Under The Bed

The little boy cowered under his covers. His parents had told him he was safe. They told him there was no such thing as monsters. But he knew better. Monsters did exist, and there was one under his bed right now!

A horrible sucking sound beneath him confirmed his fear. He didn't know why, but he had to look down to see what was making that sound. So, trying not to make any noise, he slowly poked his head out from under the covers, looked down, and had to stifle a scream at what he saw.

A hideous green and yellow tentacle with large suckers was poking out from under the bed! It moved around, feeling the floor around the bed, probably hoping to grab him the minute he got off the bed to go potty or run to his parents room. The tentacle raised itself up and touched his mattress, and he dived under the covers again. What could he do?

He thought of hiding under the covers all night. But the way it was feeling around, it might reach up, grab him and pull him under the bed to eat him. Should he call for his parents? No, the monster would just hide and they'd never believe him. Turning on the light might destroy the monster, but the monster could get back under the bed in time and then eat him when the light was turned back off. He doubted his parents would let him leave the light on for the rest of his life. He had another plan, but he had to be brave.

Carefully, he reached for the baseball bat he kept within arms length on the other side of the bed. Quickly he grabbed it without the monster noticing. Clutching the bat, he moved to where the monster was. By this time it had pulled its entire self out from under the bed. It looked at him with its many eyes, moved its tentacles and opened its mouth which was full of razor sharp teeth! The little boy was terrified, but he swung the bat at the monster and…..


The monster screamed, waking himself up. His buddy, a purple monster with black spots, also woke up with a start. "Dude, why did you have to burst my eardrums at three o' clock in the morning?" he complained. "Sorry." the first monster said, embarrassed. "But I had the worst dream. I dreamed I came out from under the bed to get a snack and the boy above the bed swung a baseball bat right at my head!" The purple and black monster rolled his eyes. "Dude, you have got to stop eating moldy nachos before bed. Go back to sleep!"

On top of the bed: "MOMMY! The monster under my bed is screaming again!"