Hey peeps, this is a short thing i did for a school competition ( I WON :D) it's supposed to be 100 words, but it got to like 130 lol.

Martin slammed his fist against the rocky cliff and cried out with frustration. The map he had been following for the past ten years fluttered out of his pack. Years of traveling around the world, years of searching the most remote locations, had all gone to waste. It was not here. Martin flopped onto the leaf strewn ground. It felt spongey and soft as he pushed his fingers into it. But there was something else, a small hard lump made of cool metal was hidden in the leaves. Martin pushed the knob with all his strength and, with a crunching groan, a dark, gaping hole appeared in the cliff. He did not know what was down there, but surely it was better than where he was.

reviews appreciated very much :)