" No! you can't leave…" Tears ran down the my face as I held my older brother's bloody body tightly to my chest. " You promised…you promised…." As the tears started to soak my face. As drops formed at my chin and dripped on to the mixer of the blood and sweat I looked into my brother's eyes and shook my head.

Slowly and shaky a man's large hand moved off the ground to my cheek. " Hey now, why is my lovely little sister crying?" a harsh cough came from the young man who was no older then 20, as he gently pressed his hand to the my wet face. " little sissters shouldn't- " just as he began to speak another around of pain shoot through his fading body causing him to couch up blood..

" Big brother!" Quickly holding his hand to the dampness of my cheek I noticed the heat that always surrounded him was slowly fading and I didn't know what to do and it scared me… I never thought that the visit that I had been planning for a year would end up like this… Oh wait maybe I she start from the beginning.

Hi my name is Alexis Ann, and this is the story on how my life was turned upside down, and why I'm sitting on the ground holding the fading body of my older brother, waiting for the paramedics.

_72 hours ago_

"Yay!" I was so excited to be going to Virginia for summer and spend it with my big brother. " Watch out Jackass little sis is coming to town and if you mess with my older brother I'll make it my job to give you a good old fashion Texas ass whopping." I thought to myself as a smile crossed my face. As I started to walk around my small apartment coming from my room you can hear, "Ohhh Ohhh, here she comes. Ohh Ohhh here she come, she'll chew you up. Ohh Ohh she's a maneater.." I ran to my bed and snitched up my phone just seconds before it get off. Quickly pressing the answer I could here my good friend Jade on the other end. " Is it about the wedding again girl?" I tried hard to hold my laugh back but I couldn't, because just as I finish saying it without missing a beat Jade smarted back.

"No I'm just calling to see if you was alive seeing how your such a kiltz…..Here's your sign." nothing else had to be said and we both busted into a laughing fit. " Okay, okay.." trying to catch our breath, Jade thought it was time to speak up and tell everything she had figured out about what was going to happen.

~few minutes later~

" That sounds perfect for a vintage wedding like your planning." a sigh filled the dark room that I called my bed chambers. I chuckled to myself while I tried to remember the raise I called it that, but I gave up when Jade snapped me out of my thoughts.

" So I'll talk to you when you get back from your trip?" she said with a small trace of worry.

"Yeah don't worry Jade I'll be in good hands, remember I'm going to go see Dante…." hoping that would ease her nerves a little.

"Yeah I know, but people are still after him and all and since you're his little sister they'll deftly try something…" she sighed and I had a feeling she was giving those -and don't tell me you can handle it- look she always did.

"Jade trust me I'll be okay….okay?" rolling my eyes as she agreed and said her good bye before hanging up the phone.

I throw my phone onto the bed and looked at the mirror that hid my closet.. Okay so I was that pretty, my mid back long black hair did nothing I wanted it to when it came to straightening it, but put it up in the so call "bee hives" I hair never moved or fell out. I was taller then most girls in my family and school I'm now about 6 feet tall, and 6'4" when I wore my wedges. Unlike most my family's Blue eyes mine are green hazel witch means they tend to change colors sometimes. Oh yeah my names Alexis Ann a 18 year old high school grad that's going to see her older brother. I'm also a will know 50's-60's Rockabilly Pin up.