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I hurriedly got out of bed and went straight for the shower.

I hate taking short baths! But what can I do now, right? And you know the worst part of it? The heater broke down. Damn! I just experienced a swim at the artic ocean.

I knew the first day of school was always crappy!

I got out of the bathroom within 3 minutes.

3 minutes? Is that possible!?

I didn't even feel like I took a bath! It just felt like I wet myself! Argh. I'm seriously going to kill Achelous for this.

I wrapped my curly, damp and auburn hair up into a towel then I kicked the door open.

"Out already, Sis? I thought you hate short baths?" my annyoing brother pointed. He looked at me. His dark blue eyes overflowed with sarcasm.

Note to self: Gauge brother's eyeballs out later.

"Shut the hell up, Achelous."

I ran to my closet and wore my uniform as fast as I could. I sloppily put on my school skirt that was way below my knees. Then I fitted my knee high socks on my slim and bony legs.

I gasped.

Shoot. Buttons. I hate buttoning! It literally has the word "butt" in it.

I tried my best to do it but I never really got the hang of it! And top it all off I'm already 17 years old! Buttoning was the next worst thing to Achelous in my world.

God. If I didn't really need him now I would have stabbed him to death.

I swallowed up my pride then called out my dense brother.

"Hey dillweed! Come here! I need your help."

"What's the magic word?"

"Screw you!"

He made a buzzing sound.

"Enk! Wrong!"

"Oh damn it! I'll do it myself!"

"Okay. Okay! Jeez!"

"Hurry up!"

"Fine! Chill!"

My dillweed senses went to the roof. The hair on my back tingled again.

He knocked the door open to my closet.

Achelous elbowed the wall beside him and windmilled his hands towards me.

"So what does my beautiful sister need?"

"Shut up and just help me button my blouse!"

"Magic wor- Hey!" I slapped his arm hard.

"Sorry! I mean, Just button it! please?"

"No way! After what you did? Hmph! Hell no."

I gave him my signature puppy face.

I know he can't resist me.

He just can't.

He gave me one big growl then gave up.

"Fine! You know if you weren't a year older than me I would have totally kill you." he mumbled under his breath.

As much as I hate my brother, I woudn't have been more grateful that he was here.

I snapped out of my own thoughts when I saw Achelous's hand waving infront of my face.

"Hey! Amphitrite!" he shouted.

"Huh, what the heck?! You're already done?!"

I looked down at my long sleeves to check and boy was I astonished. They were buttoned up! Every single button was in the right place!

"Woah. For a guy this is impressive, Achelous!" I praised.


"I never thought you were that kind of man!"

"Pffft. You owe me a soda for that." he winked at me.


He raised his eyebrows at me.

"Oh Fine!" I growled then gave him a sour look.

"And a simple thank would be nice, Amphitrite Grace." he added.

I took a big breath then calmed myself down. Afterwards I folded my arms together.

"Achelous Ethan McAdams, Thank you for magically and neatly buttoning my shirt, but that one act of kindness won't even lessen my hatred for you."

I quickly grabbed my red tie then wrapped it around my neck.

"Now that's my sister!"

"Pfft. Whatever! You're just saying that for the soda!"

"Maybe." he winked at me.

I tiptoed up then messed his hazel brown hair. Damn. Boys grow fast.

"Hey!" he shouted like a little kid.

He returned the favor and messed up my auburn hair too.

"Damn it!"

"Hahahaha, It kinda suits you." he looked me from top to bottom like he was a fashion designer or a pervert checking me out. His serious face was replaced with one ugly smirk.

"Pfft. Let's just go!" I dragged him by the wrist and ran out of my closet.

"Mom is totally going to kill-"

He stopped mid sentence.


He jerked his head towards my bedroom door.

I turned my head to the sight.

I let out a big gasp.

Neither one of us spoke. We just stood there frozen.

"Nice to see you two."


She was standing in front of us. Her arms were folded together. Her vibrant green eyes were piercing through our souls. Her face was full of utter fustration.

I love my mom but she's just a time freak. She can't stand late people. Mom gets easily enraged if you don't show up on time.

5 minutes late? Definitely grounded

2 minutes late? Grounded.

30 seconds? Still grounded.

1 second? GROUNDED.

That's how keen she is. And my not even exaggerating! It's horrifying.

Achelous and I looked at each other. His dark blue eyes met with my teal colored ones.

We're dead.

"It's her fault!"

"It's his fault!"

We shouted at the exact time.

"What?! It's my fault?" we yelled at each other.

"Stop copying me!"

"Fault? Who did?" my mom butted in.


"Whose fault?!"



"Hey! Stop saying things at the same time! you're freaking me out!"


My mom held her hand up and shushed us both.

"What are you two talking about!? I came here to say that the car broke down! You two are walking too school!"

"Oh dang." Achelous mumbled.

"Shut up Ethan." My mom scolded.

"Wait, you're not mad?" I blurted out.

"Of course I'm mad, Amphitrite!"


"The car broke down! Who wouldn't be mad at that?"

"I mean you're not mad because we're kinda late right?" I asked.


I nodded. My mom looked at me with curiosity. She placed her soft hand on my forehead.

"Amphitrite Grace there's still like 30 minutes before you leave. What's wrong with you? Are you sick?"

"30 MINUTES?!" I shouted.

"Yes." mom replied.

"And I'm out!" Achelous shouted with a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Before I could even pull out all of his hair and kick him in the nuts the filthy rascal ran downstairs.

"What's going on, Grace?" My mom asked.

"Nothing, Mom." I replied sternly.

"Maybe you're just excited for the first day of senior year, honey." she gave me a peck on the cheek and left my bedroom.

Damn it. Achelous tricked me again.

"Why am I so stupid?!" I asked myself.

Well atleast I can prepare for the first day of school.

Okay, So maybe that wasn't bad after all.

I tend to wake up and be horribly late but Achelous? Uh oh. That guy never misses a flag ceremony. He's like mom's girl version. And that annoys me. Why can't I be like him?!

I scratched my long hair angrily. I noticed that there were still some freaking bubbles on them so I decided to go to bathroom again and finish my business there.

I got out of the shower and dressed up. Luckily, I was able to button my polo back even though it took forever.

I marched towards my wooden dresser. I looked up and faced the mirror.

I shrieked.

God I look like a mess. My nose had these tiny freckles all over it. My teals eyes looked like they were drained out from color. My cheeks were so flushed out. My whole face was so pale. And the worst part of it was my hair! It looks like a bird's nest! Damn. A bad hair day? So out of desperation I just put my long tangled hair into a tight ponytail.

I looked at my cheap panda clock and there was still like 15 minutes left before mom comes up again.

I decided to jumped down on my comfy bed.

I snuggled under the fuzzy sheets. I rested my neck on top of my favorite pillow. I grabbed my favorite turtle stuffed toy and held it against my chest. I then stuck out a leg underneath my blanket. I felt the air from the AC gently breeze on my skin. It was not too cold nor too hot.

This was heaven.

Why did it have to be this comfortable?

"Maybe a little nap won't hurt."

I closed my eyelids and I slowly drifted to a peaceful slumber.

But I was interrupted.

I remembered the creepy guy from my dream.

What if he comes out again? What if I see him? What if he really finishes me this time?!

I shook my head from the thought.

As much as hate to go up I won't be taking any chances of seeing that wicked man again.

"I mean come on? Who needs sleep right?" I encouraged.

I sat up and snatched my phone to keep me occupied. I scrolled through my contacts when my bestfriend's number pops up.

3 rings went by when she finally picked her phone up.

"Hey, Amethyst. Morning dude." I greeted.

"Hi... Grace." she spoke while yawning.

"Just woke up, huh?"

"Yeah pleasantly waken up by you!" she said with irritation.

"Well sorry!"

"Yeah. Yeah. Why are you already awake, asshole?"

"I'll tell you later, asshole."

"Pfft. Okay. So first day of senior year huh?"

"Yeah. What do you expect bro?"

"I expect that you finally get a freaking boyfriend, Grace!"

"Well I expect you to shut up." I snapped back.

"Whatever. You're just jealous because I'm hot and you're not."

"That doesn't even make sense! And oh, by the way, hot? Then tell me why are you still single."

"Many things happened during summer, McAdams."

My heart fell to the floor.

"What!? You... You can't. Don't tell me you- AMETHYST! You have a lot of explaining to do!" I shouted.

"Bye, babe. See you later gotta refresh my hot bod."

"WTF? Hey Amethyst! Don't you dare turn your-"

A long line of beeping came through the phone.

Does Amethyst really have a boyfriend? Or is she just messing with me?

I guess I'll have to find out for myself.

I stood up and went downstairs.

"Ethan! Come on we're going to school!"

I heard his steps swiftly come towards me.

"What?! Mom! Grace is dying! Get the priest! MOM! Help!" he panicked.

"Huh?!" I asked dumbfounded.

"Wait a minute. What have you done to Grace?! Who are you?! Where's my sister?!" he shouted.

I slapped him right across his face.

"Damn it, Ethan. I just want to go to school!"

He ran his hand through his ragged hair and stared at me with an astonished look.

"Wow. Nightmares change you."

"Yeah. Now come on! I need to find something out!"


"None of your business."

"What is it? Come on just tell me!"

After begging and whining simultaneously, I gave up.

"Fine. I wanna find out if Amethyst has a boyfriend. Okay?"

I looked at him to see his reaction and I swear his face turned the slightest tint of red.

"Oh.. Okay." he answered shakingly while looking at the floor.

"Alright, I guess? I mean come on let's go."


We said goodbye to our mom and headed for the school campus.

After a short trip, we finally arrived at school.

"Ladies first."

Achelous pointed his hands through the big green gates.

"Whatever." I replied.

I turned my head around. Everything seemed like it used to be. Nothing changed. The blue painted railings were still dull. The concrete pathway still had the white paint stain on its middle when I accidentally dropped my artwork there last year. The 3rd lamp post from the gates was still bent and out of order.

"Wow." was the only thing I could mutter.

"Hey, Amphitrite. I'm gonna head for class now. Don't wanna be late for the first day, right?"

As the man as he always is I nodded and waved him goodbye.

"Okay. Good luck, bro."

I turned my back and walked through the rowdy corridor. Students were scattered all over. I pushed and pushed my way through the gigantic crowd. Almost all of the students were making out. This is a school not a strip club! Damn these kids. I was so disgusted of the sight. I continued pushing and shouting "EXCUSE MEEEEEE!"

After what felt like an eternity I finally got out of the commotion.

I settled down on a vacant spot and caught my breath.

"Damn it! Seriously?! Making out in the freaking corridor?! I mean come on who does that?! They could have done it in the bathroom or something. I mean I would do it in there!" I shouted, completely not thinking of what I was saying.

Then I felt a shadow hover over me.

"Want to go to the bathroom?"

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