Now a guy named Reagh, aged 26, had one thing so ingrained

In his yearnings, that he wondered if it might yet be explained

By a therapist. He went to Shrinks For Giants, whose new owner

Val Uayta put him on the couch, and analysed the loner.

"At fourteen, I learned the legend of a giantess named Kayte,
Who had eaten someone my size long ago. Now such a fate

Has an outcome which can't be undone. I don't think I'd be willing.
Yet the thought of being eaten seems to me uniquely thrilling.

There was fiction on our former world; but none would so involve

Lovely giant women doing it. I felt a strong resolve.

So I learned that Kayte was head of LATERALDATE, and thought of spending

Every bit of time I could, by joining up and then attending.

When I researched all the news of Kayte's old case, they proved that vore

Of a person (who objects to that) is deemed against the law.

But if I could get an amulet and gain the social graces

Of acceptance with some giantesses, that might be a basis.

Kayte's new father made those amulets. I'd hoped I could request

One to aid my temporary journey as a voluntary guest
Of a giantess's stomach, if a lass could be persuaded

To partake of such a meal. At last I might be properly aided.

Sadly when I joined the group, I learned that Kayte had now retired.
I would never have the amulet, nor do what I aspired.
Yet I keep on going every month, continually befriending

Giantesses, watching food go where their fingers keep on sending.

When it comes to making friends at all, I'm really very shy.

When I'm talking to a giantess, and trying to meet her eye,

I keep looking at her mouth and neck and tummy, still unable

To get near the subject of my hopes to partly live a fable.

So at last I've come to you. Perhaps you might give me some ways

To approach the topic gradually and hope a lady stays,

To become a friend who's interested in what I'm keen on doing.

If an amulet's obtainable, it would be worth pursuing."

"I can give you ways to look upon what you would think a thrill,"

Val said, "Actually what's happened is: You're mentally quite ill.
You've romanticized an action, which you knew has been unlawful,

And aspired to recreate it, overlooking that it's awful.

If you think of what you're asking for, you're really downright sick.

You desire to have a woman eat you, then employ some trick,

To escape the final outcome, which would mark you for expiry.

We need lots of extra sessions. Let me just consult my diary."

Reagh would keep his new appointments and pretend to acquiesce

To her counseling; but secretly would wish a giantess

Was prepared to be his diner. Then he thought of substitution:

He'd make do with dating someone giant sized: the best solution.

So he finished seeing Val Uayta. Then there came the night,
When he saw a lovely giantess and thought the time was right

(At a LATERALDATE home party) for some ordinairy romancing.

As the giantess drew near, he asked if she would like some dancing.

She positioned him upon her shoulder, so that he would stay

With his head against her cheek and said, "My name's Fyona-Mae."

Then they danced for half the night, his cheek to giant cheek, now feeling

That if he'd been sick, as Val had said, he'd found the means of healing.

When at last she said, "I need a drink," and took him to the bar,

Reagh said, "You have such a lovely name," and saw a sparkling star

In her eye, as she explained, "I use my middle name, not liking

My first name of Maura. I was born on earth, an old world Viking.

I am 38. My father was a Viking man as well.
When he died, my babysitter and my widowed mother fell

For each other over time. She came from this world, with diminished

Size whenever she preferred it, while my growing up was finished.

When I turned 14, my mother's side kicked in. One day I grew

To this giant size. I couldn't grow and shrink at will. We knew

That a power caused by treatments wasn't something I'd inherit.

So I went to giant school and got good grades with extra merit.

At 15 I met a giant boy and dated him for years.
Instant love became a marriage. Being married also clears

Any homesick thoughts of Norway, where my childhood recollections

Were unreachable at giant size, but memorized in sections.

So my mother (Jenyfer) and former babysitter (Krees)

Made their lasting home in this world, where he couldn't reach the knees

Of his quickly grown step daughter. But continuing this telling

Of my history moves to tears, which even now are almost welling.

After 15 years of marriage, at the age of 36,

I was witness to my husband and a falling pile of bricks.
Such an accident had claimed his life. I spent a whole year mourning.
We had been together 21 years, full of love and fawning.

My own daughter's 15 now, the age when things began for me.
Since I knew of LATERALDATE from Mother, I came here to see

What these functions offered widows. Mother said that its creation

Was for boys and giant widows. She was there for its foundation."

"I am 26, unmarried," Reagh explained. He thought, "Perhaps

What has happened put this chance for her and me right in our laps."

Then he asked if she would like to have a date, perhaps an outing.

"I've already dated in my teenage years," she answered, pouting.

"As you know, I dated six great years, and then became a wife.

I've enjoyed a happy marriage all those years of adult life.

I've no urgency to start again. Right now I'm simply rising

From reclusive grief and mourning into healthy socializing."

She'd been 26 and married, when he'd only been 14.
He'd been three to nine years old, when she'd indulged the dating scene.
Now she'd had it all (the things he'd missed, while he'd been vainly chasing

Dreams of amulets and being eaten: years he'd been erasing).

"If you'd rather be with someone else, I guess I'm not the guy,"

Reagh continued, 'But if what you say is true, please tell me why

You'd attend a singles social function: one that's always gearing

For relationships where giant girls find tiny guys endearing."

"I came here, because of something I have not yet done, to meet

Some lad younger than myself, whom I might have the chance to eat.
It's been on my mind for several years: my only missing pleasure.

While still married, I could not attend these functions at my leisure."

He could not believe his ears. The very thing that he'd suppressed

Was reciprocated (more than he desired). She'd just confessed.

"Do you fully understand the real and lasting implications

For the colonist concerned?" asked Reagh, to get some indications.

"Yes I do, but I have wanted this, since I was 25.

I've come searching for a lad who'll have me swallow him alive.

If he gives me his permission, Ambloome and that earthling faction

Have no moral grounds for taking any course of legal action."

"Do you merely seek a volunteer for this instead of dates?"

Reagh enquired, "Or would he need to have a certain set of traits?

What I'm asking (without meaning to suggest that you're a hussy)

Is: Would any willing dinner do, or are you somewhat fussy?"

"Well I do have some specific traits in mind, which I require,"

Said Fyona-Mae (the friend he'd sought since Kayte thought she'd retire),

"I would like to be at least a decade older than the donor,

Who'd be slender, sweet and handsome, with the background of a loner.

He would be a pleasant gentleman and always be polite.

Then I'd know (with every certainty) that such a lad was right

To complete the list of things I'd like to do in life. I'm waiting

'Til I've eaten someone. Dating you would just be complicating."

He had no idea if he would meet the factors on her list.

Still she'd brought back what was buried by his former therapist.

He would have to keep a friendship going. Then he had a brainstorm.
He could open up with something which he knew defied the plain 'norm.'

"Well I wrote a story once, inspired by legends of the one

Who, until a time before I joined, was always here to run

These activities. Her name was Kayte. They put her in the dungeon

For a year, when she'd involved a boy my size in her great luncheon.

There's a copy on my Colonist and Giant Wireless Stick,

For transmission to another, if you'd like to fetch yours quick."

(In the intervening decades, earthling colonists were brilliant

At computerizing Ambloome's world. Their students were resilient.)

So Fyona-Mae received the story on computer file.

Then she said, "It's nice to make a friend. I'll see you in a while,

At the very next month's function." Would the file that he transmitted

Give her clues to his own secrets, which he hadn't yet admitted?

For a month he couldn't wait to see her, even though she'd shown

That her goal went somewhat further than the ending of his own.

She would not approve of his desire to cheat the finalizing

Of the process known as eating someone, which was not surprising.

"Maybe I'm too unrealistic. There are only two known dames,
Who have even got an interest in these rather finite games.

Maybe I should simply let her know my thoughts. There'll be no question

That I'll still enjoy the rest of it, if I can face digestion.

I'll be gone, and then she'll be prepared to date someone again,

Having satisfied her eating urge. At least I met her when

She was looking for a guy like me, except my apprehension.
She's the only giant who was born my size in my dimension."

When the monthly function came, she spoke with ladies early on.

Then she came to him, and something of her giant features shone.
She said, "Reagh, I found your story channeled me as though you knew me
When you wrote your masterpiece. I didn't think you'd be so cluey."

"I've been thinking of the qualities you mentioned that would suit

Your prospective donor last time, when we talked, especially 'cute.'

They would seem to be the same things you would look for in a lover,"

Reagh began, while he continued acting somewhat undercover.

"Yes I think they are," Fyona-Mae replied, "I'd like to say,
That the only one I've met with all those traits is you, young Reagh."

He adored her more than ever, as at last the lady stated

That the longings he had not confessed were well reciprocated.

"Wow!" he said at last, "I guess if you were not out on your quest

For a boy to eat, you would have thought of me, to be your best

Chance at second rounds of wedded bliss. I'm really very flattered."

He was still not sure that he could give what she said really mattered.

"Reagh I know I hurt your feelings on the night when we first met.

That was never my intention, and I feel a deep regret.
Still you know what I'm in search of, and I tell you I would really

Like it, if you'd be the one. There's no one else I'd want, ideally.

I'll be friends with you, no matter what, but would you give some thought

To becoming what I've wanted 13 years, and this year sought?

You would make me very happy," said Fyona-Mae, "And surely

It's the best way, at this time, to show how much you do adore me."

"I'm still taking all this in," said Reagh, "And going through the throes

Of imagining your goal played out. I'm honoured that you chose

Only me, when every living earthling can be found out yonder

On your world. You have my word. I'll use this month to deeply ponder."

"Thank you darling. I was sure you'd be a gentleman about

What I've asked you for, despite the fact that you would then miss out

On a lot of things I've had already. Isn't this exciting?

Now I'll give you my new story (on this topic). I've been writing.

So she sent her tale to his drive too, and then they chose to speak

For the evening, sometimes during dances, cheek to giant cheek.

When he looked at her big neck now, he had visions of descending

Down inside it with his dreams all met and coming to an ending.

When the party finished, tall Fyona-Mae kissed him goodbye.
In the month ahead, he read her story several times, to try

To commit himself to being what she wanted. When the function

For the next month came, she'd want to eat him up with no compunction.

When they spoke again, he told her everything he'd said to Val,

Adding, "Sweet Fyona-Mae, I'd love to tell you that I shall.
But I'd want to use an amulet to get out, which is cheating

You of knowing that you'd had me for the full extent of eating.

You have no idea how much I've wanted this a whole lot more

Than a girlfriend; but I'm just as keen to teleport, before

You'd enjoy the last concluding bits, which I just find so daunting.
Since we met, I've found this whole affair to be so nice and haunting."

"That's alright," she said, "I know it came from you. I'm glad to clear

What your therapist had done to cloud your thoughts. I hold you dear

In my heart. I think this friendship is the closest thing that either

One of us will have to finding what we seek. Let's take a breather."

So they danced another night together, knowing they came near

To reciprocating perfectly what each of them held dear.
For another month he longed for her to be his short-term diner,

Then his bride. But she'd been married when the lad was still a minor.

Then they met again. He watched her eat the party food, then dance.

On her shoulder, Reagh thought, "I just can't keep waiting for the chance

To be with her like this just one night, with weeks alone to follow."

He'd had images inside his mind, since he had watched her swallow.

With his cheek against her own, he said, "Fyona-Mae, I know

I can't wait another month for this, and soon I'll watch you go.

I would rather be the one you seek. I've spent this evening weighing

What I'll gain and lose. My choice is yours. It goes without my saying."

"I know how you feel," she said, "Each time I sit alone and eat,

I keep wishing that the meal was you, to make my quest complete.

I'm so grateful that you're willing to consider compromising,

So that I can have my hopes in full. I feel my spirits rising."

So they left the party separately and rendezvoused outside.
Then she took the young man home with her, and Reagh enjoyed the ride

On her shoulder, while she walked along. She put him on her pillow.
Then she held her face above him and he saw her big cheeks billow.

Then she brought her giant lips towards his face and slowly pressed

There for several happy moments. Then she moved, and Reagh soon guessed,

That the kiss was now completed. Then she turned and lay down, resting

With her cheek against the lad who knew he'd satisfy her questing.

In the morning, they awoke. She said, "Though we must be discrete,

Never telling Mom what we will do, I'd like for you to meet

My nice mother. She and Ambloome have been friends since the beginning

Of their teenage years. They saved your world with size to aid their winning.

I would like my Mom to meet someone as kind and sweet as you.

We'll pretend we've started dating. So you'll have the chance, in lieu

Of the courtship that we might have had, to sample the tradition

Of the mother's blessing. Then our plans can come to full fruition."

"I would love to meet my diner's mother, dear Fyona-Mae.

It makes what's ahead romantic in a very touching way,"

Reagh replied, then paused and said, "I'm sorry if I have offended,

By perceiving this as something you've explained is not intended."

"Little darling, don't be sorry. It's romantic too, for me.
It's unfortunate that what you want just isn't meant to be;

But I want you gaining all you can, because the consolation

You perceive is all my own hopes' full and final realization."

So she took him to her mother's home, where Jenyfer referred

To her only child as Maura. Reagh could not equate that word

With Fyona-Mae, because he'd used her middle name quite rightly;

Since her middle was his destination, he considered lightly.

Reagh thought Jenyfer was pleasant; and she would have been a catch

Both for Braisyde and the young one (Krees). "She thinks we're quite a match,"

Said Fyona-Mae, when they were home, "I'll have to make excuses,

Once you've met the tingling feeling of my stomach's eating juices."

For the next day, they enjoyed themselves. Then dinner came around.

She had starved herself all day. So he could hear a rumbling sound

From her tummy. "Looks like I'm awaited," Reagh said, "And invited.

When I think of what we're doing, I am ever so excited."

"Can I warm you in a saucepan?" asked Fyona-Mae. She did,
When he said she could. She put some water in, but not the lid.

So they had the chance for talking more, while Reagh was in there, looking

At Fyona-Mae's inviting mouth. "Oh wow!" he said, "I'm cooking."

When she'd warmed him up, she took him to the bench and chose a bowl.

"Thank you once again," she said, "At last I'm going to meet my goal."

Then she took him to the table, where she sat down, looking lovely.

"This is what I've dreamt of," Reagh said, "With you towering there above me."

While she smiled, he watched her mouth, her neck, and then her tummy too.

It was rumbling once again, as though it beckoned them to do
What was coming. Then she looked him in the eye. "So are you ready?"

Asked Fyona-Mae, and held him as he nodded, "Just be steady."

As her giant gentle fingers held him comfortably, he loved

How they felt. So he was glad that she was not the least bit gloved.

Then she tasted him and said, "My little friend, I hope your wishes

Are as granted as my own. You're so incredibly delicious.

I do not believe that one should ever try before they buy,

Merely trust what's meant to be. Now you surpass the nicest pie,

And the finest meals I've had on earth or this world. Who needs pastry.

You exceed my expectations, and I knew that you'd be tasty."

"I am warmed by such nice compliments. You've made me feel sublime.

If I'm going to go ahead with this, we'll have to start some time."

Then she slowly ate him, careful not to risk some reckless biting.

As he moved towards her throat, he found the prospect so inviting.

Then she gulped and gulped, until he reached the bottom. That was it.

When she went to LATERALDATE next month, she felt she didn't fit.
There was no one that she loved as much as Reagh. She chose to borrow

Krees' old amulet, lest satisfaction turn to loss and sorrow.

Then she asked a lad she knew to travel into her own past

And her tummy, to retrieve the guy who'd broken her long fast,

Just as if she'd planned it all along, but when Reagh was transported

To the present, she fare welled the friend; and then at last they courted.

"For the first month I was happy, and believe the sacrifice

Had been yours," she said, "While life went on for me, and felt so nice.
Then the party came, and you weren't there. Then something you'd once mentioned

Came to rest within my thoughts. I know that you were well intentioned.

You had said that boyfriends (right for me) would also have the traits

Of the boy I chose to eat. I wished I had you there to date.
But I'd eaten you, and couldn't get you back, without devising

Quite a plan. I read your story for some great revitalizing.

You provided such a concept, when you were so very apt

With narration of an amulet to free a person, trapped

In a tummy. Then I knew that if I sent a willing leaper

Back in time, he'd get you out, before the time when you sank deeper."

"So before you did that, I was really gone," said Reagh, "Oh wow!

We've had all we wanted; and I love you more than ever now."

Reagh was happy. Then she said they'd have to keep the truth a mystery,

Since her Mom once told her Ambloome placed a ban on changing history.

Then (as Ambloome, paired with Lester once, had, in the future found

Written down) the time for Ambloome growing old had come around.

She and Nonvor had prepared for this, by choosing their next ruler

Long ago. So now Queen Ambloome still had some time left to school her.