Morass / Delighted Heart

I have spent most of my life looking through the peephole
but today was the day my heart escaped the bounds
of living within the worst lie that concurrently believed in
the only truth I was raised to postulate, and therefore I am now
able to walk among the roses that shake with joy in my presence.

And now that the morning begins earlier than I ever anticipated,
I am able to clearly understand that the world can elevate you
but then easily body slam you straight back into a new morass,
nevertheless, we are all foreordained for the most high someday
if we just refuse to skim the future and shed a redundant tear.

So now I unashamedly kick the barricading rocks out of my way and laugh
at those who say that their element is sensitive water and yet are
miraculously talented at starting an invidious fire because I know
they are not authentic and that it's not worth fire hosing their inferno,
henceforth all I ask my delighted heart to believe is that it can succeed far.