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Chapter 6

I scoured the large lounge looking for anyone remotely within the parameters of my ideal man, but was stuck with nothing. It wasn't that there were no men there, they were just not what I wanted. These men were to... weak. They looked like business men or drug dealers, but none of them looked like they could stand their own.

Don't let it be said that I don't like easy prey because trust me, I do, but tonight I needed something challenging. A man who wasn't constantly surrounded by girls since they were to scared to approach him. Or if he was surrounded by girls he wasn't buying them drinks to just get them drunk enough to sleep with him. No. This man would have to be a tough catch.

Feeling a tap on my shoulder I turned my head to find a short old man at face level with my breasts. Jumping back a foot I scowled at the man rather irritated at his actions; though I knew that would prove that I am, in fact, a hypocrite. Just a few hours ago I had willingly bent over to in front of an only mildly attractive cashier to get a pop and chocolate bar for free, and now I was in a bar scowling at a man who was admiring my 'goods.' Still, I had a perfectly good reason for my behaviour which is: I was drunk, and he was OLD. Not like forties old like eighty something with a wedding ring, a gold chain with a cross hidden in his chest hair, and a look that was so creepy he reminded me of Herbert from Family Guy.

"Aren't you a fine piece of eye candy," he told me in a voice with a surprisingly low timber.

Smiling back awkwardly I took a step back and replied, "I don't always look like this. Usually I have a moustache and an Adam's apple, but I just had my surgery and thought I'd take my new parts out for a spin."

If that didn't work I would have to resort to throwing a drink in his face, and running like a saloon girl from an old western movie. Fortunately though the thought of me being a man seemed to put the creeper in his place as he quickly excused himself and left me for some other, easier prey. Maybe a girl with daddy issues. I might have been a stripper at one point, but I never had daddy issues; I just liked the reassurance that I was the hottest girl those men had ever seen. Plus the pay was great, and my narcissism got a daily reminder of how good I look naked. Or mostly naked. Depended on the club.

Heading towards the dance floor I spotted a rather muscular man flirting with the brave few who dares to approach him. He was a big guy to be sure, but I was more than willing to bet that he didn't have an inch of fat on that muscular body of his. Creeping closer I got a better look at his facial features, and hot damn I was back in business. The man had a square jaw line which was always one of my weaknesses not to mention those amazingly bright blue eyes, and dark hair. Oh that man would be my prize tonight.

Striding over to him I walked directly in between him and the girls he was talking to and simply stated, "I'm Anna. You wanna buy me a drink?"

The man looked from me to the girls he was originally talking to before ordering me a shot of whiskey and saying, "Dominic. Though I just go by Dom. You interfered with my conversation you know."

"If it was that important you wouldn't be buying me a drink," I retorted with a smile and a wink.

Dom gave me a shrug of sorts and asked, "so what are you here for?"

Clearly this man was here for more than just a good time, or at least expecting a hassle if my flirtations were being misconstrued. It is possible that my flirtations were taken as such because I walked up to him on a mission, but I couldn't be sure so I went to the stand-by of being as coy as possible.

"Well I'm here for a good time," I teased as I ran my fingers through my long locks. "I was hoping a man as handsome as yourself would be able to help me have one." Clearly the drinks I had were starting to take effect, and as the shot of whiskey was placed in front of me I realised this was probably not one of my better ideas. Still I picked up the shot and tossed it back, feeling it burn its way down my throat.

"A good time is it?" Dom teased as he raised a cocky eyebrow at me. "Well I was working on a three-some, and you have busted that up."

Now it was my turn to be sarcastic, "with those girls? You would have been lucky to escape with only a minor STI. I can't imagine what two of them would do to you. But If you want a couple of hallways then be my guest."

I went to leave but Dom asked me, "hallways?" before I had even completely gotten off my stool.

"Yes, a hallway," I replied as I turned back to face him. "Every one has been in her. Would you prefer a bowling ball? Fingered and left in the gutter? Or perhaps a Hobby Horse if you don't get modern euphemisms? Though I guess you can always go home alone and Jerk the Gherkin."

"You like euphemisms don't you?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Well its better than saying 'fuck me or you can go home and jack off by yourself,'" I retorted as I placed a hand on my hip to emphasize my terrible flirting.

As I smiled at him I became aware that the alcohol had slowly taken effect and my legs wobbled on the high heels causing me to step back, and attempt to steady myself. My lack of time in heels betrayed me as I felt my ankle roll, and my body dropped. As I braced myself for the inevitable collapse on the floor the handsome, young man I was talking to grabbed me, and pulled me close on what seemed to be instinct.

Dom let me go as soon as I caught my balance, "and here I thought trannies knew how to walk in a set of heels."

"You heard that huh?" I questioned as my ears went red.

"Oh yeah," he said. "And how long did you plan on keeping that lie going?"

"Until I met someone hot enough to tell the truth to."

"Well then I want proof," Dom teased, "at least two pieces of identification that include: birth certificate, drivers license, passport or social security card."

"Well I don't have any of those except my license which has a picture so horrendous I wouldn't even show it to the cops," was my reply to his desire for proof of my womanhood. "However we can sneak into a backroom, and I can show you just how much of a woman I am." I smiled at him. Then the next two hours became a frustrating black out. What ever happened I would never know.

Snapping out of my stupor I became aware that I was on the back of a motorcycle in a leather jacket and helmet that were not mine, and I was holding onto the waist of a man that I was hoping was Dom or at least someone attractive.

We had pulled up to my building and he pulled into the underground garage before the man parked the bike. I hopped off the motorcycle and tried desperately to remember what had happened for the past couple hours but there were only hazy patches where I remembered flirting and making out in an alley before I convinced Dom to come home with me. Not one of my worst evenings if I'm being honest but not exactly my best either.

Smiling at the man who was getting off the bike I was relieved to see Dom and not some ugly stranger. At least drunk me only had him parking in the regular parking area not underground where my vehicles were. Pulling off the bike helmet I handed it to him before leading him towards an elevator for the normal people. I was surprised as soon as the doors closed when Dom pushed me against the wall with a smirk just before his lips met mine.

Wrapping a leg around his waist I pulled him closer enjoying the way his rough hands held my upper arms lightly while his lips pressed against mine. This was definitely something I missed while I had been locked up.

As the doors opened on the fifteenth floor I cursed and grabbed his hand before jogging down the hall to the other elevator. The down side of living in the 'penthouse' was that only one elevator actually reached to top and so when we parked in the normal garage we had to switch elevators to get to my room, and I had to type in my password while Jason kissed his way down my neck in a distracting manner. I had lost my shoes at some point during the evening so running down the halls bare footed was much easier than running in heels.

As the doors to the second elevator closed I found myself once again thrown against the wall of the elevator by my new friend. I gasped and pulled him to me, allowing his tongue into my mouth as we waited to hit the top floor.

The doors sprung open and I jumped out of there like a rabbit being chased by a fox with Dom getting dragged along for the ride. I was determined to break in that new bed, even though the elevator had been a steamy scene.

With my hand bundled in his shirt, Dom was pulled along behind me and he didn't seem to have any fight in him; probably because he knew I was a sure thing at this point.

Walking into my bedroom, I spun Dom around and pushed him down on the bed so he was laying on his back. The sexy man propped himself up on his elbows and watched in delight as I tossed off his leather jacket before I slowly peeled of my shirt to expose my black, lace bra. Bending over slowly I slid my skirt off to show the lace thong that matched my bra which received a groan of appreciation from my guest.

Climbing on top of the man I had brought home I straddled his waist where I began to slowly grind against his manhood that was trapped in his jeans. Leaning down I kissed him passionately as his hands ran up my curves feeling every inch of me that he could reach without leaving my lips. Dom's hands stopped as they slid up from my hips to caress my breasts. I moaned softly as his lips left mine to make their way down my neck and along my collar bone, where he kissed and nipped at the soft flesh eliciting moans of pleasure from my lips.

My hands slid down his chest and tugged at the hem of his shirt in an attempt to remove it. Dom was so well built that the shirt was hard to pull off him so he propped himself up on his elbows to help me. As the shirt slid off him my body announced that I had to have him now by my ears turning bright red while I looked upon one of the most gorgeous men I had ever seen. He was in such good shape I could have swore I felt myself get pregnant just by looking at him. Dom did however have a lot of scars but that was nothing I couldn't get past. After all women love men with scars right?

Bending back down I kissed my way down his body, my brain on complete autopilot as I licked and nibbled every inch of flesh I could. As I reached his pants my heart began to race. I caressed his member gently through his jeans, watching as he fought back a moan. Slowly my hands undid his jeans, waiting for the moment he was free of confinement. As I slid the pants off Dom, I smiled at him before climbing up to straddle his waist once more.

"What you went through all that and you're not going to at least lick him?" Dom asked in a sarcastic tone. "I've been tricked!"

"I never blow a first date," I teased with my affinity for puns. "That would be another time if you're any good tonight."

"Any good?" Dom repeated to me, offended. "I'm much better than just 'good.'" With that Dom rolled on top of me before kissing me heatedly.