They goad you into voicing your words,
And then torment you for speaking!
Well motherfucker, I've got a sound that you've never heard,
Prepare to hear the silent screaming!
Am I the only one who thinks it isn't absurd,
To possess any feelings?
If I was in your shoes I'd be fuckign concerned,
Cause I won't rest till you're bleeding!

The way this used to be!
I renounce your culture,
And the world that I see.
That this will never be,
The way we imagined,
Won't you take this place from me.

Surprise motherfucker, cause it's finally your turn,
To eat the shit you're feeding.
I know you got no soul, but fucker thats gotta hurt,
To be weaker than those you're demeaning.
How many faceless children gotta die till you learn?
This world ain't yours for the taking.
And you'll never win for within you no fire burns,
Like that inside the hearts you are arresting!

This sick society!
That robs us of our choices,
And distorts the things we see!
I'll bend!
But you will never break me,
Can you hear our voices?
Up there upon your seat?

Oh, I'm still on my feet,
I know not defeat.
I've forgotten forgiveness,
For some will never see.
Fact from fucking fiction;
Some enjoy being deceived.
Others utilize manipulation,
And live for chatastrophe.