"I'd die for you," she said with a bright smile, giggling softly afterward. The couple was enjoying a nice picnic in a well groomed field on a sunny day.

"Really?" he questioned as he fed her a grape, his face holding a smile just as wide, "I don't know if I believe you." His smile grew into a grin, "You should prove it," he joked.

She snorted and laughed as she ate the grape, covering her mouth and slapping him playfully on the arm, "You'll just have to take my word for it!"

He laughed also, putting his hands up in defense, "Ok, ok, I believe you." He smirked when she stopped hitting him and decided to throw a grape at her, "Sort of."

She let out a mock gasp, her eyes full of amusement, "Jerk," she threw one back at him before hugging his arm and smiling happily, "I love you so much."

They had packed up their whole house, ready to move. Boxes were stacked up in columns everywhere. It was early evening and unfortunately it was raining. They had decided to take a break from loading the moving van but they planned on it being a short one, there was still some light left but there wouldn't be for long. If they didn't didn't finish loading that night there was always the morning, but they wanted to get as much done as possible.

They had left the door open, not thinking much of it. Who knew someone would be passing by, and that the person would just happen to be insane.

The two of them were in the kitchen when the man walked in, pointing a gun at them. The intruder looked at the woman with his gun aimed at the man, "I'm going to shoot your husband and then you're going to come with me. If you don't come with me I'll shoot you too."

Why she hadn't packed the knives yet she didn't know, but she was so glad she didn't. There just so happened to be one lying on the counter behind her, so she was able to carefully grab it while she acted like she was just holding her hands behind her back. She nodded to show she understood.

Just as the intruder cocked the gun she began to run towards her husband, reaching him just before the bullet did, the bullet hitting her instead.

He was in shock when he heard the shot but didn't feel anything, at least not what he expected. Instead he felt his wife slump against him. With wide eyes he held her, trying to keep her from falling.

As he tried to keep her steady it helped her to push off of him. She lunged toward the intruder, and as she did so he shot again, this time aiming for her. He missed, the bullet hitting her husband's leg instead, causing him to fall to the floor. It was then that she reached the intruder, slicing his neck with the knife, blood pouring from the gash. The intruder fell to the floor, dead; the woman collapsed as well.

She clutched at the gun shot wound on her upper torso, coughing up blood, as her husband tried to pull himself to her. She hadn't noticed he'd been shot until then. She began to crawl to him as well. When they finally reached each other he wrapped his arms around her as she fell into him, cradling her. She coughed up some more blood before speaking, "T-there's your proof..." She laughed a little bit before choking again, "I... I told you I'd die for you..."

He looked down at her, crying, and brushed her hair back as he rocked her. "I didn't want proof, words were enough," he said, his voice quivering, as he watched her slip away.