The boy was kneeling against a tree as he saw the long, dark-haired girl with blue eyes stare at him. He replied to her staring with a small smile and waited patiently for the girl to speak. While doing that, he concentrated more on her eyes. They had a certain depth you could get lost in. Her skin was white, with her bangs covering her forehead. She looked so innocent - her face now clearly bathed in curiosity.

She finally spoke, "So, you are saying you are a vampire..."


"You suck blood from beautiful girls..."

"No, we don't drink blood..."

"Why not?"

"Erm...why would we drink blood?"

"That's what everyone says...dude, Twilight!"

"That's a fiction movie..."

"So, what do you drink?"

", maybe?"

"You shine under the sun?"


"You burn under the sun?"


"You hate onions?"


"You are immortal..."

"I don't think so..."

"Dude, you are useless..."


"So, what are you? A showpiece?"


"Why are you a vampire again?"

"Well, we are a different species then humans?"


"We are physically stronger, we can use 40% of our brain while you humans are limited to 10%, since our brains are better, our input is better, and there are some things only we can do..." he trailed off.



"Bite me..."


"I have an exam coming...I could use the brain thing..."

"You won't become a vampire if I bite you..."


"If a vampire and a human produce a child, that child will be half human and half vampire..."

"That's stupid..."


"Yeah...I was wondering..."


"If I cut you, break you, will you crawl back your pieces and be whole again?"

"Do I look like bacteria to you?"

"Hey! Twilight!"

"We will die like any normal humans if you shoot us in the heart or injure us in a huge way..."



"Thanks, you just ruined every girl's dream in this planet to have an immortal boyfriend who shines..."


"Stupid...You guys aren't even immortals..."

"We have a longer life span...maybe 140 years...150 max..."

"Oh...That still sucks..."

He sighed, looking at the girl who was now frowning at him.

"So, why do you guys call yourself vampires?" she asked.

"We don't. Humans named us vampires..."

"Then what are you called?"

"We were named something else by your people a long time ago. We have taken that to name ourselves."

"What was that?"


Author note: Hey guys! This is the prologue to a vampire story~ No not the bloodsucking shiny one ^^ This is my idea of how vampires really should be like. :) Criticism of all kinds will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!