Hello everyone, thanks for reading. This is Daniel Kozaki.

I'm back. Firstly, I'd like to thank a very good friend who convinced me that my old stories were worth picking up and finishing. One slightly bad but finished story is worth ten unfinished good ones. I underestimated that person's persuasiveness. Thank you, Accomplice-san.

I'm polishing TGWFTSDW and finishing it, finally, as promised. I think the polished version will remain 90 percent the same as the original, but with the 10 percent making all the difference. It'll be better. And more importantly, the story will be completed, right into its intestine-squelching conclusion. If all goes well, and this story gets finished, Anesthesia seems to be the most suitable one to be finished next. Cheer me on. c:

Just for novelty's sake, I'm leaving this raw, unedited version up, so that you can see how far I've gone and how silly I was when I started. We all have to start somewhere. Hey, who knows, maybe you like the silly version better. Besides, wouldn't want all those kind reviews to be wasted. This old one will be labeled as TGWFTSDW, while the new one will have the full title (The Girl Who Forgot That She Destroyed Worlds).

I'm suggesting reading my stories while they're free, because if a Dan-pocalypse comes, I'll take down my story and you'll have to pay me to read it. o:

And with that said, a big thank you for reading. The update will be sporadic, so I suggest following so that you won't miss anything.

Good day. c: