In white I'd fall into your hands
Bliss would cloud my mind
And in this tantalizing dance
I'd be happy, I'd be blind

Then darkness falls upon your face
And rain drips from my eyes
An agonizing, taunt-full space
will slowly start to rise

This wishful state inside my head
Is just a silly dream
There's such a mournful day ahead
My body starts to scream

Why can't we have what I dream of?
Dear stars, dear, earth, dear all
If there's a power up above
Then watch me beg and crawl

Should I bind myself to this?
And hope it all goes well
Beg misery will turn to bliss
instead of burning hell?

It's really not that much I want
just dreams and love and life
but always will this shadow haunt
why is it such a strife?

A miracle would do me fine
A smile across his face
good health would make him shine
And we'd be in our place

Then I will ask and he reply
That yes, now we can dream
Then we will dance and we will fly
Against that dreary stream

Finally his strength returns
With freedom close behind
Oh, look at how my heart burns
And watch our lives entwine

In white I'd lean towards his arms
And finally I'd rest
Basking in his gorgeous charms
- Look, We passed the test