Thank you for looking! Welcome to my world of dreams filled with hurt and comfort, coarse language and love, bad family realtions and good partnerships. Since this was a dream and i have not had anything established, i thought i'd explain a little first. Lucifer is the son of Samael - Satan - and his three partners belong to a close friend, but she has allowed me to post this, lucky me :D I have several chapters planned. Critiques will be highly cherished, for those help me improve and get better! And i so surely need to get better. Fair warning, there MIGHT be a tad of rather pathetic whining from a character that is all feels. *Shrug* Just how he is i suppose. :'D
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It hurt. Every bone broken, every nerve in pieces, every part of his body in utter anguish, but what had to be the very worst was the emotional pain. For how long had he been separated from the people he loved? For how long had his family kept him from earth? Beating him, cutting him, causing him all this pain and all for loving the wrong race, no, not just for loving the wrong race, but for loving at all.

Love was taboo for all high ranking demons, taboo for all angels of heaven and for the two angels of hell. He had been surrounded by those high ranking creatures for so long now, after such an incredible amount of time apart and he had not missed them.

All they caused was pain and grief, they could not love or feel affection, all they could, and did, was hurt those with weak minds. Like himself. Poor, poor, weak minded Lucifer. All he wanted was to be loved and all his brothers wanted were to be stronger, and the only way they could become that was to fight.

So they used him as a punching bag, a practice dog. A little, shivering creature completely unable to fight back the opposing team of huge, frightening hell hounds. Well, perhaps he could have fought back. With conviction maybe he could have won too, but, alas, he had to protect those he loved. Those three idiots who were only human and could never even think of fighting back against those brothers of his, how could they?

His many brothers were demons of utmost power and those three, wonderful, young fools were powerless. No human could possess the power to bring hurt to a demon. Could they..? No. No. It had never and could never happen, even though they all seemed so powerful in their own rights. Such strong wills, all of them.. Even Nekome, the youngest and the one with a most awful past, had such a strong mind.

Not like himself, no, who were weak and ugly inside. Maybe that was the reason to his attraction..? Because they were all so bold and strong, so full of life, so damn frail, yet all they did was fight for a better life.

He loved them. Greatly. And while lying here, on the freezing stone of whatever of hells layers this was, he felt his body use the last of its remaining power, he was not even sure on what. All his mind was preoccupied with was those three lovers of his. He wanted to see them again. Just once. He couldn't leave them, not now when they've finally all agreed to be together. He'd stop being such a terrible fiancé and start appreciating the sacrifices his soon-to-be husband made for him. He'd stop sleeping around with the wrong people and just keep it within these three people he loved.

He'd even tell Max that they could no longer see each other. He'd give up everything he had, his mansion, his servants, everything he had collected over the years, just to be able to see them again.

A bright, white light suddenly surrounded him and he felt light as a feather, for just a few seconds, before his broken body hit the ground again with a slam. The ground felt.. Warmer. Wet, but warmer than the freezing earth of hell. Was he lying in a puddle? The scraps of clothes he was wearing was beginning to feel wet. Maybe one of his wounds had just opened up and he was once again bleeding white blood? Wouldn't surprise him with all the wounds he had upon his body.


He heard himself whisper desperately, desperate for his love, desperate for this burning pain to cease. He wanted to open his eyes, but those too felt broken and hot. Hot with the pain of fingers crushing them and feet kicking his face, but he tried. He knew they could have healed by now, depending on the damage.

So he tried. And tried. All the while whimpering the names of his three true lovers, but, sadly, it seemed like it was impossible for him to open his busted eyes. All of the sudden he could hear running footsteps and a panting breath near him. 'No more' he thought 'why can't they leave me alone? Why must they continue making me suffer?'

A gasp and an unexpectedly soft touch to his face made him realize this could not be any of his family. Who could this soft hand belong to, in this terrible layer of hell?

"Oh god, Lucy.. What have they done to you?"


He whimpered in pain as he was lifted off the ground on pulled against a broad, warm chest. So the bright light had teleported him back to the earth, huh? His powers must have acted on their own and used what they had left to move him near the ones he wanted to see the most. His dear Oscar.. But how had he been found?

He had been at a dark, wet place, which excluded where any of them lived and nobody had seen or heard him before his fiancé, so it must also have had been away from people's eyes.

"Don't worry babe-" Oh how he loved that nickname "I'll get you home"

Oscar sounded so.. Sad, but he shouldn't, Lucifer hated when his fiancé was sad! Had he hurt himself carrying his body? Could he possibly make himself any lighter, maybe he was to heavy? He felt himself gasp and whine in pain as Oscar started to walk out from wherever they came from in a fast pace. He felt the vibrations and touches from the other body against his own broken one and it hurt like he was back in hell. What if this was all an illusion, tricked upon him by his evil family?!

"Shh, shh, shh! I'm so sorry darling, but the car is parked a little away. We'll get there soon and I'll.. I'll call Nathan so he can get a good look at you. My beautiful babe, what happened?"

Nathan? Who was Nathan? Oh wait he remembered now. Nekomes doctor who was in love with Nekome himself. He tried to hide it, but it was obvious. It seemed that Neko didn't know thought, but that did not surprise Lucifer at all. Nekome was oblivious to love in almost all its shapes after all. Poor Neko-baby. All he needed was love, but he never allowed himself to get it.

"Here we are."

He heard a door open slowly and close shut again.

"Fuck" Oscar whispered harshly as he tried opening it again. It had to be hard to carry a broken body, try to not cause it to much pain and open a car door at the same time, but in the end he got it open and he, as careful as the big lug could, placed his lover on the backseats of the car. Lucifer whimpered with anguish at the rearranging of his poor shape, but did not have any strength to fight back.

Even if this was a horrible trick, played upon him by his terrible family, the seats were warm and soft. And he could smell Oscar in this car. Lucifer's lovely Oscar, who now was stroking the white hair from his own eyes, as soft as a cloud caressing his forhead. It felt so nice. He wished it could go on forever.

"The drive will take a few minutes, hold on love. I'll call Rook or Neko or.. Or Nathan himself if I have to. Just hold on!"

He had to hold on. He was an Angel, even if he wanted to let go, his body was not broken enough. His dear family was too careful to let him die, always allowing him to rest and heal up before continuing their abuse on him. How long had he been gone..? Four years? Four years of constant abuse and torture, by the ones who by blood should have loved him, but they had no love in their hearts. Not even his creator, his parent, had any love left for him. All he wanted was a little love, was that too much to ask?

"D-do.." He had started a sentence just as Oscar was about to pull away from him.

"What? What did you say?!" Oscar had quickly turned back into the car and grabbed Lucy's face with a big, soft hand, turning it slightly against him, trying not to cause him any more discomfort.

"Do y-you.. Love.. Me?"

He whispered, trying to open his eyes and lift his hand, he once again failed and had to give up on using his body for anything useful. All his body could now, was hurt.

"Do.. Do I love you? What kind of silly question is that, babe?! Of course I love you; I love you with all of my heart. A-and Rook loves you too! Even Neko, that little fool, loves you, I bet. I'll get you home and I'll prove it to you. We'll all get you fixed up and healthy once more. I have to drive the car now, love, I'll drive as careful as I can. We'll be there soon, I promise!"

He felt Oscar pull away once more and heard him close the door after him. It didn't take many seconds before the front door opened, followed by the car dibbing a little as a heavy body sat on the front seat and the car started. Good. Maybe he was about to see his Rook and his Nekome again soon. Maybe he'd be able to open his eyes and look at his soon-to-be husband as well?

Perhaps he'd be able to lift his hand and stroke the face of any of his lovers before he was found out and taken back to hell. They should know he was gone by now. They'd come looking for him. They'd find them all and maybe they'd be so angry they'd take it all out on his humans?! He had to get away from them! Now, this very instant.

He tried to get up, but once again his body proved to broken to even move his hand more than a small twitch. 'Shit' He thought silently to himself as he felt a small bump ripple through the car. Must have hit a tiny rock with the tires, that Oscar. Even thought it was such a tiny bump he still felt the ripple through his entire body, pain echoing all across his corpus. He heard himself whimper in pain and felt a small pat on his cheek as Oscar reached back through the seats and touched his face.

"Shhhh, I'm sorry, but we'll be there soon"

How soon was soon? He didn't want to be in this car anymore. He wanted, no he needed to get away from here. He had been ever so happy to finally, after all this time, find his Oscar again, but he couldn't stay. He couldn't allow himself to cause danger for his loved ones, but at the same time he just couldn't muster the power it'd take to disappear from the car.

The heat from the car and the soft seats slowly pushed him into dreamland and he felt himself drift away. He did not want to sleep, but he was so, so tired. The pain had kept him awake in hell and he had been allowed no sleep for the years he had been there. A human in hell would go insane and he would too, had he not been an angel. Or maybe he was already insane and no sleep did not affect him anymore?

It sounded very possible and he felt more and more insecure about his own sanity as the drive went on. What if he was dangerous? Insane people, like that of his family, were very dangerous, so what if their torture had brought him to a hazardous level? They had always beaten him, it was one of the reasons he left hell in the first place, but this beating had been consistent and malicious, they had pushed boundaries and had only left him alone to heal.

He suddenly heard Oscar speak and for the few seconds it took him to tune in to it, he thought Oscar was talking to him, but the man continued to speak even when he received no answer and in the end Lucifer realized that Oscar was talking on the phone.

He wasn't sure if it was Nekome, Rook or Nathan, but it was rather frantic and he was suddenly afraid that they would be angry with him. He had been gone for a long time and then BAM he appeared out of nowhere, hurt and in need of their help. What if.. What if they got tired of him and just left him at some hospital? What if they admitted to not loving him anymore? But.. Oscar had just admitted to loving him. He wouldn't lie, would he? Would.. Would he?

He felt the car stop and heard Oscar turn off the car, get ouf of the door, slam the front door – rather harshly he thought – and open up the back seat doors. Once again he felt a warm soft hand touch his face and sudden, immense pain as he was pulled out of the car and lifted up against a broad chest. The door was slammed shut and he heard the two beeps from the car lock before Oscar began moving.

Were they are at Oscars home? Neko's home? Rooks? Or were they at – his biggest fear – a hospital where they could leave him and never return to him again?!

"Os.. Oscar.. W-where..?"

He was still whimpering and groaning in pain, but he needed to know. He had to know where they were, where he was going to be left all alone in the world-

"We're at my apartment, babe. Rook has been here for a few weeks now, worried about you. Nekome has been here in and out for just as long, but you know he has to keep the job running, so he couldn't stay at all times. Sure wanted to thought. We've drunk a lot of coffee together lately. You really caused some turmoil; you have no idea how worried we've been!"

They were worried about him? He had so wanted to be missed, for he had missed them with his entire heart, every single day of his imprisonment. So they did love him. They loved him. They truly loved him.. Even though his body was ruined and his mind was scattered, he could feel himself smile up at one of the men he was sure he was destined to share his life with.

He so wanted to open his eyes and look upon him with all the love he felt for him. There had been a reason that he had agreed to marry this man. Never in his long, long life had he ever even considered the possibility of marriage with any creature, male or female, but this man rode in on his white steed – or were it black? – and swept him away with his love.

Sure he had had lovers before, many in his life and he was sure they had all loved him, but never had it been enough for him. He had always strayed looking for more or harsher love, always looking for someone to love and hurt him, but this time he had found three people. If you could only marry all three.. Although he was pretty sure neither Nekome or Rook were particularly inclined to getting married, he still kind of wanted to.

'Screw it' He thought 'Oscar has allowed me to be with them all, so as long as they do not leave me, I'll be okay!'

They were walking up stairs now, he felt it. He heard Oscar's breath get a little deeper, but besides that there were no change in his demeanor. He was really trying to walk as softly as he could, while still being fast and careful to not hurt the bundle of pain he was carrying in his arms. He arrived in front of a door and with a foot kicked it sharply, before pulling Lucifer a little closer.

It didn't take many seconds before the door opened and there stood Rook, big eyed and with a worried face, taken back by the image in front of him. There was big, black Oscar with this little, white bundle of a broken body in his arms, the occasional wound re-opened and bleeding white blood onto Oscar's body and hands. What could have happened?