The Legacy Rebirth. Chapter 9

They had arrived within the hour of first dusk whence they came into sight of the cabin out in the Futama forest. Along a pathway of trees with a smoking fire coming from a chimeny a woman with tan skin can be seen brushing away at leaves with a broomstick. The womans name was Yuna. A well known wiccan for her young age and of these parts who shares in her ability of herbalism and knowledge of the unknown. To the tale of the Mystic Kings to the Joining of the Man.

Amanda, as she was dubbed by Jahubla and Sebastiano had recent thoughts of returning home and perhaps warning of her fellow village brethren of what had occurred to her, but with her suddenly in the hands of these mysterious gentlemen she couldn't help but feel skeptical of who they were.

A part of her felt as if they were in secret behind the disaster that had struck at her home. But something inside of the girl's soul told her this was an error and that she should put faith into the two men. For they will lead her to her answers.

Silly yes, but with the bizzare visit from the alleged goddess known as Insanity, the girl was having a hard time telling fact from fiction. To her this could all be but a dream and still in her bed at home. She pinched herself twice on that one. But still here she was.

"We're here, alright girl be on your best behavior now I'd hate regret taking you along with us." Jahubla says in his stern voice.

Amanda, as she'd gotten used to being called now simply nodded her head in response and awaited till the carriage was parked before the three of them exited the carriage.

In front of the trio the house looked welcoming with its pumpkins and smoking chiminy with a lady in the front waving her hand greetfully over to the three. With the sky already in its multi-color fixtures of pinks, violets, and light shades of orange and purple the three were quickly brought in by the lady by the Futama wilderness.

Yuna was the name of the mistress of the house. She carried dark wooden hair with brown skin and a wore the welcoming face of that of a grand mother. Her voice was cheerful and filled with pleasantry along with her smile. She wore a sagging brownish tan dress that fell to the floor, her wool shirt was covered by a leather vest and her hands snuggled by fingerless gloves made of cotton. She also wore glasses that deemed light even in the sunset.

"Thank you for allowing us in Yuna." Jahubla stated as he greeted her with a kind hand gesture in which the witch responded with a firm shake of her hand.

"Welcome all of you make yourselves comfortable in the living room and I'll prepare us some tea." Yuna says with an almost old lady kindness.

"That would be great." Sebastiano says.

The blonde haired girl that was Amanda looked to the ceiling upon entering the hut to look upon with great fascination over the various butterflies plastered onto the ceiling giving an engrossing applause of beauty with the floor being littered, neatly littered mind you, flower petals ov various sorts from red and white roses, to violets and orange colored beauties the teen girl couldn't recognize all too well. But regardless it didn't stop her from admiring the well put thought that it took into decorating the living room floor. Even the furniture was marvelous made of strong bark wood that looked to be a bright yellowish brown and the rocking chair made from a blood red wood.

The light that sourced throughout the house was of candles waxed from a grey source of candles that glowed lovingly through the house giving off an incredible aroma. It also made the light brown wood that was the wall look even more so beautiful with a soft lighting touch to the surface.

She especially loved how the-

"Hey quit day dreaming and sit down your blocking my view of the fire." Jahubla says shacking his head and looking to Sebastiano saying. "Women right?" He took the moment to remember that Amanda was a girl and corrected himself. "I mean girls." He says holding out his hand all femine like as if to mock the child.

Amanda sat down not wanting the mockery any further from Jahubla as she lead herself downwards into a soft coushined couch.

"So what brings you into my home young ranger from the capital?" Yuna asks carrying with her a tray of freshly brewed tea.

"I was tracking down some man who had attempted on the future kings life by order of our prince, tracked him down all the way to the Gretchen border where I found him attacking this here girl's household." Jahubla explains as he sips away at some tea. Sebastiano continues to do the same and then says.

"And I'm here because I'm being payed to take him places."

Yuna then looked to the girl.

"Hmm." She says looking at her.

"You have a very perculiar look about you, something of you speaks of something...marvelous and also murky." The witch by the woods says.

"If you'll allow me I'll love to take a look at your hands." The witch says.

"Why?" The girl asks to which the witch replies.

"Some look into crystals balls others look in the messages within their dreams, I look into the fate of one through their hands." Yuna says smiling warmly as she holds out her hands ready to take the young girls.

Shyly Amanda reached out her hands and allowed the witch to caress them into her hold. The witch proceeded to shut her eyes and hum to herself sweetly with a relaxing tune. The two stayed like that for half of a minute until finally the witch released the girl's hand and then said with regret. "I am sorry I am unable to look into ones fate such as yours for your path is murky and clouded by forces unknown."

Amanda looked down a little disappointed but then shrugged it off while saying with reassurance. "Its okay," And continued with. "I don't need to know my future anyways."

Yuna smiled and acknowledged back kindly. "A sensable person I see."

"We didn't come all this way for simpy greetings." Jahubla says.

"Ah but of course." Yuna says and walks over to her kitchen and from there she pulls out from a drawer a sack of peaches and another sack of apples with carrots.

She begins to walk back to the trio in her living room and says. "Here think of it as payment for aiding me from last time." Yuna says tossing the sacks to Jahubla, he caught the peaches but the other sack had hit the floor.

"Nice to see your reflexes are shaping up." Yuna says.

"Yeah whatever you just caught me off guard." Jahubla dismissess the claim of his reflexes slowing down.

"You know back on the range I would often talk along with some of my friends regarding the magnificence of the royal guard as well as the rangers who patrol and resource materials and mark down the territories." Sebastiano stops himself smirking. "But now I know all that magnificence is half horse shit."

Jahubla offended stated. "Mind your words, we rangers are the life blood of he kingdom and we do plenty of work that outs you and everyone else at what you do compared to us." Jahubla defends his postition as a ranger and a member of the Special Tasks Forces.

"Ha ha," Laughs Yuna.

"You men and your egos!" She laughs continuously.

"Tell me," Sebastian says interested in the witch. "Do you get many company out here?"

The witch sighed and said with a bit of a hallowed voice. "I don't regrettably I wish I did it gets lonely out here at times with only the animals who come by ever now and again to greet me and give company."

The witch was then silent for a quick while and then decided that for the best way to keep the small company amused, she'd quickly speak to them of an old story that was at once time thought of as history in the early ages of mankinds rise to power of the world and all of her continents.

"Here how about I tell you guys a story from one of the Ancient Books of Knowing?" The witch asked and everyone seemed interested.


"Sounds fun."

"If it can pass the time."

The wiccan smiled and then pulled from literally thin air with a whips of her archanic abilities a small book with old and long forgotten words of a long since dead language written at the topside cover.

"Shall we begin?" The witch asks and everyone nods and the witch begins to recite from an early passage from one of the books first chapters regarding the rise from the Shadow and the Corruption. In a clear voice that sounded off like a prayer that was recited through the ages the sorceress spoke in high clarity from the pages of the Ancient Books of Knowing.

The very story from one of the books reading as such.

Come now young reader and let me tell you a story, one long since told and re-told with various versions. You know this story well and you know it by heart. The story of man kinds rise and fall and surpassion against all things both darkness and light.

First came life, then came death and life again. From the first spirits who walked amongest the living to the birth of the first flame which allowed us to be guided through the dark.

We've walked in the shadows with the flames we carried close to our souls. With the nights end we began to give shape and constructed from the dawn of the sun. First came stone, then came iron until finally we grew strong in number and with power.

The castles we had built kept us safe from the monsters beyond our walls and we were able to exist in harmony.

But our nature as man forbid us so, with one man's peace there is always one who wished to steal it away for themselves.

Soon war erupted from the lands all of which strive for one thing, survival. Water, food, shelter...all these things more valuable than gold. All of this killed for time and again.

However, the lust for survival was nothing compared to what had come from the burrows of the Shadow. For it was from darkness mankind was born from. It was also what demons and monsters arose from as well.

Creatures of the dark arose as horrific beings crossbreed from animals and insects and unthinkable horrifics that still plague man to this day.

Rains of fire fell from the sky, oceans rose and swallowed lands. Kingdoms fell into the dust. And armies withered in agony as they triffled under the oppression of the dark forces of The Corruption.

But from the dark came a light.

A glimmer of hope wich shouted back at the evils we fear and they coward from this courage and strength.

Many had died for our age of existence to be free from such evil and we must live up to the memory of those who'd passed away in the fires of war.

May we never forget.

-A Memento To The Shadow War

By the time Yuna had finished her story the trio of company who'd come into her home had finished their tea.

"A good story," Amanda says. "How old is it?"

"Old." Jahubla says interrupting.

"He's right." Yuna replies. "Old as far back as the first kingdoms of man." The witch finishes.

They sat there comfortably for a good half of an hour, eating and drinking tea and freshly produced vegetables and fruits and even cookies.

It never quite acquired to the child yet but she felt the need to ask anyways. "Why is it that the forest by your house is both named the Fo-Han Forest and the Futama Forest?"

The witch smiled at the girl and replied. "To some this forest is and always will be of the Bo'Rakians sacred trees known as Fo-Han, but to us who've travled from the east and into this land its known as Futama. Boring history lesson short, a man named this land off of his old home town after it was burned down and after re-stablishing here. You can still see some of the old worn down buildings here that used to stand at this spot a century ago. That was until the forest itself grew tired of the abuse of its inhabitants."

The blonde haired child was left for a second with another question as to what Yuna meant, she then asked.

"What do you mean by that?"

Yuna responded with the best of her way of description. "The forest itself is alive, all things in this world live and die. When one life ends another takes its place, but that life isn't really gone, no its simply passed over back into the very earth that its been spawned from."

Yuna explains and the child is fascinated by the concept. She has more questions but knows that she can't spend the whole night asking Yuna to explain philosophy. She instead yawns her mouth with a covered hand, leans into a cushioned chair and begins to falls asleep.

"Its been a long day, perhaps we should retire. If you don't mind?" Jahubla asks politely.

"Of course not your guest under my home. Please let me show you to the guest room." The witch says and begins to lead the two men to their guest quarters.

Yuna was a lady of kindness who was willing to give a welcome smile to all who she met, she possessed a nature of giving and taking in strays who needed the aid of someone. She was always willing to give a comb of honey along with a glass of milk with hot tea and a fresh meal to weary slaves on the runaway from the capital city and sold off some of her herbs to the rangers who ventured beyond the safety of the capital city to deliver food and other nourishment to the other far out settlements.

She led Jahubla and Sebatiano both to a guest bed room that shared a double bed post and had a book laying by the cupboard for any late night readers. The bedroom was of blue curtains and a red rug with brown wooden flooring, there was no window but there was a small fire and criminy.

"You have done a good service." Jahubla thanks Yuna to which she replies with a nod and responds.

"I'm a kind woman looking after those who come within her arms reach granting what peace I can."

The woman then pointed to the small basket by the fire. "Some snacks if your hungry, the two of you get some while you can. You'll have a long day tomorrow." Yuna says as she leave the two to ready themselves for rest.

Yuna leaves for outside where she greets the carriage driver of the stage coach and offers him what warmth her home had, to which the driver declined stating that he should stay guard over his horses. The woman then nodded her head in a short bow and turned to go see the large elephant that served as a pet to the young golden haired girl.

Yuna pulls from her pocket a small green apple and the elephant snorts it up into her trunk and places the fruit into her mouth chewing it in one big bite. The woman patted the creature on the head and then turned to go into her house leaving the elephant and the carriage master to the outdoors.

Amandathrine slept for what felt like only seconds when she had waked up from a bleak dark dreamless sleep. She looks around and sees herself in a dark spacious void, wondering if she really awoke from her slumber. She found herself with a dry throat and lusted after water or anything to fill her mouth and relieve the dryness itching her inside mouth.

Rising up from her slumber the girl wondered if Yuna would be at all offended if she'd help herself to whatever liquids she had stowed away in her cabinets. The girl thought for a second and realized she was a guest here and if a guest was thirsty it was the duty of the host to provide with whatever they could. As was custom. Moving off of the sofa the girl wondered off with her vision in darkness, she played out where she was leading herself in her mind and used her other senses to guide her. She finds herself at last in the kitchen as she could tell because of her memory of arriving here. She searches for someplace to where she would find the sink and get from there water, she'd drink from the faucet.

She finds her way to the sink and she moves her hands around until finally she finds the lever for the water and begins to pull at it releasing some water, moving her mouth down to meet the semi warm/cold water. Her lips kiss the glistening water that brightly shines even in the dark and she sips with slurping watery sounds escaping her mouth as she gulps down five drinks of water. She feels her throat clear and her thirst is quenched. She leaves the faucet turning off the water and slowly shifts through the house in search for the sofa where she can return to another dreamless slumber. For some reason she found herself thinking of her elephant Alma. The large creature was sleeping outside and she wondered if she should go out and meet her. But then realized that Alma was fine outside alone even though she wasn't back in her little hut made of stray and hay that her master had built her along with her father.

The girl manages to find her boots standing on the wooden bearing of the living room and the girl plays out the inner structure of the house in her mind memorizing where it was the sofa was sitting. the girl shuffles forward until her boot taps against a sofa made of soft cushions.

She didn't hear him, she didn't even know he was there. But when he pulled out his blade and it shined in the darkness like the moon and the blade was only inches before her the girl let out a terrified scream of shock as she was approached from behind a man in dark clothing.

"Shame your here little dove, I hate killing pretty." The man says as he grabs Amandathrine's mouth keeping her from screeching further. Her eyes widen as the blade is only a inch from her face and blood spills forth.

She doesn't scream, she only falls to the ground.

Scared and shocked at the same time and looking up to see the man stand their dumbly like a statue for a quick second before falling forward onto the sofa with a arrow sticking out from his back.

"We're under attack!" Jahubla shouts as he pulls another arrow from his sack that he has thrown over him. He readies another arrow just as Sebatiano comes out from the hall with his rifle loaded and aimed.

"Hold all of you before you get us all killed." Yuna says coming out from almost nowhere holding up her hands and forcing Sebastiano's gun down with her hand. She points to Jahubla and commands him to set his arrow away.

There is an exit through the back, its a tunnel and should lead you away from this shenanigans I suggest you take it and run as far as your feet take you." Yuna says.

"But what about you?" Amandathrine asks.

"I'll be fine girl. You three leave while you can. God to the Black Lands it is there you'll learn the meaning of whats been set in motion."

For a quick moment Amandathrine is reminded of the strange woman she had seen in her dream and then with no control over herself asks.

"How do you know?"

Without answering Yuna points her finger down her hallway and says. "Through the wall, go I'll stall them."

Without arguing Jahubla grabs Amandathrine by the arm and leads her as well as Sebastiano to the hall without turning back to see Yuna walking to her front porch. As they reach the wall Jahubla pushes at the small cracks that form a square in the wall.

Jahubla is first to go in as he pulls Amandathrine in with him second and last Sebastiano. The tunnel stretches on and on, the darkness seems unbreakable as they travel through the dark which seems almost alive and hungry to swallow them whole. The moment they break free from the pitch darkness they see the faint blue and yellow orange rays of sunrise coming. The three of them walk up above a hill to on look over the hut that they see just below the hillside of the forest.

"What about her?" Amandathrine asks looking to Jahubla.

"We do nothing." He responds to her looking at the hut just laying in the sun as the three watch five grown men gather around the hut. One of them steps forward and holds up his hand and without any warning of any kind a large ball of fire extends from his palms shattering the house. He then turns to the woman who is at his side who is simply standing there calmly. The man then pulls from his waist a large pistol and aims his flintlock towards the woman who steps away in terror and screams a deathly scream as the pistol is then fired.

The woman who was in the way of his flintlock falls to the earth clutching her stomach and looks above to meet her killer. There is nothing but silence on Amandathrine, Sebatiano and Jahubla's end as they fall in silence.

The man who seems to be the leader of the group slids his pistol away and looks away from the burning hut he and the five others turn to open air and with a whisk of ones hands a dark vortex appears and from its radiating pulsing darkness a large ghostly looking horse arises. Its ghostly white and blue form can be seen through with large and beastly red eyes that shine like a fire of blood. The one who summoned the ghostly horse mounts the phantom steed and brings up the leader with him pulling his comrade above the hide of the horse with a mighty tug.

The leader looks to his followers and seems to utter some orders to them as he then rides off with his companion upon their horse.

"Come now there is nothing we can do." Jahubla says as he turns away as does Sebatiano but Amandathrine stays their looking at the burning hut, a sudden realization hitting her.

Alma! Where is Alma!

The girl looked around and could see from her birds eye view that the carriage that she as well as her companions rode in was no longer, it had been broken to bits and its horses slewed. The driver was sprawled out on the ground looking chopped up but nowhere Alma could be found.

"Maybe she got away." Amandathrine hoped.

She turned around not wanting to look at the burning hut no longer, just thinking about it made her stomach queasy and her mind all hallow like it was ready to pass out. She ended up thinking of home and of mum and dad. She remembered their love and of their cooking and shelter. She thought on about this for as long as she could until happy thoughts turned to sad ones at realizing that home was a smoldering ruin. She wondered about her friends, what did they think of her. Were they worried and if so would they go out looking for her? She thought about Madness the goddess who visited her and of her strange and unique inability of being killed. She prodded on and on until her mind ceased thinking all together and she found herself falling to the ground, her mind throbbing and her stomach turning inside out. Her vision blackens the moment she sees herself falling to the earth.

Reopening her eyes the girl sees herself laying in the dirt, her eyes slither from left to the center and she pushes at the dirt to rise above from the grass that causes her chin to itch from the pointy grass ends. As she stands up she looks around and sees that everything appears differently, the sky is dark blue and the Brother Moons are out along with the Sun Mother being blocked by one of the Brother Moons.

She dosen't ponder on about this for it was normal during this time of session with the alignment of the moons and the sun. The girl finds herself just walking dumbly. She looked around to see Jahubla or Sebastiano anywhere but could not see them. The woods were long and stretching high above her small body.

She turned around and realized with a very scary revelation that she was alone.

"Guys!" She cries out.

"Where are you?" She continues.

How did I become lost?" She wonders as she looks around wondering why on this earth she would be abandoned. First came worry, second came relief. She was free of the two thankfully and now she was herself again. But a problem arose inside of the girl, she was so far from home, she had the strange too real dream of a goddess she never heard from before and was completely lost with a pack of magic wielders who just killed a woman and burned down her home. The girl's eyes felt sore as she thought about her own home, she felt a grieving pain inside of her small heart and she felt the need to be held by her parents once more to cleanse this ache she felt inside of her. With a wipe of her watery eyes the girl sniffled and then continued onward.

"have to be strong." She told herself as she looked down cast.

She looks around until finally she sees someone before her. A large man wearing a rough leather tarp around his loin with an exposed chest wielding a large hammer in one hand with hair the color of the sun.

To the Black Lands you must go and find there an ally who'll aid you with all his soul. Ha, ha that rymed!

Spoke the ambiguous voice of Madness goddess of Insanity.

"Hello kid." Jahubla says shaking Amandathrine awake from her sleep.

Amandathrine says nothing nor does she try to rise she only lays there her head against a soft cushioned round pillow with he body laying on a mat. She looks around and sees Sebastiano sitting by a fire feeding "Alma!" Amandathrine nearly screeches as she rises up to go meet her large grey friend. She embraces the large tusked creature with a warming embrace and feels her large trunk wrap around the girl as if to hug her. Jahubla gives a slight chuckle and says.

"We found her after you passed out on us. Damn creature must of some psycho link to you or some mystic bond or such another thing."

Sighing Amandathrine looked to the small bed roll. She wasn't at all tired but her body for some reason or another felt like it was deprived of rest. She moves to the bedroll and flops down into the cushioned roll mat that catches her and she sinks into the sleep mat. Her thin body coiling and her eyes focusing to the above stars that lay as an ocean of flaming blackness with torchlights guiding those trapped in the eternal dark sea.

What are these dreams I carry? She asks herself as she sits there thinking and her mind trecking off. She only stares blankly for a bit as her mind goes dull and her whole being is transpired off and away. This was called meditation. When the mind leaves and the body rest, its almost like sleeping where your not really sleeping. You are conscious but also shut off from the world in a plain of nothing. For lack of a better words your almost playing dead like this but always when you are finished with your meditation you feel rejuvenated and more alive than before. A new force is found inside of you that leaves you feeling powerful. Amandathrine found this out to be true, every time she did it without falling asleep it made it so she never had to actually sack out in order to regain her strength. She liked meditation and all of its returning benefits.

She could fly in her deep thinking, soar above the clouds and forget about seeing Yuna's hut burn to ash. She didn't have to worry about the affairs of anyone else she could just fly. And fly she did. Past clouds and deep into the black sea above the sky's blue frame.

Amandathrine had learned this skill from a book she came across detailing the lives of the Sands People in the Desert Oasis region. A mysterious people whom nobody could fully understand or distinguish fact from fiction about their cryptic origins and lifestyles. She continued on with this to the point where her mind lingered back to the man in her strange dream with the Moon Brothers blocking out the Sun Mother.

"To the Black Lands." The girl whispers and drifts off to sleep.