how to make me fall in love with you

tell me what song you listen to at midnight, when everyone else is asleep

tell me that one line that makes you dream of the future, that fills you with impossible possibilities

tell me of the feeling you get when you wake up at 3 a.m., when you feel as if the stars have aligned over your bed

show me your favorite movies, show me the scene that always makes you cry

show me your deepest fears and darkest dreams, ones that have never seen the light

sit with me on a rainy sunday afternoon, talking about nothing and everything

tell me about that one summer that gives you a feeling inside that is impossible to describe

tell me of when you were 8 and wished to travel among the stars

tell me of when you were 14 and realized that you never would

sit with me in your childhood bedroom, reading your favorite bedtime story to me

let me see you in an empty room, painting your story upon the walls

and maybe, just maybe

one day i will pick up a brush

and join you.