Once again the sounds of dog's barking woke me up but this time it was one of those I'll tear your face off kinds of bark but a lets play bark. So the boys must have been playing with them in the yard so I got up and walked to the bathroom, after using the restroom I splashed cold water on my face and washed up. When I walked into the kitchen I could see the boys playing tug-of-war so I decided to start breakfast so it would be done by the time that everyone came in hunger. Just like I thought I was like bees to flowers when I started to seat the table. "Morning boys!" smiling and laughing they both give me a hug and sat down and waited for me but I sat the dogs food down so they could eat. "So Tony do you have work today?" I questioned him as I placed the food on the table, "This morning we have blue berry and strawberry pancakes sweet tea and beacon on the side." Smiling I sat in-between them both and started to eat as we talked about what was on today's to-do list..

"Sorry about not being able to stay but work calls." We hugged and he went to clean up so I turned to Dante and looked at him.

"\after I clean up I want to take a look at those stitches please?" I asked as pointed at him with a piece of beacon. "Okay." once again the reluctant Dante just sighed and nodded his head in agreement.

"just don't do what you did yesterday again-" I didn't him finish.

"No I'm not going to let it slide while I'm here. I know where that gun is and I know how to use it, and by god I'm going to. It's about damn time someone should them there place and if I have to do it I'm going to add it to my to-do list. It got silent when Tony opened and shut the door to leave for work.

"Anyway we need to go to town." I smile at him and he only sighs in return like always.

"You have to promise you stay with me…and do what I say…Okay?" He said surprising me, usually he'd say no and I'd have to sneak out anf meet up with Tony to get some MUCH need shopping done before breakfast.

"Okay!, but we have to match!-" giggling "-so that means! MONTAGE" I stood up and ran to his closet and quickly got to work.

"Sis…" slowly and nervously he walked into his room, while I was holding up a pair of blue jeans and one of his MANY black shirts. On the verge of giving up I hung my head but a cherry red shirt caught my eye so I dropped the black shirt and through the pant's at Dante, carelessly he caught them so I didn't worry about them getting dirty. "Sis come on why do we need to match?" As I went through the stack of cloths to get to the red shirt.

"YES! This, and this please these!" I jumped happily around as I got all the clothing and shoes laid out for him. "Add this here, and these here and it should go perfect I'm my Cherry dress, the red stilettos had brought with me and my cute new little earrings and necklace; I bought last week." With a big smile I turned to Dante to see him trying not to laugh.

"Sis go get cleaned up and I'll change, but none of this…" He walked to the clothes laid out and removed the necklace and armbands.

"NO! NO! NO! you have to" I give him a puppy face, and since my eyes where the same as a wolves instead of a normal dog it usually didn't' work. "Please… you said we could match."

Rolling his eyes Dante pinched the bridge of his nose and nodded he's head. " Fine now go get dress." Playfully pushing me out a chuckle felled the room as he shut the door behind me. "I'll get dressed so you get a shower, okay sis."

Nodding I skipped happily to the bathroom. A few hours later I'm slipping on my stilettos with on hand and putting the back to my earrings on with the other. Straightening up I looked into the mirror and gently removed the Hot Rollers that made the cute Bee Hive curls, I pridely support. Sparing my bangs and curls Dante walked into the room wearing everything I picked out. Being the air head that I am I didn't notice he was in the room as I started to sing one of the many songs that was on my I pod.


Now your nightmare comes to live.

Dragged you down below.

Down to the Devils show.

To be his quest forever.

"Sis? Are you ready…" scaring me Dante stood up and hugged me causing me to jump and my head phones fall out. "Sis I have a bad felling about this." I sighed and turned to face him and the worry wasn't only in his voice it was clearas dayin his eye's.

"Dante don't worry okay….besides they wouldn't try anything not to day.." I smiled as I kissed the scare on his cheek. He got that and many another ones before I meet him, you see for years I had thought I was the oldest out of three kids. There's Dante, Me, Sammy, and Yuki. Sammy lived with her dad her in the same town as Dante while Yuki lived in a town a few hours away form my house in Texas so yeah you can see we're a scatter bunch. "Dante after this trip Sammy, and Tony said they'd move to Texas with me…" He shook his head knowing right where I was going with the conversation." Dante please…I want you to come live in Texas, it's safer and Sammy and Yuki will be there and you don't have to worry about them finding the house." we all way's ended like this when I brought the subject up, but this time I'm not going to back down not today.

"Sis we've been over this, they'll just-"

"Fellow you….you say it every time, but they haven't followed me when I leave to go back and I always shut at them like I did yesterday."

Pressing his forehead to mine he sighed and looked me in the eyes. "Sis please…." Sticking my pinky up he looked at me then reluctantly used his pinky to hold mine. "Sis I promise by the end of the day I'll give you a answer by the end of the day." Knowing me and quick to please self I never thought that would be the last thing he promised me.

"Now lets gooooo!" I happily run to the door and wait for him." Tony said he'd try and get away to have lunch with us after we get down toppling" with a small sigh and a forced smile - something you learn to catch after awhile - he followed me to my truck and watched as I got into the passenger seat. I looked at him and I must say I did good at picking my brother's cloths to match mine. -one of those bad habits I have I'd do it to both boys but Tony hates when I try to dress him up- Dante was wearing a pair of boot cut blue jeans that went will with the white in my dress, my Cherries matched the cherry red ACDC T-shirt that I had found and to top it off I found a pair of old riding boots. Looking at him know made me realize he has more muscles and scares then I remember which makes me a little sad sometimes, but this time it looked like his chest muscle and biceps was putting a lot of strain on the shirt. His black hair went passed his cheeks to cover the scare that I make it a point to kiss before I go to bed every night. He had just gotten to the truck when my phone rang

Ticking like a time bomb, Drinking till the nights gone.

Well get your hands off this glass, Last call my ass.

"Oh it's Tony." as I try to get my phone out of my purse, the same guys form the night before pulled up behind us.

"Sis stay in the truck.." scared I answered the phone and tried to grab for Dante's shirt but I couldn't rich fast enough.

"Tony get home as fast as possible and bring the-" just as I spoke I was pulled out the truck and I heard Tony say his coming before I hit the ground raping my dress.

As I looked at my dress then looked at the bastered that did the damage shook ran across my face while pure enjoyment ran across his.

"Alexis!" Dante yelled out before a set of knuckles slammed into his fresh wound. "Run" he said as he coughed up blood. Will lets just say I what I was told, just not where he wanted me to. I ran right to my big brother, I agree not the brightest apple but it was a idea and I did it. As I got to Dante I did the one thing I was good at I used my legs, and kicked the guy throwing the swings side knocking him over and looking into Dante's eyes I know something wasn't right. "Sis why!?"

"Oh so this little winch is your sister?" the man I kicked slowly got up and just as he did he grabbed a fist of my hair and pulled it up so that way he could wee my face. "I think we could have some fun with this one boy's don't you agree?" as he spoke those words Dante some how got lose and planted his fist into the man's face.

"Dante don't push yourself come on lets get you inside before anything else happens." as we slowly made are way to the door I was once again grabbed do the hair, but I was thrown back into the other three guys who thought it would be a good idea to miss around with my dress and cut it up. "DAMN it I just made this dress and was going to use it for a photoshoot you assholes!"

"Shut her up that yell mouth is really annoying. Oh Dante how could you not share?" the man chuckled as he watched me try to get away.

"Dante don't listen to him just go. I'll be okay" I yelled out before someone could put a cloth in my mouth."

"James let her go she has nothing to do with this." Dante said as he stood up and faced the man. James couldn't be any taller then me when I had 4 inched heels on so of course my 6'8" brother toward over him. As Dante started to walk up to him to swing again James pulled out a 9mil and the last thing I heard was Bang Bang Bang and tear's shoot to my eyes. Having had enough of this I swung my elbows into the two guys holding me stomach then a fist to there groins I ran to Dante and watched as Tony's truck pulled up and the guys ran.

_looks like we made it to where we started_

"No! you can't leave…" Tears ran down my face as I held my older brother's bloody body tightly to my chest. "You promised…you promised..." and the tears started to soak my face. As drops formed at my chin and dripped onto the mix of blood and sweat, I looked into my brother's eyes and shook my head.

Slowly and shakily a man's large hand moved off the ground to my cheek. "Hey now, why is my lovely little sister crying?" A harsh cough came from the young man who was no older than 20, as he gently pressed his hand to my wet face. "Little sisters shouldn't-" and just as he began to speak another round of pain shot through his fading body causing him to cough up blood.

"Big brother!" Quickly holding his hand to the dampness of my cheek I noticed the heat that always surrounded him was fading.