Trick or treating in El Paso is always a lot of fun, and I look forward to doing it again this year, but consider this a friendly warning, folks: If you want candy, plenty of candy, and I'm talking about the good stuff... DON'T go to the homes of any of our local politicians.

Last year, I had the great idea that surely they would have the best candies. Genius, I thought. Can't miss. So, when my kid's candy bags were almost full, we all hopped into my car. First stop was the Mayor's house.

My kids screamed when his door creaked open.

"Oh, my gosh!" I yelled out, excitedly. "It's the Crypt Keeper... with a guitar!"

"I'm not the Crypt Keeper. I'm Mayor John Cook."

"What a great costume."

"I'm not wearing a costume," he said, dryly. And then he perked up. "Want to hear a song?"

"No, thanks," I told him. "You've already scared my kids enough for one night."

As we walked away, my kids looked eagerly into their bags to see what the Mayor had given them.

"Hey!" said one. "My Snickers bar is missing!"

"Mine, too!" said the other.

Next stop was City Manager Joyce Wilson's house. She was dressed like a vampire. Hmm... a politician dressed like a creature who sucks people dry. How redundant.

"Nice costume," I told her, hoping that by being polite she might be even more generous to my candy-loving children.

"I'm not wearing a costume," she said, and only gave us directions back to Mayor Cook's house.

Instead, we went to the house of our favorite U.S. Representative.

"Yay!" my kids all yelled when the door opened. "It's the Great Pumpkin!"

No, it was just Silvestre Reyes. I must admit, he looked good in his costume.

"I'm not wearing a costume," he told me, and rudely turned away.

He was on the phone, and ignored us as he spoke into it.

"Nancy, it's me... Silvestre Reyes. What do you mean you're not there?" His brow furrowed, and his voice became serious and surprised at the same time. "Is that Beto O'Rourke I hear in the background? That better not be O'Rourke!"


Reyes smiled his bravest smile at us.

"Vote Carrasco," he said, and then shut the door in our faces. I could hear loud crying from the other side of the door, but decided to ignore it. Heck, I never voted for him to begin with, and there was no point in pretending to show an interest in him now.

My kids once again looked into their bags.

"Hey! My Payday is missing!"

"Mine, too!

We decided to call it a night.

As we drove back home, I noticed that the lights were on at the El Paso Central Appraisal District. They had a big sign out front. It said:

Trick or Treaters Welcomed!

We stopped, got in line, and, when it was finally our turn, my kids sang out in unison: "Trick or treat! Smell my feet! Give us something good to eat!"

The city employees at CAD sang back happily: "Hold out your bags! Close your eyes! And you will get a big surprise!"

We did, and, when we left, my kids couldn't wait to look inside their bags. They were anxious to see what their big surprise was.

"Hey! My bags empty!"

"Mine, too!"