Drip drop…


Heavy, bleak rain. The kind that makes you yearn for the sun hidden behind the black clouds. The kind that makes you forget what life had been before it fell out of the once blue sky.

The kind that makes you feel that the end is nigh, the world about to be devoured by a flood.

It had been like this for a long while now. So long, I've stopped wondering when I'll ever see the sun rise again like an angel ascending to the heavens and started hoping that the water won't come up to my knees on the walk home.

Sometimes, it lets up for a minute or two. But the brief reprieve isn't enough for it always seems to come back with a vengeance.

Drip drop. That sound has become my reality. Like a metronome, always on beat.

Drip drop.

I depart from school at 3:10 on the dot, finding an alcove of safety to light up. I breathed in the wisps of smoke, taking in every bit. After a few minutes, I tucked my gold Zippo back into the outer coat pocket of my leather jacket and toss the butt casually onto the ground, rubbing my one of my red and black ASICS on it to make sure I didn't leave any embers to start a fire.

Not that it matters.

Drip drop.

The smell of nicotine hung onto me as I walked into pouring rain, hoping the old train conductor hat on my head would keep me dry. I glanced around, looking for any familiar faces so the walk home wouldn't be so lonely. There were only punks serving detention by picking up trash in the heavy, bleak rain.

Poor bastards.

Drip Drop.

I sighed, wishing I had taken Grandad's offer for a ride. I continue to walk, readjusting my train conductor style hat and pulling my crimson red scarf up to my exposed nose. Wouldn't want to catch a cold now.

Some people call it girly.

I call it a memento.

Drip drop.

Out of the corner of my eye I spot a lone girl nestle under a tree for shelter. A warm feeling of familiarity begins to grows in my chest. My mind begins to race, various thoughts of how I should approach her pounding the walls of my head.

"Why are you staring at me?" she says, her voice filled with suspicion and just a tad bit of hostility.

"Why are you staring at me?" I parrot back without missing a beat.

"You were doing it first!"

"Well the reason is that you look good today, dressed in that beautiful green rain jacket," I reply. Real smooth I think to myself. She blushes, and turns away, black hair blowing in the wind. I walk up to her, and lean on the tree. I pull out another cig, stick it in my mouth, and prepare to light up.

Before I do, she asks, "Why do you do that?" in meek voice barely louder than a whisper..

"It helps relieve stress," I reply.

"But it's killing you, isn't?"

"That what's the doctors say. Not I like give two damns."

We stood there, silent for a few moments. I looked at her, trying not to drown in those brown eyes of hers. "You're getting picked up, right?" I ask.

"My dad's on his way," she replies.

"Oh," I say, not knowing what else to do. Again, we stood there, our backs against the tree under the evergreen leaves, listening to the music of the rain.

Drip drop. Always on beat.

I hear a car pull up to the curb, the engine drowning out the storm. "My ride's here," she says. "See you tomorrow."

"Yeah, see you tomorrow," I call back, watching her walk away. I finally lit the cigarette hanging in my mouth, letting the flame be my light in the darkness.

Drip drop.

I throw the butt on the ground and stomp it out, before picking it up and tossing it in a trash can. It's important to take care of the environment after all. I proceede to take the back exit out, stopping to taking one last look at school. The clock tower in the center of campus stood ominously, giving me chills. I sigh before continuing on my way.

Drip drop,

Tick tock.

The clock tower's bell rings.

And the whole world fades to black.