My Will, Your Blood

Eve entered the old, broken down library opposite her house. It was a medium sized room with books in every corner on shelfs filling all sides.

"Ah, Eve! Here to get some books?" a middle-aged man spoke from the corner of the room.

Eve looked at him and smiled.


"Well, help yourself!"

"I will..."

Eve slowly walked towards the middle of the room scanning through books. The only reason why she ever bothered coming to this shop was because of the old books present. Eve was a fan of History, how countries were and how they turned out to be as they are. Lives of great kings and peasants. She was interested in the past, future mattered little to her. This shop had old books coming from random people who didn't need the books anymore. There would be some rare books which Eve would spend hours reading sometimes. As she walked deeper into the abyss of books she noticed something. There was another person here. Normally, this shop was empty and it rarely got visitors. Eve rarely saw anyone browsing the books.

She squinted her eyes to see the face among the dimly lit room. The person turned towards Eve and then slowly walked to her. It was a person, taller then Eve, he had dark black eyes and long blonde hair infront covering his forehead. He had a medium built and a small smile was playing on his face.

"Yeah, slowly walk towards a girl from the darkness with that perverted smile and the world will become your friend..." Eve said with a frown.

"Oh, I am sorry if I scared you..." the person spoke still that smile playing on his face.

Eve sighed and replied,"It's okay..."

She passed him and walked towards the end of the room and started looking inside a book that interested her.

"Excuse me..." the timid voice spoke again.

Eve slowly turned to look at him again,"Yes?"

"Could I look at that book you just took out?"


"Please...Just for a second..."

"I will hit you..."

"I have been searching for that book for awhile. I just need to..."

"I swear to God I will hit you so hard your head will split in half..."

Eve was now looking at him with furrowed eyebrows her cheeks red. She was pretty sure this guy was just here to harrass her. The guy finally sighed.

"So, what do you propose I do? I have been here looking for that particular book that you won't let me see..." he spoke with a calm voice.

"Take out a tissue paper, start crying, rub your tears and move on," Eve replied with an annoyed tone.

"Let me introdue myself, I am Lucien, I moved in the next block a few days back," he spoke smiling again.

Eve stared at him and then suddenly realised she was being too cranky so she slowly handed him the book.


"Thank you..."

She quickly passed him again, taking out another book that interested her and walked to the middle-aged man.

"Oi old man...who is that guy?" she whispered to him.

The old man glanced towards the back and then whispered back,"That's what you ask me after talking to him for so long? I thought you would know!"

"He smiles like this creep and asks for stuff!"

"Looks like a handsome fellow..."

"Old man! Don't fall for it! He is a pervert!"


"I think so..."

The old man chuckled and patted Eve's head.

"You interested in this book?"


"Well, take it."

"Thank you."

Eve walked out of the shop the arm holding her book moving from side to side.

Old man Iwan smiled as he saw the girl leave. Just after awhile Lucien walked to him.

"Ah, Lucien, seems like you have made quite the negative expression on that girl," Iwan said chuckling.

"I did?"

"She thinks you are some sort of pervert..."

Lucien sighed and then chuckled.

"I see. She seems like an unique character."

"Oh, she is a nice girl. Just acts weird around guys her age I think," the old man spoke his eyes moving to the book Lucien had.

"Found anything interesting?"

"I hope so..." Lucien murmured,"I should go."

As Lucien opened the main gate to step outside he heard the old-man's voice behind him,"Why are you here?"

Lucien turned at the old man and replied,"I am not sure yet."

"It's a peaceful town, don't cause trouble if you don't want the old me to give you a beating."

A smile crossed Lucien's face as he walked away into the darkness.

As the door of the shop closed Iwan's face turned serious as he stared at the ceiling thinking of the past.

Lucien walked on the empty street towards his house. It was a small town and there were few people. As he walked he could see a group of men standing towards the front. They were looking at him, and as he neared they slowly started walking towards different sides and slowly started encircling Lucien. It was only a moment before he was surrounded.

"Hey blondie..." one of them spoke with a high tone trying very hard to sound scary Lucien thought,"Where are you going?"

"To my house?"

A hand shot towards Lucien suddenly, an intended punch but he moved out of the way and let the hand eat nothing but empty air. The man who tried to punch him had an irritated look cross his face, and moved closer to Lucien ready to try to punch him again.

"Violence is not good for the heart..." Lucien spoke smiling.

"The fuck did you say?" Another from the side came and pushed Lucien to the other side.

"I am sorry. You wanted my wallet and cellphone I assume? I am not carrying a cellphone, but you can have all the money I have on me."

"Yeah, right after we beat the hell out of you, you smart mouth."

"Hey bastards! What do you think you are doing!" a voice echoed from somewhere away from where Lucien was standing.

There was a loud crash as Lucien saw one of the men fall down and behind him was a girl, with a fuming red face.

"Oi pervert! What are you doing here!" Eve asked with her usual annoyed tone while she glared at the guys around her.

"Well, enjoying the weather and getting mugged?" Lucien replied a little bit surprised by the entry.

"Are you stupid?"

A bulky guy from Eve's side was about to jump on Eve until a fist hit his face and he moved backwards giving out an agonising cry.

"Stay away from me you moron!" Eve screamed.

Lucien noticed all the men around him concentrated more on Eve now. This is bad.

One pair of hands grabbed Eve from behind and kept her trapped under his large arms.

"Good! Get her!" a voice came from another guy.

"Don't let the blonde moron go either!"

Lucien raised his hand to point the palm towards the trapped Eve. As she squirmed she noticed his hand and for a moment just stared at him and wondered what he was doing. It was only a few milli-seconds before she saw the hands around her were gone and all the men around them were frozen in place. The only thing which she saw in them that moved were their eyeballs, jumping around in their sockets. Their face looked like they were getting strangled, frozen in place. Suddenly, Eve could feel a chill coming to her as she now looked again at the person standing infront of her. And suddenly, all the men shot towards their opposite sides like bullets, some hitting the walls and one hitting a dustbin by the footpath. Eve looked around to see the men laying there. They are dead! she thought, tears swelling up her eyes. But, then she noticed the men moving and all of them giving out agonising cries.

Eve looked at Lucien as a drop of water fell down her cheeks.

"What did you do?"

"Nice weather eh?"


"It's a nice weather to walk on..."Lucien continued.

"Is this your way of avoiding a freaking question!"

"Maybe..." he murmured.

"You don't try to change a topic when you make 7 guys shoot of like fireworks! Tell me what did you do?!"

"Thank you..."


"You are like my saviour...saving me from these bad guys like that."

Eve was staring at the person standing before her. Is he a fucking moron?!

She noticed one of the men slowly trying to get up.

"We should really leave while we can..." Lucien spoke with a worried tone.


Both of them walked towards the end of the street and moved on to the other block.

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