Chapter 2

Strolling into the convenience store I smiled politely at the cashier. He was clearly in the poor walks of life, ragged shirt, crappy tattoo's, and really messy hair. I suppose he thought he'd look cool but all I could think was that he had gotten smacked upside the head with a hair brush. Oh well, to each their own I suppose. Still he was do able if you're into pale and skinny I guess. I'm more of a muscles girl myself but hey if it gets you laid go for it.

Grabbing a Dr. Pepper off the shelf I took it up to the counter and set it in front of the man before bending down very slowly to get a Twix. Sugar was something I sorely missed in Haven, and I was going to have these sweets even if it killed me.

Standing back up I gave the man the biggest, innocent, most sexy look I could possibly muster before saying, "a man in a ski mask mugged me down the street. I don't have any money but is there any way I can have these. I'll pay you back some how, I swear it."

I waited for a moment, with my eyes as big as saucers, and my boobs only barely staying in my top. Ah the beauty of being a girl. I've seen this game done by girls of all different shapes and sizes, and lets just say men are morons.

The cashier slowly went redder and redder as I watched him. I could damn near see his blood rushing south as I stood poised to perfection. I could see Eirik outside of the shop out of the corner of my eye almost laughing which always happened when I deployed this trap. I hadn't paid for a meal in years.

"Ummmm... Just take it," the man finally managed to say. "I'll make it look like I rung it in. It's no big deal."

"Oh thank you," I exclaimed before scribbling a number on the boys hand. "If you ever need something that pays better just call that number. He'll help you out." The number was for one of the men in my 'HR' department who found new talent. If this boy could be useful I'd take him on. Besides I didn't know how big or small my operation currently was thanks to a year in the slammer for trafficking.

Grabbing the pop and chocolate bar off the counter I left the shop with a sway in my stride. Shoving the chocolate bar in my pocket I smiled at Eirik before heading off to an apartment complex. The building was twenty stories of lowlife apartments but it was the perfect place to watch the Russian Cartel take on the Filii Mortis. It was about ten blocks from where I left the Range Rover, and since I love my cars more than I could love a child it was hopefully far enough away to not be destroyed. Plus I was pretty attached to Eirik so he should be safe as well.

Looking up at the building I realized the only way I was going to get to the roof would be via the fire escape which was always risky. The fire escapes were intentionally built so that people couldn't break into apartments through the windows which meant I had to make it to the second floor without assistance. Maybe I should have brought Eirik. I could have stood on his shoulders and reached without to much of a problem. Well this should get interesting at least.

Tucking the bottle of Dr. Pepper into my coat pocket I walked to the far side of the alley. If I could get a good run up there was a crack in the brick work that I could get my fingers into and give myself the leverage to grab the ladder.

Taking a deep breath I readied myself before running straight at the wall. My feet got me there, and I managed the step up I needed. Unfortunately as I grabbed the hole in the wall my foot slipped, and I fell with my hand still stuck in the small hole.

My body dropped as my feet scrambled for anything they could get a hold of. I fell from the wall in the most pathetic of manners, my shoulder twisting at a bad angle as my hand caught briefly in the brickwork.

Landing on my butt with a resounding thud, I let out a string of curses that would make a trucker proud. My shoulder burned, and my butt hurt more than I'd care to say but all in all I was fine. Nothing near the amount of pain from being stabbed in the shower or shot in a turf war. Still, it hurt.

"How in the hell does Batman do all those things?" I asked the darkness around me. "Maybe he drugs the Robins. Just puts steroids in their water."

"Batman why is my voice so deep all of a sudden?" I asked myself in a low male voice.

"Puberty..." I responded to my question with a different male tone, sounding sceptical.

"I hit puberty three years ago and my voice never dropped this low," back to the Robin voice.

"I don't know. I'll run some super overly expensive tests on you to find out what's wrong and maybe convert it into a weapon to confuse the unjust because I'm Batman, and the multi-billionaire Bruce Wayne," once again pretending to be Batman.

"JUSTICE!" was the word I finally finished my improvised conversation with as a flexed my arms to fake being one of the extreme body builders who give me the creeps. I really needed to lay off the super hero movies.

With my stupid conversation with myself as two people who are not me, which sounds crazier than I would like, coming to a close I stood up from my spot on the ground.

Looking around I had to figure out a way to get up to that fire escape. There wasn't much around except for a few garbage cans, some ooze and stray cats. It took a second to sink in but I did manage to realize I could climb on the garbage can, jump up and grab onto the fire escape. God I was dense some days.

Grabbing one of the garbage cans I hauled it under the edge of the fire escape before climbing on top. Readying myself I jumped straight up and managed to grab a hold of the last step on the ladder. My shoulder protested given that I had already done a number on it with the whole 'lets run up the wall like batman' thing. Still I managed to pull my self up and just as I was about to grab the next step what ever was holding the ladder up broke sending the ladder and myself plummeting to the ground as fast as gravity could manage.

This time I landed on my feet but it still burned like I had fallen from the fifth floor. Clearly I needed to get back into the swing of things before taking down any one but at least I hadn't landed in a puddle of mysterious alley ooze. That was a bonus considering my luck today. And the garbage can had fallen to the wayside when I jumped off of it so I did not land on that either.

Scaling the ladder, with only minor difficulty considering that both falls had done a number on my shoulders, I made it to the second floor and began to run the stair. I say began because I only ran to the tenth floor before saying "screw it" and walking the rest of the way. It had been a year since I had to deal with even the concept of stairs so running twenty stories was not about to happen.

It took a bit but eventually I made it to the top of the building, with my pop and my chocolate bar might I add. So I went to the northern side of the building and sat upon the ledge. The show had already begun as gas grenades and smoke bombs filled the street with smoke. Hopefully it would clear and they would make their way west to where I was sitting or I would have to go running across the roof tops to get a better view. Still I needed a breather from all those freaking stairs.

Opening my chocolate bar I took a bite only to hear a male voice behind me saying, "you know Twix are meant to be shared. It's kind of depressing to eat one alone don't you think?"

"Not at all. Chocolate makes me feel better than any man ever has," I quipped as I turned my head around to see exactly who the mysterious voice belonged to. To my complete and utter horror my eyes came to rest on Nero in all his muscled glory. Bad first day out of jail if I get my brains blown out. But I'm a 'petty' criminal who was unaffiliated when I went to jail. Maybe he won't recognize me. Or maybe he will push me down into the streets below. Fingers crossed that he doesn't have a clue who I am.

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