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I felt shivers down my spine. I know I heard that voice before. I just couldn't put my finger on it.

I gathered my courage and decided to look up.

And to my surprise, he gave me the most seductive smirk I've seen in my whole life.

My jaw dropped.


He's hot. I mean very very very hot.

Shaggy black hair, perfectly sculpted cheekbones, pointed nose? Come on who wouldn't be lost? His lips were in the perfect shade of pink and when he smiled all of his pearly teeth shown. I could smell his scent and I swear to god it's the most pleasant thing I smelled in my whole goddamn 17 years of living. The only problem was he was wearing shades. Damn it. I coudn't see his eyes. And that is probably the most attractive thing in men, right? I just stared at him wide eyed trying to absorb every ounce of handsomeness he owns.

His not any bad boy jerk that happens to go to school.

He's not just a pretty face.

He is not normal.

His beauty seems too...



I instantly snapped out from my daydreaming.

Damn it. I was drooling over him the entire freaking time.

"Yeesh. Don't wanna make out with a girl who still drools." he chuckled.

I stood up and wiped my mouth with my hands.

"Excuse me? And for your information, it's your fault!" I shouted.

"Oh, so being hot is like a crime now?"

"And who said you were hot?" I shot back.

"Your drool did."

"You're so obnoxious!"

So much for being handsome!

He just destroyed the whole freaking thing.

I rolled my eyes and sharply turned my back on him. As I was walking away he gripped my wrist tight. I was so shocked. I swear, my heart stopped pumping. He twirled me around and held my waist tight. Holy shoot- His breath sent goosebumps through out my body. God. I swear I could have been melted by the moment. He grabbed a piece of my hair and playfully twirled it.

"You're so beautiful and not to mention hot. Very hot." he said, his voice overflowing with lust.

I let out a small gasp. Why does he have to be so seductive and irritating at the same time?

He leaned in closer. He tilted his head towards my ear. His soft lips brushed against it. He breathed before speaking which made me go crazy.

"There's just one problem." he paused for a minute.

"I'm blind, darling."

He chuckled and started planting soft kisses on my ear.

So that explains the freaking shades.

His breath grew heavier and heavier.

Wait a freaking minute. If he's blind how did he see me drool?!

"You! How did you see me drool if you're freaking blind, Huh?!" I shouted and pushed him. He stumbled to the floor but he quickly recovered and went closer to me.

"Who wouldn't?" He chuckled and started kissing my ear again.

"Hey... Stop! Don't!" I said while forcefully shoving him away but his grip was too tight.

"Huh? Don't stop? Whatever you say, darling." he smirked.

"Do not call me that! And just stop whatever you're doing!"

I had to keep my composure. I have to stick with my policies. Plus this was totally out of my comfort zone. But- being this so close to this guy just made me lose my head. He's the most infuriating and hot person I've ever met. Damn this life.

Then out of nowhere, the school bell suddenly rang.

He pulled away and blowed one last kiss into my ear.

"See you later." he smirked and started walking away.

"Yeah, Nice pun! I hope you get hit by a ten wheeler truck..." I paused.

"Whatever your name is!" I shouted and headed for class.

"It's Adranus! Oh and I wouldn't mind being hit by a truck, whatever your name is too!" I heard him muster a laugh.

"It's Amphitrite!" I turned around and saw him stop at his tracks. Did I say anything bad?

He shook his head and continued walking further until he disappered into the crowd.

"Well that was wierd." I said.

Without a minute to spare, I opened the door knob and entered our classroom.


Before I could even speak Amethyst ran to me and gave me a tight hug.

"Amy... I can't BREATHHHHHHEE..."

"Oh sorry bout that, hun!"

I nodded and caught my breath.

We sat down together on our chairs.

"So? How's summer Amethyst my man?"

"Nah. Same old. Netflix, shopping, eating. Nothing really unusual, dude. But there is one thing.." she said with a unsure tone.

Then I remembered what I really came here for.


I stood up and slammed my hands on top of her desk.

"Boyfriend? What boyfriend? Is that some kind of game?" she snorted out.

Tiny drops of sweat dripped from her forehead. She fiddled with her straight blonde hair. Her dark green eyes looked nervous and anxious. She's such a bad liar. I know this girl from top to bottom, how dare she lie to me? We've been bestfriends since the 1st grade!

"Amethyst! Who is it, man? Come on!"

"Its nobody! I promise!"

"But you just told me-"

"Good Morning! Ms. Rivers." the whole class greeted.

Amethyst and I stopped talking and greeted Ms. Rivers as well.

Amethyst Copperfield this is so not over! I mouthed.

Yeah, sure its not. She mouthed back.

I gave her a death glare but she just shrugged it off and laughed. We sat down and payed attention to Ms. Rivers.

Ms. Rivers' ginger hair was in a bun so perfect, that it looked like she was wearing a wig. Her face was bombarded with so much make up that she look like a dead person ready for a funeral.

"Okay, Class! Listen up! Introduce yourselves one by one." she commanded as if we don't know each other since the first grade. But anyways we still did it. The whole class finished introducing themselves when somebody burst into the classroom.

Ms. Rivers wasn't really the best at being patient.

"Name's Adranus."


"Holy fu.." I whispered.

What on earth was he doing here?

I looked at him. He found my gaze and held it for a while.

"Go to your seat now. Oh and, Adranus no shades allowed." Ms. Rivers said. The whole class was in utter shock. Ms. Rivers never lets this pass away without a detention slip. WTF was wrong with her!?

"Eye problem." he simply replied.

Ms. Rivers nodded and directioned him to his chair.

"Class this is your new classmate." she introduced.

The whole class let out a big gasp. A few from Ms. Rivers' reaction and probably almost all of the girls because of Adranus.

The girls started flattering their eye lashes. Some even unbuttoned their polos slightly for a great view. Others spread their legs out for him to see but he simply ignored them.

I banged my head on to the desk. Why do they have to be so whorish? I looked at Amethyst and to my surprise she was doing the same thing. This is why we're bestfriends.

"Psst." I called on. Amy looked around and found me.


She mouthed.

I nodded and gave her a thumbs up.

As Adranus was walking towards his seat, he stopped right infront of me.

"What do you want now?" I said not facing him.

He leaned in closer just an inch away from my cheeks.

"Not much, just you." he laughed and went straight for his desk.

I felt all the girls give me a disgust look. I slowly sank into my seat. I buried my face in my hands. Of all the girls?!

Amethyst suddenly tapped me on my shoulder. I turned my head towards her seat.

"Seems like you have a new boyfriend." she whispered.

"Boyfriend your face."

She winked at me and made a heart with her hands.

I rolled my eyes and payed attention to Ms. Rivers again.

A whole period went by then lunch came.

Amethyst said she had to go with "someone". And I strongly assume that "someone" is her boyfriend. Left with no choice, I sat alone.

I walked my way while holding my heavy tray up. I found a table at the end of the canteen.

As I was about to eat I heard whispering.

"She's not even pretty!" The two gossiped.

"Yeah! Like OMG? I'm way prettier than her."

"No! I'm prettier than her!"

"I am!"

"I am!"

"You're so ugly!"

"No, you are!"

The two blondes continued fighting.

The problem was they're twins.

I snorted out a laugh and bit into my sandwhich.

"Wow. Didn't know my beauty made other girls go crazy." I flicked my hair and continued chomping down on my sandwhich.

"Not just girls." a familiar voice spoke.

I felt the goosebumps again.

I titled my head upwards.

Adranus was standing in front of my table.

"You again?! What do you want!?" I shouted.

"Mind if I take that seat?" he smirked which made it totally hard to resist on his request.

How did he know no one was seating here? I am starting to doubt that he's blind.

"You're blind right?" I asked.

He paused for a minute.

"As if someone would sit with you." he finally answered.

"You're so annoying."

I rolled my eyes and angrily chew on my sandwich.

"So would you mind or not?" he asked again.

"Yes I would mind." I replied.

"That makes it even better."

He slid down to my side and let out a playful laugh.

"And what on earth are you doing?!"

"I'm sitting."


I looked around and all the girls were killing me with their stares. I just wanted the floor to swallow me up and never spit me out again.

"Enjoyed yourself?" he suddenly asked.

Did he really think I loved his kisses? He's a total jerk.

"No way." I answered.

"Well I'm sure I did."

"What's wrong with you?!"

"Eye problem."

I had enough with this conversation.

I stood up furiously.

"Don't ever speak to me again!"

It only took a day for me to hate Adranus!

I ran away from him as fast as I could.

"Wait! Amphitrite!" I heard him shout but I just ignored him.

I ran and ran and ran until I reached the park in our school.

I plopped down on the ground.

"Why did he have to be so annoying and stupid?!" I talked to myself as I irritably pulled my hair.

"He's a pervert, he's a big jerk, and he's dense!"

"He's all the things I hate in the world!"

"He's the worst person I have ever met in my entire life!"

I ripped the grass from the park and got my nails filled with mud.

I continued muttering and chanting a list of all the bad things Adranus is until I heard a make out session.

I stood up and looked around. Behind the tree I was sitting was an old brown bench.

And there it was right infront of my face.

Behold, a makeout session.

God. I remember Adranus and his kisses again. Damn it. I had enough with these kids making out in public.

"Hey! You two! Do your business in the bathroom! Be ashamed of yourselves!" I shouted.

The two shockingly turned around with pure terror in their faces.

"Amphitrite?!" the two shrieked.

I just stood there frozen. Trying to take in what I was seeing.

The three of us exchanged looks. Neither one of us dared to talk.

I should have seen this coming. The clues were just right infront of me.

It was-

Achelous and Amethyst.

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