I stood there and watched as you turned away. I stared up at your back with hollow eyes. I felt it, I felt the pain, but I also loved it. You left. Left everything without a care. They say you should make amends with the people in your life. Maybe, just maybe I should, but I won't. After all it is always a choice, yes, you always have a choice. You left, left me for another breaking our hearts in two. But now, now I fly high and I feel no pain. Yes, I don't feel it anymore. But I still miss it, after all I'd rather feel pain then nothing at all. Because that is what you have left me, left me with nothing. I am nothing, nothing, just a broken dream. They say, that I will regret it one day. They say it is the process of healing. They say, that forgiveness is the true doctor. They also say that anger is like a poison. Yes, they say that leaving it undone just like that is wrong. That I will regret, be poisoned, never healed. Who are they to say that I need to be healed? I like they way I am. I love where I'm at. Going down in my own riptide, taking pills just to go to sleep. Because, no mater what/emsay, sometimes, It's right to leave it broken. The glass shattered without resistance years ago. The floor had no mercy just like the perpetrater. It will stay that way for the rest of years to come. Sitting on the concrete to be seen by others. I will leave it broken, not for me, but for you. For you to look at, look at where we could have been standing. So I will tell you I have left that broken glass there in pieces, the glue untouched, I will leave that glass, the glass beyond repair, I will leave it broken. Knowing that it is I will sleep soundly at night with those pills next to me. You may have been the one to crack it, but/strongit. I was in control all along, you never had a choice in it. I danced all over it, laughed at it, spit on it, and left without looking back. See, now I'm just like you! I left it ruined and broken too! Are you happy now? Like you always wanted to be? Because I sure am! Just as I planned to be. Have fun with your "family" Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, I hope your life is nice. But...I wouldn't mind if God just so happened, to plan on having you end up in a gutter, on the street, on your face, suffering to your last dieing breath, but then again that's just me. And you know what they say about being spiteful! Maybe I'll listen to that one. It's just what they say, but trust me, the only voice you have to listen to is mine, and oh trust me, I WILL have a smirk on my face. That's just what I say. I've made my choice, how 'bout you? I left it broken, so will you too?