CG Spot

I can't see too well!
There's spots on my eyes.
Don't know where they came from!
I used to see, fine.
Still got quite a knack!
For seeing through the lies.
Almost as if in spite!
Of the fucking spots on my eyes.

I've got spots on my eyes.
But that don't make me blind.
I've still got my pride.
And unlike them I've got a spine.

In class I tapped my pencil,
Drew on my tests they don't know why.
I'd rather read a novel!
Than allow them to change my mind.
So they gave my Mom a bottle,
Of capsules labelled, "CG 202".
I don't know what stands for!
But I've an idea or two.

I've got spots on my eyes!
Victim of creative genocide.
Done so much shit to my mind!
But only assured me of my side.

Spots go away!
Come again another day!
Don't want you to stay!
Think I'm through with being raped.