listening intently by the fire.

"A blood pact, one that would bond the two for centuries to come." As he listened to the hidden man, the boy watched as the shadow of a large facial figure began to show through the fire's light. Its head looked like that of a reptile with a pair of horns shaping a Z. "With the blood pact, I gave Mikhail my blood, the power of a dragon coursed through his body giving him super human strength and agility. But a dragon's blood doesn't end there; legends told that once in a century when a human is in a blood pact with a dragon they become reincarnated into the next generation. They gain the power of a dragon, but come with a heavy price…"

"You said your blood… are you…?" The looming shadow grew closer until its face came into the light, leaving Mikhail in utter astonishment.

Returning to his orphanage in the middle of night, Mikhail grabbed whatever money he had managed to steal and quietly made his way out through the front door until a sudden hand grabbed at his wrist from inside.

"Where ya think you're goin' freak?" It was the boy with the ear piercing from before. "I saw you coming out of the headmistress' room, stealing her money huh? I didn't think you had it in you."

"What's it to you?" Mikhail talked back as he noticed the other boy with the nose ring in the shadows.

"Oh we won't tell, but we can unless you give half of it instead." The nose ring boy explained. "We don't care if you wanna leave good riddance to ya. But giving you all that cash would just be a huge waste."

"I won't give you the money, you don't deserve it." He shook off the boy's grip as he stepped away from the orphanage. "Miserable excuses for human beings don't deserve this money."

"What the hell you call us?" Angered the two boys barged out of the orphanage and reached out to grab Mikhail before a wave of fire shot from above and made a circle around the boy. The two looked in fear as a sudden shadow in the moonlight grew bigger and a large dragon landed beside the boy.

"I won't take anymore harassment from you two, and so you both remember…." Mikhail threw his hat toward the two boys and shocked them both as a small pair of horns protruded from his head. "My name is Mikhail, and I am a dragon…" Samael roared the two boys back to their feet as they ran back into the orphanage. "… Where do we go now, Samael?"

"Somewhere you will be safe; I'll take care of you from now on." The dragon lowered himself as he let the boy climb onto his back; rising into the air the two flew through the city as the lights shinned under them. "Be sure to hold on tight, Mikhail."

"Okay… can I ask a question Samael?" Mikhail shouted as loud as he could.

"I believe you already did." The dragon could hear as the boy chuckled from his joke.

"It's just that when you told me about… how your blood is in me and everything, it just made me wonder about things." He wrapped his arms as far around Samael's neck as he could. "If we share the same blood, does that mean we're kind of like… family?"

"Hm…" Samael honestly never thought of that, but the boy was still an innocent child; he was a child with no family or kindness in his life at all, once again he had met someone just like him. "I believe you may be right. Yes, we are family."

"Family…" The boy rested his head on his soft scales slowly slumbering to sleep. "Promise… you won't leave me?"

"… I promise." Samael continued to fly as the young Mikhail slept on his back, the innocent promise both touched and pained his heart at the same time. "I won't leave your side… ever again…"