Please don't kiss me

With lips that lie.

I beg you not to search for me

With eyes full of hurt and compromise.

We both know

What's done's been done

And there's no going back.

So please don't say you love me,

cause I may say it back.

Turn away now,

Let me run from your touch

Let me believe I never needed you that much.

Don't let me feel the warmth in your hands

Don't let me fall into your arms again.

Please don't say you love me,

cause we both know it isn't true,

Don't lead me to think you're sorry,

No matter how much I want too.

If you really cared, you wouldn't have lied,

If you really loved me, you wouldn't need to

make up an alibi.

See, I'm no fool, oh, but I was foolish for you-

Just take the heart that you've broken

No words are left to be spoken.

Just don't say you're sorry

because I might think it's true

Just don't say you love me,

cause I might say it too.

- yeah I'm just not strong without you-