~My life has changed. Forever. Three months ago, I was a normal 17 year old living in Virginia. I had a car, popularity, a part-time job, a girlfriend, and a family. Then we moved to some little shit-heel podunk town called "Green Cove Springs" Florida. I lost my popularity, my part time job, and my girlfriend. I started attending Green Cove Springs's one and only high school, and wound up with a new girlfriend named Theresa DeSorbo. As luck would have it, she was the most popular girl in the school. Popularity soon came back. I learned, however, that popularity in Florida is different than popularity in Virginia. The popular students are respected in Virginia, what they say goes. In Green Cove Springs, Florida, the popular students have to watch their backs, or they'll find popularity is no longer theirs.~

Adam Brice leapt off the gym floor to his feet and spat the blood from his mouth. He could hear some of the teenagers chanting his name out, and others chanting out the name of his attacker, Billy Stanford. "C'mon Adam!" Billy shouted, "You fuckin scared, you pussy? Fight me!" Inside his mind, Adam could feel a battle taking place. Should he fight Billy and seriously injure him, or should he just walk away? The fist that slammed into his stomach and doubled him over was answer enough. Adam fought the wave of nausea that struck him, beckoning him to kneel on the floor. He forced himself straight and threw his arms back. "You wanna play motherfucker?" Adam hissed, flinging his jet black hair out of his face. "Let's play." Adam squared off against Billy, beckoning the other boy to him. Billy charged forward, his head lowered for a ram. Adam quickly dropped to his knees as Billy came near him, then, scooping him up as he passed over, flipped Billy onto the hardwood floor. "Get up, boy, I'm not done yet," Adam snapped, taking a few steps back, "I'm just getting started." Billy stood up and threw a punch that Adam simply batted away. Billy threw another punch at Adam's face. Adam let this punch end a few centimeters in front of his nose, then brought his foot into Billy's crotch. Billy dropped like a rock, a choked squeal in his throat. Adam barely had time to celebrate his victory before he felt a thick hand clamp on his shoulder. He quickly spun around, his fist drawn back and ready for release. "If you hit me, Adam, you better knock me out cold," his gym teacher whispered, "because if I can still get up, I'll break both your legs." The crowd surrounding Adam let out a collective "Oooo". The gym teacher looked at the students. "What are you little punks still doing here?" he said, "go hit the showers." The students dispersed as the teacher led Adam to his office. "Sit down Adam," the teacher said simply. He took a seat across from Adam and folded his hands together, touching his fingers to his chin. "You mind telling me why you kicked that boy in the pills?" "He threw a punch at me,"Adam answered calmly. "In fact, he kicked me, punched me several times, then, after I decided to defend myself, he threw two punches and tried to headbutt me." "And if I ask him what happened he'll say the same thing?" "No, he won't," Adam asnwered, "why would he want to incriminate himself?" "Okay," the teacher commented, "but what about witnesses? Out of all those students, someone had to have to have seen it start." "You're right, someone did," Adam answered. "Now if you don't mind, can I go now? I don't really want to talk about this. My whole body hurts from getting nailed all those times." "Get out of here then, Adam," the teacher said, "hit the shower, then go home." Adam stood up, "Thank you, sir." "Don't mention it," the teacher said as Adam walked through the door. Adam walked into the boys lockerroom and pulled his shirt off. He looked at his body and shook his head. He threw his shirt into his locker and stripped down the rest of the way. He walked towards the showers and ignored the claps and cheers that waited him. Jason Marx came up to him and held an invisible microphone in front of Adam's mouth. "Adam Brice, now that you have kicked Billy Stanford's ass and once again held onto your status of popularity, what do you have to say?" "I think my rib is broken," Adam answered, "but I get to go home while you guys have to take tests." "You asshole," Jason laughed. "Can you break my rib so I can go home?" "Hell no," Adam replied, "the teacher's would think you was faking it, even if I punctured the lung." Jason grew puzzled. He walked away from Adam, mulling over his friend's statement. Adam washed himself off and worked the kinks out of his muscles. He turned the shower off, wrapped a towel around him and walked to his locker. He pulled out a dry pair of clothes and changed into them. Adam brushed his hair back, slid a pair of sunglasses on, and pulled his shoes on. Jason reappeared as Adam was at the door. "What would puncturing my lung have to do with anything?" "You'd be spitting up blood, Jason," Adam answed, walking out of the room. As he walked home, Adam felt another wave of nausea, accompanied by a throbbing headache, rush over him. He rushed over to a drainage ditch in time to empty his stomach contents into it. He opened his eyes and threw up again at the sight of his own vomit. Adam spun around and clutched at his head, trying to block out the headache. Adam stumbled to a convenience store and nearly fell inside. The clerk, Adam's girlfriend Theresa, rushed to his side. "Adam! Are you okay?" she asked, her voice echoing inside his head. "No," he groaned. "I feel sick." "You need to go to the doctor?" "No," Adam replied, "I need to go to the bathroom." Theresa chuckled slightly and led him to the bathroom. Once inside, Adam ran a paper towel under the cold water and placed it on his neck. He looked at his reflection in the mirror and sighed. What went wrong back there, boy? a voice inside his head asked, She could have been yours. "Shit Adam, you're going crazy," he whispered. "That boy Billy hit you in the head too many times?" He didn't hit you in the head and you know it, the voice snapped. If anything, Billy-boy woke you up to reality. He woke you up to me. "Who-who are you?" Why Adam, I'm yourself. Take off those silly sunglasses and take a look. Adam slowly pulled the sunglasses off and looked at himself in the mirror. Everything about him was normal, his skin color was returning to its normal tan, his hair was still sweatsoaked to his skin, but his eyes were different. Instead of a brilliant flashing green, his eyecolor had changed to a crystalline white. "Adam?" Theresa asked from the other side of the door, "are you okay?" "Yeah," Adam answered, hiding his nervousness, and sliding the sunglasses back on, "I'm fine." He stepped out of the bathroom and popped his neck loose. Theresa watched him, smiling. Calmly, Adam walked up to her counter and bent over the top, planting a kiss on her lips. "Feeling better?" she asked. Adam nodded. Oh of course you're feeling better, you got a nice piece of tail in front of you. Adam ignored the voice as best as he could, "So...Theresa, what time do you get off?" "Not before eight tonight," she answered, "why?" "No reason," Adam replied, "just wanted to take you out to eat." Don't you mean 'take and eat you out'? "Well," Theresa said, "I might get off earlier, but don't count on it." "Okay," Adam said, "I'll be here at 7:45." He kissed her again and walked out of the store.

When Adam got home, his mother, Alexis, was waiting for him. She sat at the dinner table with her hands clasped in front of her, and her hair still pinned up from work. "The principal at the school called Adam," she said as he opened the door. "I wouldn't have minded if I was at home helping your sister with her schoolwork, but I wasn't. Do you want to know where I was?" "At work?" Adam said. "Yes, Adam," Alexis replied, her eyes turning grey, "I was at work. I was in a conference and I got a phonecall from the principal of your school, saying that you had gotten into a fight!" "Mom, I can explain..." "Oh you better explain Adam Michael Brice!" Alexis hollered. "You better sit down right now and tell me what made you decide to beat the shit out of some boy that you didn't even know!" Oooooo buddy, you in trouble now. "I knew him," Adam said, he tried to add on "and he was talking shit about you", but Alexis interrupted again. "And that gave you the right to kick this boy in the crotch? Did you know he had to go to the hospital?" I can feel the rage rising in you Adam. Let go. Get pissed. "He wouldn't have had to-" "If you'd have used your head, Adam." "I did use my head Mom!" Adam shouted, "I didn't throw the first punch! I let him hit me three times. Three damn times! Then, then, I fought back." Alexis sat in shock of her child's forcefullness. Adam saw her face and instantly softened. "Mom... I'm sorry I yelled at you," he whispered, "it's just that the kid, Billy Stanford, was going around saying that you were a whore that would sleep with anyone in town. I couldn't let him get away with that." Alexis Brice sighed, "So you beat the shit out of him?" "No, I didn't," Adam replied, "I used my head for once. I tried to talk my way out of it." Alexis chuckled, "Listen hun, I have to go take a shower, I got a hot date tonight. Go help your sister with her project." Adam tossed his books on the table and walked to his sister's room. "Hey Jules," he said, knocking on the door, "you alive in there?" "Yeah, Adam, I'm trying to get this dress finished," his younger sister, Julie, shouted. "Come on in." Adam walked into his 15 year old sister's room and was instantly overtaken by the girliness of it all. Her walls were adorned with posters of the newest teen idols, cute puppies and kittens. Julie is in the room with her friend, Lisa Carter, working on a dress. Julie looked up from her project. "Mom told me to come in and help you." Adam said. Lisa looked up at Adam and smiled. Mmmmm, she looks nice and tasty... Blonde. Wonder if the carpets and drapes match. "Lose those glasses, you look like Jim Morrison," Julie said. Adam shook his head. "I'd rather leave them on." "Okay, then here, tell me if this dress is sexy, from a guy's standpoint." Adam looked at the velvet dress and smiled inwardly at his sister's handiwork. He couldn't tell where the stitchings where without looking up close. "Very sexy as long as I don't see my baby sis wearing it." Julie blushed a deep shade of red and punched Adam playfully in the chest. He staggered back towards the door, groaning. She hit you, the voice in his head snarled, hit her back. Hit her just as hard. "Adam?" Julie asked, her voice echoing in his head, "are you okay?" Her older brother groaned louder and stumbled away from her, heading to his room. Adam fell into his room and managed to push the door shut. He collapsed on his bed in pain, his cries not escaping his lips. Adam clenched his eyes shut and tried to fight the pains he felt. You think you can stop me? the voice laughed, You don't know what you're dealing with. "Leave me alone!" Adam hollered to himself. The voice in his head continued to laugh. This is going to be fun breaking you down, Adam. Watch... and learn your fate...

A tall, young man stands beside a shorter blonde haired woman in front of a large mirror-like lake. The young man is covered in what looks like a two-toned suit of armor that bends easily with his moves. The woman is covered in gowns of almost transparent white silk. "Aaron, you know your mission," the woman says as the image of Adam curled in pain on his bed fades. The man looks at her, "Are you sure he is the one, Angela?" His words come out with a slight, almost Asian, accent. The woman smiles and nods, "Of this, young K'rdin-Ho, I am sure." Aaron clasps his hands in front of him and bows respectfully, "I won't fail you, Angela. I think you're crazy for wanting the son of Dorn to live, but I won't let him die until he knows his full destiny." Aaron lowers his head as the armor near his neck comes alive and encases his face, leaving only a thin slit for his eyes. Aaron steps back into a shadow and fades from Angela's sight.

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