I shoved a spoonful of uneatable human food into my mouth, while straining to listen to Lucy talking about Queen-knows-what she was talking over the loud chattering noise of the human students around us. I chewed quickly on "supposed" mac-n-cheese and kept nodding at Lucy, even though I didn't know what she was talking about. I debated in my head if I should continue shoving this disgusting food into my mouth or not. I debated to shoving my tray of uneatable food away from me.

No faerie could survive eating like this.

I watched Lucy in awe at how she could eat the food with no problem. I also fascinated how she could still talk in the loud noise which was making my ears ring and giving me a headache. I leaned my head on the palm of my hand and forced to push out all the unwanted sounds from my head. After several tries, I could hear Lucy's chattering voice clearly.

"…I swear to God that Mr. Dominic will jump at any chance to have me fail history and ruined my chance of ever going to Princeton," Lucy said. She then stopped and looked at me. It took me a while to notice that I was supposed to say something.

"What make you think he's out for you?" I asked. Lucy gave me a look that I still hadn't interpreted yet.

"Have you been listening to anything I was saying?" she asked.

No, because I was trying to be human and eat this human foods which taste like rotten berries from the Seelie garden. Also I had a pounding headache which just proved my point that humans had no knowledge of such thing called "whispering". But of course, I didn't say that. That would just blow my cover and then father would just frowned down at me at not being able to do just one thing as looking over the Chosen One until she reached her eighteenth birthday.

I still hated the idea of changeling human babies with faerie ones. But as father had said, it's part of the culture, tradition—it could not be change. So I was sent to the Human Realm to watch over Lucy, the changeling faerie—the Chosen One. Lucy had befriended me when we first met in Algebra Honors. Let's just say that Lucy was one faerie that I really admired. She fitted in perfectly into the human race. By the two courts, she could even eat human food with no problem.

As a replied to Lucy's question, I just gave her a shrugged.

Lucy sighed, obviously had given up on the topic. I had watched many times how Lucy had tried to figure out why I didn't click with most "people", as in humans. I really didn't click with most humans. I barely clicked with faerie, as a matter of fact. In the end, we ended up talking about what our future were going to be. Mine was pretty simple. I had recited it over and over again in my mind just for time someone could ask me what I want to be in the future. In real life, I would deliver Lucy back to the Faerie Realm and she would be the new Seelie Queen, while I would be her top knight and guard. But according to the human Nora, I would be going to Harvard for a pharmacy degree. Lucy was planning on becoming a professional dancer and going to Princeton to achieve it.

I had saw Lucy dance. She was elegant and light on her toes. It didn't take me by surprise that she was such a dancer. She was a faerie after all. Whenever she danced, it reminded me of home—the Faerie Realm, where everyone dance and parades would lit up the sky at night. I missed that. I also missed the berries from the Seelie garden. Their vibrant colors were filled with flavors. They weren't as dull and sticky as human food. Lucy would have loved the Faerie Realm. I still hadn't figure out how I was going to bring her back when she turned eighteen.

After lunch had ended, Lucy and I went our separate ways. One thing I couldn't control was the class schedule. I made a vow to watch over Lucy 24/7, especially when I turned around for just English Class and an Unseelie spy had caused Lucy to fall and broke her arm in PE. I chased that bastard down and cut off his wings for what he did. So as the bell rang for the end of lunch period, Lucy headed for history, which she dreaded going. I still wondered why. I had student assistant after lunch so I headed to the grade level office, where all I do was tour the new transfers around the campus, grade papers, fold papers, and shredded thick stacks of papers.

When I reached the grade level office, I was surprised to meet a human with the strangest, bright green eyes. I had to blink to stop staring at him. He must be a new transfer. As I went passed him, I got this weird feeling. I looked at the human again, this time more examining then just looking. The human waved a little at me with a light smile. I didn't wave back, but I gave him a faint smile that I always give to transfer.

Mrs. Hall came out from her office and glanced at me. "Oh, Nora, there you are," she said. She looked at the human. "This is Cameron Donavon," she introduced the transfer to me. "He's a new IB transfer student."

"Hi," I simply said to him.

"Hi," he said back.

"And Cameron, this is Nora Medina," Mrs. Hall introduced me to the human—Cameron. "She'll be touring you around the campus soon, just as I print out your class schedule."

"Good to know I'm in good hands," Cameron said, giving me a lopsided smile. I tried to resist the urge to squint my eyes at him.

"Yes, Nora is among the best student here," Mrs. Hall said, patting me on my shoulder. I shifted uncomfortable a little bit. I didn't like anyone touching me—human or not. Lucy was the only exception.

"That's good to know," Cameron said, still smiling. Mrs. Hall smiled and headed to her office to print out Cameron's schedule. Meanwhile, Cameron thought it was a good idea to take a step closer to me. I took a step back. His smile widened, and this time I squinted my eyes at him suspiciously. "What is Nora short for? Annora? Helenora? No, you seemed more of an Enora or…" he started blabbing.

"It's just Nora," I told him. Of course, I wouldn't tell him my real name. Lucy didn't even know my real name. Knowing a faerie's real name was like having all control of that person. It's the faerie's weakness.

"Really?" he said, rubbing his chin. He smirked. "Because I really think its Elen-"

Thankfully, Mrs. Hall came out of her office at the right moment, and handed me Cameron's schedule. "There you go, Nora," she said. I took the schedule from her and looked down at it

"Oh look, you have French III," I said, switching to a different subject as possible. As I looked up at Cameron, he seemed to be staring at me intently. "Let's go," I said, breaking him from his trance.

"Eleanora," he immediately said, when we were out of the grade level office. I paused a little, but noticed that he made a little mistake at pronouncing my real name.

But just to get him off my case of names, I nodded. "You got it," I lied.

He smiled triumphantly. "I knew you look like an E."

I rolled my eyes and turned. I started heading to his first class on his schedule, which was Chemistry IB. The tour went quite okay, if you were to leave out how chatty Cameron was. He seemed like he wanted to know every detail of my life, and he wouldn't just take a one-worded answer. As we stopped at his last class, which was English IB, he asked me something that not even a faerie dared to ask me before.

"Go out with me," he said. I stopped in my tracks and turned to look dead in the unnatural green eyes of Cameron.

"No," I replied. I started walking again.

He caught up to me. "Why not?" he asked.

"Because," I simply replied.

Cameron side-stepped in front of me, blocking my way to walk. I took a step back so I wouldn't bump into him, that ended with me against a navy blue locker and Cameron towering over me, pinning me there. Despite his tall form, I looked straight at him.

"Move," I told him. Cameron smirked. This close at him, I couldn't help but felt a faint warmness bursting inside my chest and a feeling in my stomach like I swallowed a dozen of butterflies. The feeling was so foreign.

"Not until you go out with me," he said.

"Why?" I asked him.

"Because," he simply said. I couldn't help but rolled my eyes. I looked up at his eyes and saw his determination. We were going to stay here until the moon comes up if I didn't give in. besides what could happen with just one date. Oh wait, I never dated before, not even when I was in the Faerie Realm. And here I am, about to yes to a date with human that wanted to know every aspect of my life.

It's just one date, I kept telling myself.

Just one date, nothing could go wrong. It'll be just one date and if it didn't work out, well at least I had the experience of what a human date is.

"Yes," I replied. Cameron smiled brightly.

By the two courts, what had I gotten myself into?