Our very first oneshot! We are super excited to be posting this one!

This story was created from a very fun role playing session on Skype, where Maddam played our cute, little twink, Taylor; and Robin played our big, dominating top, Shane. When we finished it we decided we just HAD to share this with our fellow m/m smut lovers because it is just so damn hot! ;) And so was born: MaddamAndRobin!

We hope you enjoy! Leave us some love if you do! And you might see some more Shane and Taylor if we get some good feedback… ;)

Warnings: Homosexuality (m/m), Dubcon, Graphic Sexual Content (anal, oral, BDSM, etc.), Knifeplay, Minor Blood, Mentions of Previous Abuse and Incest, and Harsh Language.

Taylor gazed into the mirror above the dresser and ran his fingers through his hair, making sure the tousled, blonde curls were as neat as he could get them. He tilted his head to side and gave himself a small smile; he looked good tonight, he felt good too. He was determined to have fun this evening, no matter what. If that meant pissing Shane off, then that's what would happen. He gave himself one last look in the mirror and nodded. He was ready.

As if his thoughts summoned the older man, strong arms suddenly wrapped around his thin waist and a deep voice rumbled his chest.

"You gonna be my little bitch, tonight? You gonna ride my cock like a good little slut?" Shane growled nuzzling his boyfriend's neck. "Or do I need to lay you down and make you take it?"

Taylor tensed at the demanding tone in Shane's voice and shuddered from the warm breath on his skin. Shane was in a rough mood, he could tell by the harsh spoken words. The smaller man took a deep breath and let it out slowly.

Here we go, he thought.

"Are you ordering me to ride your cock? Because I think I might have something else more important to do…" He responded bravely, unable to hide the little smirk that spread across his lips.

Shane chuckled softly, assuming the little twink was joking.

"Like suck it?" He murmured, licking a hot trail up to his boy's ear. Fuck, he always tasted so good fresh out of the shower.

"Like…" Taylor drew out the word. "Maybe I wanna hit the clubs tonight... Find someone to dance with... Have a few drinks... You'll be okay home by yourself this evening, right?" He said smoothly, slowly pulling out of the man's arms and taking a step away.

Shane's eyes widened and he stared at the cocky smirk on his boyfriend's cute mouth, realizing the little brat was being serious. He allowed anger to thrum through him.

"I fucking KNOW you did not just suggest wandering off to whore it up and leave me here picking daisies." The middle aged man snarled, taking a swift step towards Taylor and quickly reaching out.

He caught the kid on the cheek with a stinging smack from the palm of his hand, just a little reminder to let the young man know who he belonged to.

Taylor flinched from the slap and glared up at Shane. After a few seconds he turned on his heel and stomped into the living room. He grabbed his jacket off the back of the couch and headed for the front of the house. He was going for the door, whether Shane liked it or not.

Shane watched the boy walk away from him in slight disbelief. Oh, HELL no.

He strode across the room and was next to Taylor before the hot little twink could step out the door. He grabbed a nice fistful of soft hair and yanked back hard, kicking the door shut at the same time.

"Time to drag your sassy little ass to the bedroom," Shane growled while yanking his wayward boyfriend in that direction. "I think someone needs a little remedial instruction on how my fucking boy-toy should behave."

"Ahh! Let go!" Taylor yelped. "You don't OWN me! I can go out if I want! I'm not some little toy you can just use whenever you feel like it!" He cried out, reaching up with one hand to pry the man's big hand out of his hair and throwing a clumsy punch with his other.

"You are fucking mine!" Shane yelled, jerking the kid around to face him, easily avoiding the swing. "Where the fuck would you be without me? I put the clothes on your back. I give you everything. You think that little job at the coffee shop, the one I got you, would buy you all the shiny things you like? You think you can afford rent in anything but a shithole?"

He dropped the little snot to the floor of the bedroom, letting him hit the carpet hard.

"Or maybe you want to go home to Daddy? Yeah, he'd enjoy having you home. So, go ahead and go." Shane waved at the door. "Go fucking play. Be a dirty little whore and see where it gets you, but don't you come back here. I'll find someone who isn't a child who appreciates what I do for them." He sneered.

Taylor glared up at his controlling boyfriend, but paled slightly at the mention of his touchy-feely father. The man had liked to spank him a little too much when he lived at home, putting him over his knee whenever he felt like it. Taylor had always been forced to suck the cruel bastard off, then the man would make sure to threaten the boy to keep it "their little secret" afterwards.

"I just want to go out tonight and I knew you wouldn't want to go. I'm still young, you know!" Taylor stomped his foot. "I'm only 19, I need to have fun while I can. Why can't I go out tonight?" The younger man pouted, trying to play cute to get his big boyfriend to give in.

Shane let out a harsh, barking laugh and stepped closer to the kid.

"You KNEW I wouldn't want to go?" He yelled.

He reached out and smacked the pretty face below him again, harder than before.

"Did you fucking ask me? I don't recall you having the ability to read my goddamn mind. No. You want to go out so you can fuck around on me." He loomed over the cringing young man. "You need some nice younger cock in your ass, is that it?"

He hit Taylor again, creating a dark red handprint on the pale cheek.

"Huh? You going out to drop your panties for any fucker who'll give you a drink or a smoke?" He demanded, leaning close to the boy's face.

"No, that's not true!" Taylor whined, clutching his throbbing cheek. "I just want to go have some fun with my friends! You never want to do stuff like that with me! So what's the point in asking you!? You would just say no, like always!"

He pulled himself to his feet with the help of the bed and pushed past Shane, walking towards the living room again.

Shane sighed heavily and followed the younger man.

"Are you going to pout again? It's starting to get old. A lot of this childish shit is starting to get old. If you just want to go out with your friends then why are you with me at all? Hmm?" He said quietly, leaning against the doorframe of the bedroom. "Why aren't you just going with them? Why don't you leave me? Then you could play all you want."

Taylor stopped and turned back to the man, sighing in exasperation.

"I'm with you because I love you! You make me happy! I don't want anyone else! But I'm so tired of the same old boring nights, just sitting around watching movies!" He threw up his hands in frustration. "I want to DO something! I want excitement! I NEED excitement!" He said loudly.

Shane's eyes flared at the kid's whiny words.

"You want excitement?" He growled. "I can give you excitement."

He quickly grabbed Taylor and yanked him up by his arm, then flung him over his shoulder and marched back towards the bedroom.

"Ahh! Hey! W-wait!" Taylor cried out, struggling in Shane's strong arms. "Wh-what are you doing!?"

Shane gave the twink a quick smack on the ass.

"Settle down!" He growled, jostling the smaller man.

"OW! Hey! That hurt!" The kid whined, continuing to struggle and hit the larger man's broad back with his fists.

"Shut up. We're having exciting time now," Shane said with a smirk, giving the brat another ass smack as he crossed into the bedroom. He flung the boy to the middle of the bed. "Exciting enough yet?"

Taylor bounced when he landed on the mattress and stared up at his boyfriend with wide eyes. After a few seconds a mischievous grin spread across his pouty lips.

"Yeah, if you consider an old man giving you a piggy-back ride exciting, then sure; that was REALLLY exciting," he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. He knew his smart ass remark would piss Shane off, but he couldn't help it: it felt good talking back sometimes.

Shane's mouth fell open slightly in disbelief.

"You little shit…" He snarled.

Before Taylor even noticed that Shane had pulled his arm back, the man's fist collided with his cheekbone, snapping the kid's head to the side and eliciting a cry of pain.

God that felt good.

"I have fucking had it with your disrespect!" Shane yelled.

He grabbed Taylor's thin wrists with one hand and pinned them above his head, then reached up to the headboard and brushed aside a few zip ties to grab a box cutter. Shane had used the items during a project earlier, but hadn't gotten around to putting them away; he was glad he hadn't now. He clicked the blade out and brought it close to the stunned boy's face, running the dull side across the reddened cheek.

"Still not exciting enough?" He hissed menacingly, a feral grin on his face. "Because I think I can do better."

Taylor stared up at the man with wide eyes and began to squirm, panicked by the sharp tool close to his skin.

"B-babe! W-wait! I was j-just kidding! I didn't mean it! I was playing around! You're starting to scare me!" He stammered out, trying to wiggle out of Shane's firm grip. Holy shit! What the fuck had gotten into him!? He had never acted like this before!

"Ah ah. Careful. I wouldn't want to accidentally cut that pretty face. Then those fucking sluts at the clubs wouldn't be so interested would they, Tay?" Shane murmured, slowly sliding the blade across Taylor's smooth cheek. "I'm so fucking tired of playing nice. I pamper and coddle you and what do I get?" Shane's face tightened into a snarl. "WHAT DO I FUCKING GET?!" He shouted into the kid's face. "I get a boyfriend who just wants to whore around? I've fucking had it!"

Taylor whimpered and closed his eyes, then turned his face away from the cold metal.

"N-no... I swear I've never done anything with anyone else... I swear! Please, stop! You're acting crazy!" He whined, the sound of tears in his soft voice.

He knew Shane hated when he cried. The man always thought he was just trying to get his way by crying like a little girl, but he couldn't stop a tear from slipping down his cheek from fear.

Shane let go of Taylor's wrists and gripped the boy's hair instead, leaning in even closer to the pretty face below him.

"Bull. Fucking. Shit." He pulled the blade from Taylor's slightly bruised cheek and sat back on his heels. "And don't think those crocodile tears are going to change anything… Now flip over on your stomach," he demanded.

Taylor stared up at the man in disbelief.

"You think I'm lying to you!? I'm not! I'm NOT! What are you planning on doing to me, huh!? If you're trying to scare me, it worked, okay!? I'm scared shitless, alright!?" He whined pathetically. "I won't ask to go out anymore! You win! Now stop acting like this! You can't do shit like this! It's not funny!"

"I thought you wanted exciting," Shane said, reaching down and lewdly grabbing his bulging crotch. "Well, I'm fucking excited. Now flip the fuck over or I'll make you," he growled, leering devilishly.

Taylor gazed up at his boyfriend warily, trying to judge the situation. He sat up slowly, keeping his eyes trained on the man's face.

"This isn't funny. You're being mean. I'm not gonna play stupid games like this with you. Since you're not going to let me go out I'm going to go make myself a drink here instead." He said carefully, starting to try to stand up.

"Interesting choice." Shane hissed, blocking his path. "I guess I get to make you."

He grabbed Taylor by the collar of his shirt and yanked back hard, making the slender young man fall to his side. He rolled the twink onto his front then held him there with his knee pressed into the middle of the boy's back. He slapped the box cutter back onto the headboard and quickly grabbed a zip-tie. He snagged Taylor's hands and bunched them together, before snapping the zip-tie around them and yanking it tight.

"Ahh! No! Stop! T-too tight!" Taylor cried out, his scream muffled into the mattress, struggling as much as he could under the man's knee.

"Right! Let's try this again." Shane snatched up the box cutter once more and flashed it front of Taylor's eyes. "Is this 'old man' exciting yet?" He snarled. "You want another fucking piggy-back ride?"

He grabbed the back of Taylor's silky blue shirt and tugged it away from his skin. He slashed it open, then yanked hard, tearing it further to expose creamy, pale skin.

Taylor let out a loud, surprised yelp and started to shake his head frantically.

"No! No! Please! You're scaring me! Stop it! Pleeeease!" He whined pathetically.

"I thought you wanted excitement! Now you're whining like a little bitch!" Shane exclaimed, reaching down and turning Taylor's face towards him. "Let's get more fucking exciting…"

He easily sliced through the sleeves of Taylor's shirt, then yanked the tatters free, exposing the young man from the waist up.

Taylor couldn't help but wriggle out of nervousness as Shane worked and the blade suddenly nicked his skin.

"OW!" He yelped loudly. "You fucking cut me! This isn't funny, Shane! Stop!" He cried, as tears began to leak from his big blue eyes.

He tried to squirm away from the man, but couldn't do much but wiggle around on the bed.

"Awww. Did the poor little girl get a boo-boo?" Shane mocked the younger man. "Does she want a Barbie Band-Aid?"

He scooped the small trickle of blood from the cut onto his finger and smeared it roughly across Taylor's lips, grinning at the disgusted look on his boyfriend's face. He reached down and grabbed the boy's narrow hips, digging his fingers in before he hooked them in the top of Taylor's pants, then yanked downward. His cute little bubble ass wasn't much of an obstacle as long as Shane pulled hard enough. Soon the twink's skinny jeans and boxers were around his knees.

Taylor wiped his mouth on the comforter, wincing at the taste of his own blood. He looked back at Shane and made an adorable whimpering noise.

"B-babe, please… I'm sorry…" He whined, pleading with his eyes.

Shane gazed down at Taylor for a moment, taking in his vulnerable form with a wild look in his eyes, then he unbuckled his belt with a loud clack. He grabbed the metal buckle and pulled it free with a soft whoosh of leather on fabric.

"I'm excited; are you excited, Tay?" He asked in a teasing tone, before stepping off the bed to stand next to it.

He grabbed the little twink and tugged him across the sheets until his head was hanging off the edge of the mattress. He quickly unfastened his pants and tugged his rigid cock free.

"Now, why don't you show me just how sorry you are, slut." He growled darkly.

Taylor lifted his head to look at Shane's thick length and nodded slowly.

"Y-yeah, o-okay… Whatever you want, babe…" He whimpered quietly, trying to please the man so he would stop acting so strange.

He opened his mouth for Shane's cock, glancing up at his boyfriend to make sure the larger man was pleased with his actions.

"Mmm… That's better, bitch." Shane leered down at Taylor. The kid was acting like the eager cock-drunk slut that he always had been.

He grabbed a fistful of silky blonde hair and shoved his dick past Taylor's lips roughly, deep into the hot mouth. His wicked grin grew wider as the familiar warmth surrounded his flesh.

"Now use that little whore tongue and make me happy." He commanded.

Taylor choked and gagged slightly, but quickly adjusted, the angle making it only a little difficult to take his boyfriend's girth. As he got into it he began to slurp and hum appreciatively around Shane's dick, while small moans vibrated in his throat. A deeper groan was pulled from him as he pulled back slightly to drag his tongue over the head, caressing the tip and its slit then lower where the shaft met the glans. He was enraptured with the hot silken shaft and the tracery of veins down its length. Taylor closed his eyes as he savored the taste of Shane's arousal; it was probably his favorite flavor in the world.

Shane grunted as his boyfriend expertly sucked and licked his throbbing cock; the kid's hot little mouth always felt so damn good. Taylor's cock-sucking skill was one of the things he loved most about the cute twink; he was definitely the best Shane had ever had. The man tried not to think about the fact that the boy's father was the one who had trained him how to give head so perfectly, but it helped that Taylor acted like such a little slut when he was doing it.

Shane groaned as Taylor's tongue swirled around his tip in a way that made his knees weak. He couldn't remember the last time the kid had sucked him off so eagerly. He always did amazing, but there was something more this time. A desperation, a plea.

Normally he let Taylor decide how much of his cock he took, but this time he pushed deep. He knew the boy hated to deep-throat, it scared him, reminding him of bad experiences in his unfortunate past…

Right then he didn't fucking care.

"Open your fucking throat. Take it like a good bitch," He growled.

Taylor's eyes flew open wide and he choked around the offending cock, his throat convulsing in his sudden panic. He began to shake his head the little amount he could, making pitiful noises that sounded like muffled "un-uhs". Tears leaked from his eyes, Shane's words sounding too much like his father's hateful words that still rang in his had to this day.

Shane tightened his grip in the boy's hair and thrust his cock against the barrier at the back of Taylor's small mouth. He snarled in frustration and looked down, then realized he still had his belt in his hand. He grinned wickedly as he brought the leather down across the perfect, pale ass of the boy lying prone on the bed.

"Fucking relax your throat! I know you can!" He demanded, thrusting harder as he brought the belt down again.

Shit! He couldn't remember the last time he had been so hard or had a blow job feel so good!

"Open your fucking throat!" He yelled loudly, his voice echoing off the bedroom walls.

Taylor jumped at the command and shut his eyes tight from the sting of the belt. A scream tried to force it's way past the cock already deep in his throat, which let Shane push in even deeper as his throat opened up to let the scream out. He gagged on the big dick, slick muscles tightened around Shane's thick length. He made whining noises in protest that sounded distorted, but also erotically hot. Taylor squirmed his ass, helplessly trying to avoid another painful blow.

"Ah, fuck yeah, baby," Shane grunted as the boy's throat squeezed him, hot and wet and tight.

Usually Taylor used one hand at the base of Shane's cock while he blew him, the kid always complained Shane was too big for him to fit it all. Now his pretty lips were all the way to the base, flushed close against the large man's pubic bone. Shane groaned as he gazed down at the lovely sight of tears streaming from Taylor's pretty blue eyes, his lips stretched wide to take his thickness. He continued to plunge his length in and out of the brat's hot mouth, forcing his way deep into the tight throat with every thrust. He gripped Taylor's hair firmly to keep the boy from struggling away.

"Yeah, you fucking take it you little cheating whore." He snapped the belt across the kid's willowy thighs. "Maybe you'll remember this next time you want to go fuck around on me at the clubs. Is this what you want from your little friends?" He hissed as he thrust faster. "You need them to put their little dicks in you?" He demanded, knowing Taylor couldn't answer.

The noises the little twink were making were driving him wild, little grunts and whimpers, whines and chokes. Fuck he sounded hot getting face-fucked.

Taylor could barely breathe past the choking cock, Shane's brutal thrusts reaching further back than any dick had ever been. The belt in the man's hand was a painful reminder of his past and he could barely think with it snapping against his skin again and again. He started to struggle wildly in a panic, still managing to grunt out little sounds that resembled "un-uhs!" trying to deny the words coming from his boyfriend's lips.

His hands clenched and unclenched, making the zip-tie dig into the flesh of his thin wrists. He kicked his legs helplessly against the rumpled sheets, his feet sliding across the silky material.

Shane thrust in and held his cock deep in Taylor's throat and snapped the leather down yet again on the kid's welted backside.

"Mmm… Does it hurt, bitch? Can you breathe?" he groaned as Taylor struggled, the vibrations and jerky movements from the smaller man feeling amazing on his cock. "Do you fucking like it, whore?"

He quickly yanked his dick out of the boy's mouth, afraid that he would cum if he stayed inside the tight heat any longer. He hurriedly yanked Taylor so that his legs were hanging off the bed, then he roughly flipped him onto his back.

"Let's see if you liked it…" Shane growled, grabbing Taylor's pretty cock in his big hand.

To Taylor's immense dislike, he was already painfully hard, the rough treatment turning him on in ways he had never experienced before. It had always been his weakness, his curse, enjoying being treated like a toy, like the little slut Shane accused him of being. He cringed at the memory of his bastard father spanking him, then turning him over only to discover the boy's immature erection leaking enough precum to soak through the man's pants. Taylor would forever remember his father's surprised laugh and disgusting sneer, and his crude comment about him always knowing his son was a little faggot slut.

But that was why he had picked Shane… To feel that sense of power the man held over him, to always know that his boyfriend could snap him like a twig between his strong hands anytime he wanted. Taylor knew he was broken, but that had happened a long time ago; there was nothing he could do now except embrace who he was. He taunted Shane because he needed it, because he wanted the man to get mad. They played this game a lot, slipping into different roles every night. But it had never gone this far, Shane had never acted like this before. It was scaring the fucking shit out of him… But it was turning him on even more.

Taylor lay panting, gasping for air, sucking precious oxygen into his deprived, burning lungs. He felt dazed and scared, looking up at Shane's grinning face to meet his piercing eyes. Without thinking, he thrust up into the man's hand, as if strings were attached to his hips, jerking his body up like a puppet. He wanted to cum… He needed to cum…

"P-please…" Taylor whimpered, grimacing at the sound of his hoarse voice.

Shane gripped his boyfriend's skinny cock harder, letting the silky skin drag through his fist as the younger man thrust.

"That's my dirty little cockwhore. You fucking love it. I hope that slutty little mouth got me wet enough." He growled.

Shane let go of the pretty cock and grabbed the kid's ankles instead. He pushed them up, bending Taylor's legs until his knees nearly touched his shoulders. He moved his hips forward and reached down with one hand to line himself up to Taylor's tight hole. His cock was just slick enough to be able to force the thick, throbbing head inside. Shane still pushed, the thought that it was going to hurt the twink making him weep precum.

Taylor threw his head back and cried out from the burn in his ass as Shane breeched him. They hadn't fucked since the night before last because Shane had to work early that morning, a simple blowjob had satisfied him. Taylor had jerked off while giving it, so his ass was tight. Shane was usually careful about preparing him and they always used tons of lube; Taylor had always appreciated his thoughtfulness. But tonight the sensations were overwhelming.

Shane's cock was just wet enough to slide into his hole, but the lubrication was gone after that. The feel of his boyfriend's thickness filling him up and the drag of skin-on-skin friction as the man slowly slid inside of him made the boy whimper and whine in the way he knew drove Shane nuts. He tossed his head from side to side, squirming on top of his still bound hands. It hurt! It fucking hurt! But at the same time it felt so damn good.

Shane looked down to watch himself sliding into Taylor's body, but his shirt hem got in the way. He whipped the offending article of clothing off and flung it across the room with a snarl.

Fuck, the little brat was tight tonight!

He spit, landing the saliva on Taylor's straining hole so he could at least get inside. The drag on his cock was excruciating and blissful at the same time. He groaned when he couldn't wait anymore; he wanted to feel that tight heat on every inch of his throbbing length. He leaned over Taylor and gripped his slim hips, then slammed into him.

Taylor screamed as Shane forced himself into his body hard, somehow just barely managing not to tear his painfully stretched hole. He closed his eyes tight and struggled to breathe through the pain, all the while wondering how something so painful could also bring him such pleasure.

Shane held still, buried to the hilt inside of Taylor's hot body. He sucked in breath as the twink trembled around him, slowly adjusting to his girth. He gazed down at his sexy little boyfriend as he slowly drew himself out… Then he plunged in again. He stretched his legs out so that all of his motion came from his hips. He reached down and smacked Taylor's still reddened cheek to get the dazed boy's attention.

"Who do you fucking belong to, whore?" He snarled, grinding his cock in deep.

The slap to his cheek and Shane's growled out words barely made it to Taylor's foggy brain as his mind slipped away from the bliss of pleasurable pain, but he struggled to answer as he relaxed into Shane's rough rhythm.

"Y-you, Sir!" He choked out past a loud moan as it was ripped from his sore throat.

"You're goddamn fucking right," Shane snarled. He began to pump in and out of the boy harder and faster. "Fucking take it…"

He wrapped a hand around Taylor's delicate throat and squeezed, while his other hand wrapped around the younger man's leaking dick.

"Take it, bitch," he growled as he rolled his hips with every thrust.

He knew right when he pinpointed Taylor's sweet spot, the familiar shudders pulsing through the squirming body below him evidence of the boy's growing pleasure.

"Cumslut. Cockwhore." Shane snarled out the cruel words, knowing that Taylor enjoyed the harsh treatment from every little "oh!" that left the twink's delicious little mouth.

He pounded Taylor's ass even harder, and jerked on his pretty cock roughly at the same time, not even caring that everything had fallen off the headboard and that they were in danger of breaking the bed; it wasn't the first time they had worn out a piece of furniture doing this.

Taylor moaned and whimpered and squirmed and cried out repeatedly as Shane's cock raked over his prostate. He could barely breathe with the man's hand around his throat, but he still leaned up into the grip even more, wanting to feel his boyfriend's power. The rough jerks on his cock were almost too painful, but they just brought him that much closer to the edge.

"Unngghh!" He groaned, closing his eyes tight. "C-cum… Gonna cum, S-Sir!" He gasped out, his voice a plea for release.

"You fucking wait for me," Shane ordered.

He slammed into Taylor harder and faster, his fingers clenching tighter around the lean throat beneath his hand. His other hand jerked on Taylor's cock rougher and quicker, loving the heat of the boy's silky skin. He sucked in a breath and his vision sparked.

Taylor was close to passing out from lack of oxygen, his frantic little gasps past the strong hand on his throat doing little help for his brain. He concentrated on Shane's demand to wait for him to cum; it was the only thing that kept him conscious.

"Now. Cum now!" Shane commanded, shoving himself deep inside Taylor's hot body and holding himself there as he started to spurt.

As soon as Taylor felt the man's cock throb with his release, his orgasm hit him hard and made his vision go white. He screamed his boyfriend's name, his voice broken and hoarse. He fell limp to the bed after his cum had covered his heaving stomach and chest. He laid still, his hearing ringing, the only other sound in his ears his loud breathing.

Shane's orgasm stretched on as he felt Taylor clench and spasm around him. He let go of the boy's throat to grasp his hips instead and hold him tight on his erupting cock. He grunted as the last wave shook his body.

He fell forward to land next to his boyfriend on the bed, his slowly softening dick yanking harshly out of Taylor's well-used hole. Shane was still panting as he shoved the kid onto his side and grabbed the boxcutter that had fallen onto his pillow during their romp. He cut the plastic strip easily, carefully avoiding Taylor's fragile skin, then he tossed the knife back onto the headboard before gathering the smaller man tight to his chest.

Shane nuzzled Taylor's neck and squeezed him close, breathing in his comforting smell.

Taylor wrapped his arms around Shane's broad shoulders, still in a slight daze from his powerful orgasm. He whimpered softly, requesting his boyfriend's attention.

"Mmm… Good pet," Shane cooed, beginning to stroke the boy's smooth back. "You learned your lesson beautifully."

He peppered kisses where he could easily reach on Taylor's body and then let his head drop back to the bed.

"Sassy little stinker, though aren't you?" he said gently. "Old man, huh?" He muttered with a small laugh.

Taylor giggled softly.

"An exciting 'old man'," he murmured, pressing himself closer to Shane.

They were quiet for several moments, gradually catching their breath in the silence.

"You needed it bad this time, hmm?" Shane asked softly, moving Taylor to cradle him better.

Taylor nodded weakly, burying his face in the man's chest.

"You're too good to me, Sir." He sighed softly.

"I'm here for you, pet," Shane murmured, stroking the boy's soft hair and holding him close. "Whenever you need me, as hard as you need it," he assured the younger man, nuzzling his curls and humming happily. "How about we lay here and cuddle until we regain use of our legs, and then you can let me carry you off to give you a nice warm bath. Then I'll rub lotion into your welts," Shane said softly, kissing Taylor's crown. He loved taking care of Taylor more than anything…

Taylor sighed happily, sinking further into his boyfriend's embrace.

"Alright, 'old man', as long as our bath isn't as 'exciting' as our playtime was…" He teased playfully, grinning up at Shane from underneath his bangs.

Shane's booming laugh filled the room.

"Minx. Much more excitement and I'll likely break a hip, since I'm such a geezer," he chuckled, stroking Taylor's back and gently sliding his hand across the boy's welted ass. "Now take your cuddles like a good boy."

"Yes, Sir," Taylor whispered, kissing Shane's sweat slicked skin. "Thank you…" He murmured after a few seconds of silence, aware that Shane knew his appreciation went deeper than anyone else would ever understand.

"You're welcome," Shane replied, dropping a kiss to the boy's forehead and closing his eyes, letting his body relax. "I love you, Tay…"

"I love you too, Sir… So much…" Taylor mumbled sleepily, completely relaxing into his boyfriend's arms, so thankful for the man's power, his protection, his understanding, and his love.

Shane smiled contentedly, not bothering to open his eyes. His eyelids were far too heavy for that. "We'll have to decide what to play next time," he yawned. "The club-kid twink and the jealous boyfriend was fun though."

Taylor gave a cute sleepy hum. "I really enjoyed the face-fucking… And the boxcutter was a nice touch…" He thought for a moment. "I think maybe the washing machine is on the fritz. I should call a repairman… It would be terrible if he took advantage of me." Taylor traced a finger over his boyfriend's muscular shoulder. "He's so much bigger than I am, I'd never be able to resist him. And I'm sure he would have lots of interesting tools in his tool box…"

Shane chuckled, reaching up to click off the light. "Such a little slut."

"Your slut." Taylor whispered.

"My slut." Shane reassured. "Always."

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