The Girl Outside My Window



Underneath my windowsill,

i lay here cold and lonely.

trembling eyes will not keep still,

with only grief to hold me..


i clench my thin soft covers,

as my memories traverse.

my longing for another,

seems a constant cruel curse..



- Driven to the desolate streets,

weeping as it grows colder,

she prays on dirty hands and knees,

with only tears to hold her..


the hunger pains will subside,

but the piercing wind will not.

she wonders if she's to die,

who would care to dig a plot?..-



The silent night is broken,

loud sobs penetrate my walls!

Confusion leaves me frozen,

as i recognize the call..


there's another lonely soul,

she's just outside my window!

now my tears begin to roll,

her pain becomes the kindle..



- She wonders what decision,

could have brought her joy instead.

but all she can envision,

is the loneliness ahead..


turning back is not a choice,

she'd choose death than trust again!

swears to never lose her voice,

to the ugliness in men.. -



As our sad song grows deeper,

i decide to face the night.

maybe if i can see her,

i can help her from her plight..


the window creaks as its raised,

cold air seeps into my pores.

then i see her teary face,

as she looks up from the floor..



"Hey, are you okay?" i ask,

feeling suddenly so bare.

my calm and collected mask,

shred to pieces by her glare..


.."i heard you crying," i say ashamed,

"can i help in any way?"

she stands up to touch the windowpane,

then i slowly back away..


..our eyes are locked together,

something stirs between our gaze.

before the moment's severed,

one more tear rolls down her face..


..down icy cheek and cold cracked lips,

it crawls and dangles on her chin.

she parts her lips and white breath wisps,

"No. there's no help for where i've been."



::::: Soundtrack :::::

"Cant Get Away" - Rodriguez

"Have Mercy On Me" - The Black Keys