September 19, 8:23PM

I feel cold.

That was the first thought that came to my mind when I opened my eyes. I blinked several times to take in my unfamiliar surroundings. I felt like I was asleep for years. I tried to move my fingers, but I couldn't feel it. My whole entire body felt so numb. I felt nothing at this second but confusion as I looked up at the night sky. I tried to move my fingers again, this time, it twitched a little. I forced my fingers to curl. With a quiet groan, I forced my numb body up. As I tried to lift my body off the ground, I felt my hand touched something cold and delicate. Looking down at my dirt-cover hands, my fingers would intertwine with a silvery chain.

More confusion rose up inside of me.

I started to look around. I saw nothing but trees, dirt, and darkness. The only light shining down was the little stars that were starting to become a blur in my dry eyes. My immediately thought was: Where am I? I looked around franticly and stood up. My legs gave out a little ache, but I ignored it. I was too confused. Questions started running through my mind that I wished I could answer but couldn't.

Where am I?

Who am I?

What is this?

I forced my legs to move, to figure out some answers. My foot accidentally stepped on a sharp rock, and I winced. As if instinct, my hand tucked a strand of hair behind my ear. The silver chain touched my body. I was surprised at its cold touch and stopped. I looked down at the chain in my hand, hoping it held everything I needed to know. It was just a simple silver chain that had different type of charms on them. There was a bike charm. There was also a rose, a dog running, a bell, a pine tree, and a heart. I stared at the heart charm; as if something magical would happen and this would be just a dream and this confusion with just go away.

But nothing happened.

Feeling disappointed and more confused, I held onto the chain, and started moving again; determined to look for some answers. I soon reached the end of the never-ending trees and got onto an empty road. I looked up and down the road, hoping for someone to drive by. Maybe someone would just drive by and have all the answer to all of my confusions, like how I don't remember anything. Why was my head hurting so much and I kept coming up blank with memories? But no one came by on the road: absolutely no one at all.

I decided to go up the road, hoping to see a gas station or someone to help me. Moving my uncovered feet on the cold pavement, I started up the empty road. Both sides of the road were filled with trees. What seemed like a forever, I saw a faint light ahead. I quickened my pace and headed for the light. To my disappointment, I came to a lamp post with a huge green sign below it. I stared at the sign.

Welcome to Bluebell

Population: 293

It read.

I hoped that the name would bring something to my mind, but nothing. There was still blankness inside of me, and it was nagging me for answers. I continued up the road again. This time, the road was better lit because of the lamp posts. I passed numerous signs and had hoped that it would bring back something that I couldn't, but it didn't do anything to me. I was still drawing up nothing. I had no memories, nothing that could tell me who I was.

As I walked up, I wondered about myself. Was I some type of criminal on a run? Was I a goody-two-shoe? Was I musically talented? Do I even have people looking for me? If yes, where were they? Why was I the only one dealing with this? Why couldn't I remember anything?

After an endless time of questioning myself and couldn't come up with any answers, I came to this nice white house. There was light inside from the front window. Maybe this person could help me. I hurried up the nicely neat porch. There was a little rocking chair and pots of blue flowers surrounded the rail. When I reached the door, I caught my reflection on the front mirror. I was completely filthy. My brown hair was a mess and dirt had covered most of my face. There was a small cut on my bottom lip and I was wearing a dirty gray t-shirt and ripped jeans. I wasn't sure if the person inside would help me, seeing me in this type of state, but I had no type of cleaning myself up. I had to know answers now.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. One time, and then another. I heard muffling noises on the other side. Then there was shuffling as the person reached the door and opened it. The door opened and warm air enveloped me. I heard a gasp when I looked up. I saw a man about in his forties, covering his mouth, shaking his head, as if he didn't believe what he was seeing.

Did I really look that horrible?

"Sir-" I said, but the man quickly enveloped me into a tight hug. I blinked in surprised. I was more confused. Did this man recognize me? Was he something to me? I felt someone shuddered and realized that it was the man. He was muttering something in my hair.

"Oh, baby girl," I made out. He was muttering it over and over again. As the man let go of me, a lady came rushing to the door and she let out a cry and she hugged me tightly, too. I felt her crying, as if she was missing me for years, but I didn't recognize any of these people.

"I'm going to call Sheriff Jon," the man said, as tears came falling down his face. He rushed off. The lady finally let go off me and stared at my face. I got a good look of her. She was about in her forties like the man and she had this shape that reminded me of someone, but again, I came up with nothing in memories.

The lady's mouth was moving, and I noticed that she was saying something.

"Oh, Rose…Rosy…my baby girl…" she said, tears in her eyes. I wondered if I should say something. Should I tell them that I didn't know who I was, or where I was, or whoever they were?

"I-I don't know who you are," I whispered, staring blankly at her. The lady started crying again and hugged me. The man came back to us with his phone against his ear.

"...she just came knocking at our door…" the man spoke inside, wiping tears off his face. "…I don't know, you're the fucking sheriff, Jon…"

The lady released me again, and small smiled played on her lips. "Come on," she said, taking my dirt-cover hand and leading me inside. I didn't know if I should trust her, but something about her was familiar. "Let's get you clean up," she added, seeing my hesitation. I would've liked to be clean for once, so I followed her up the stairs. There were pictures on the walls, but I didn't have the time to look at them. The lady led me to this room, and she went in. I stayed outside, but I could see the walls were painted a light purple. I looked longingly at that color. It was so nice and it was like I had pick it out myself. The lady came back to me with clothes and led me to the bathroom. She closed the bathroom door and told me to come look for her when I was done.

I took a hot shower, rubbing every dirt off me. The warm water warmed my body and made my legs less numb. I washed my hair and got all the chunks of dirt out. When I was done with the shower, I went out and dried myself. There was a mirror in the bathroom and I caught a glimpse of myself. My face was clear now, and I stared into my dull brown eyes. My hair was a messed but it was clean. I ran my fingers through my hair to get out all the tangles and pull it all back from my face. I put on the clothes that the lady gave me. There were a yellow ruffled tank top and a pair of skinny jeans that fitted me perfectly, which surprised me so much. I looked at myself again in the mirror, and saw this whole different girl from the reflection in the front window earlier. This girl seemed too out of place in these clothes. I kept feeling like I was missing something. The silver chain that I had put on the counter before I went into the shower was still lying there. I quickly put it on, because it was the only thing that tied me back to that girl in the front window reflection.

My old clothes were nowhere to be seen. The lady must had took it while I was in the shower. I remember her telling to me look for her outside, so I opened the door from the bathroom and stepped outside. I decided to head downstairs and looked for the lady. Going down the stairs, I looked at the pictures hung on the wall. I came to a stop as I saw a family picture. The lady and man were stood behind a smiling girl. There was a golden retriever next to her. I stared at the smiling girl.

I held my breath as I took the face of the girl in.

She had the same hair that I had, but it was brushed neatly. She was wearing that same yellow ruffled tank top that I was wearing, but she was wearing shorts with it. She was colorful and happy. She looked so familiar, like I saw her so many times before. I looked down at her right wrist and saw her wearing the exact same silver chain that I had around my right wrist. My world immediately stopped when I stared into her brown eyes. The brown eyes that had stared back at me from the front window and from the bathroom mirror.

This girl was me.