I looked up from my dilapidated green journal that I was writing in with purple ink this week and decided it was time to fix supper. My husband, Al, would be home from work soon and my daughter, Lynnbeth would be home from Soccer practice soon. She is such an athlete. I always worry that some day an injury might end her career before she has a chance to have one. My son, Wilton, wasn't with us because he had been granted a scholarship to a boarding school. While I missed him terribly I would not place my needs ahead of his. Academically he was brighter than most of his peers even at his elite school. "He gets so restless here at home because he requires so much more of a mental challenge." I thought to myself. I continually am trying to find more information on what he can do to challenge himself when he is at home. Blessedly both children get along so well. I think it might have to do with the fact that they see each other one weekend a month and holidays.

As I was getting up from my well worn recliner I saw a car pull up outside the house that I didn't recognize. It looked like one I would call overly conspicuous.

As there were only four houses on our dead end block I was curious as to who might be getting company from someone in a car like that. As I saw three gentlemen head to my steps I began to worry. I looked down and saw I was wearing my normal clothes of a T-shirt and no bra, shorts and slippers. How embarrassed I was as I heard the knock at the screen door.

I took a deep breath and went to the door and saw through the screen what my rottweiler Ruby and my Yorkshire Terrier Delia were barking at. I sent them to the other room so I could inquire who the men on the other side of the door were. I was shown badges from all three and was told they were from the FBI. I peeked around them to see if any one of the neighbors was playing a prank on me.

I was not sure if my heart was going to leap out of my chest or not. I could not fathom why these men would be addressing me by name. "Mrs. Deetz we would like a few moments of your time if you don't mind?"

I motioned them into the entry way of my home. The dogs came flying back to see who these strange men were. Ruby and Delia both trying to act ferocious when neither of them really was.

When the next agent spoke he said "Would you like a job?"

"A what!" I gasped, wondering if I had fallen into an Outer Limits episode.

The agent with a mustache said, "We have found that you are a very inspired researcher. We need people like that and would like you to consider being one of our contract research analysts." They handed me an envelope and left me standing there with disbelief that they had really been there. I looked at my hand and in it was a manila envelope with my name written on it. Anna Deets. I set it down thinking this was some practical joke and continued to the kitchen to make dinner.

Lynnbeth ran in through the back door. I yelled "don't slam the door" as I heard it crash. She jogged up the five mudroom steps and laid her bag down to come sniff what I had in the pot. I had thrown together Stroganoff.

"Do you want it over rice, noodles or baked potato?" I asked her.

She smiled and said "You already know the answer to that." She was right, I did. She wanted it over noodles. She grabbed her bag and trotted up the stairs to her bedroom. I heard the shower start. I was waiting now for my husband to arrive from work. He was the owner of an electronics store. He had always had a passion for electronics so when his father passed away and left all of his kids $500,000 he opened one of his own.

I was just shaking out a head of lettuce to cut up for salad when I heard him coming in through the mud room. I heard shoes drop onto the mat and saw him as he rounded the corner and hopped up the stairs. He had been so happy since he opened Detonation. He came up to the stove and sniffed the pot just like Lynnbeth had. "How would you like your Stroganoff? With rice, noodles or potato?" He replied "You already know the answer to that."

And again I did. He wanted it on noodles also. This is why I had a pot boiling on the back of the stove. No matter how hard I tried some things would not be varied.

As Lynnbeth came back into the kitchen I handed her the dishes to set the table. She gave me the typical "Hmph" as she took them and set the dinner table. As she flipped her wet hair around she splashed me with little droplets and giggled, "Sorry mom."

That was one of our normal routines of the evening. Things in our house were so normal it was almost too normal. Right up until those men came up our steps and handed me that envelope.