Or Am I?

I see no faces, just two eyes
But there is only dark, no light
I feel alone...or am I?

These eyes they watch, they watch
But do they see?
I hear no voices, no voices

Is there no sound?

The eyes they close, I see no more
Am I truly alone?
Still no faces, now no eyes
There is still dark, still no light
Am I truly alone?

More eyes appear, they give me light

Some from before, but now some new
Some I know, some I've never seen

There they stare, yes they stare
But do they see?
I hear low whispers, low whispers
What do they say?

In their light, I see more than before
I see me, what I ought to be
Do I not?

But in their gaze, I feel something
I feel wrong, different from the rest
Do I look strange?

I feel arms around me, they are mine
They cover and they enclose
But they cannot protect me from the eyes

They watch, they stare, they glance, they glare

But do they see?
I hear whispers, my hands cover my ears, too many whispers
Why do they not stop?

Still no face, but too many eyes
Where is the dark, I do not want light
I feel surrounded...or am I?